Top 12 Word Game Apps For Android And iOS

There are millions of games available on your smartphone to entertain you and pass your time. However, word games are one of the best ways to charge your brain in your free time. If you are looking for a fun and challenging word game app then you are in the right place. In this post, I have penned down my favorite word game apps for iOS and Android. Whether you are an anagram lover or a scrabble master there are games for everyone.

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If you love to learn something new in your free time then you must have t read this article. Here in this article, we are listing the top 12 word game apps for android and iOS users. Each game listed in this list has great features to take your crossword gaming experience to the next level. These apps help you to easily learn new words by playing funny and interesting games on your smartphone.

best Word Game Apps

Top 12 Word Game Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Wordscapes

    WordscapesLet’s start our word game list with one of the most popular games that come with a mixture of word search and crossword games. This game is quite easy to understand, you just need to form words with given letters. There is no limit to guessing words so you can think of thousands of words. However, this game gets challenging as the level increases.

    Solve puzzles with unlimited tries with more than 10 million crossword fans worldwide. This game offers you a variety of crosswords, word anagram games, word connect, and combining words.

    When you solve the puzzle, it will show you the detailed description of that word so you can learn new words every time you form it. Wordscapes is a great game if you want to relax your brain with simple puzzles. You can also use it as puzzle game apps that come with more than 6000 crossword puzzles, so you can play this game all day long!

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  2. Alphabear

    AlphabearThe next app is alphabear, this one is also a great word game where you need to tap out words using random letters. This app is a sequel of an award-winning puzzle game named standout indie.

    In this English word game app, you have to spell words by using letters on a puzzle grid. You will see bears when using adjacent letters. These bears will grow bigger as you form new words and clear more space. This will help you to earn more points for your next levels.


    Also, you can create a collection of new bears by solving word puzzles. These bears have various advantages like extending your timer, doubling your points, and customizing the game board. So learn new English words every day and improve your vocabulary with cute bears.

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  3. Word Beach

    Word BeachOne more must-try app that is suitable for all age groups. It not only provides a workout to your brain but also entertains you in your free time. Word beach offers great crossword puzzles to help learn new spellings every day.

    In this game, you will have to create a new word by connecting letters. You can make multiple words with given letters to earn scores. It has different themes of vacations like bora-bora, Hawaii, and the Maldives. To prevent you from being exhausted with similar puzzles the developers add new games frequently.

    More than that, you will get hundreds of levels in this game along with decent features. Take new challenges daily to test your brain or compete with others.

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  4. Word Connect

    Word ConnectAnother great word game app that comes with a crossword-style puzzle game. It also has a word search feature so you can learn new words with this app. Word connect has an old-school style with a classic look along with leads of playability. You have just swipe the given letters to form a word.

    Here you can solve crosswords with over 3000 levels. There is no time limit so you can make thousands of word guesses and relaxingly solve puzzles. You could be able to improve your vocabulary after playing this game only for 20 minutes daily.

    What makes this game special is, it is powered by Oxford dictionaries and offers authoritative dictionaries. It has different modes to choose from including normal mode and crossword mode. Along with these, it provides daily challenges that made this game more interesting for crossword fans.

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  5. Four Letters

    Four LettersAre you looking for a classic word search kind of game? If yes, then the four letters app is the right option for you. In this game, you will get a grid of random letters to form words. You have to find words by making diagonal, vertical, or Horizontal lines of letters. When you find all of the mentioned words the game will be the end.

    In the Four letters word game app, you can use features like an online dictionary which allows you to view all the words you have found in the game. You can also choose from two different gaming modes, multiple difficulty levels, and more.

    Furthermore, you can compare your scores or compete with other players through leaderboards. This is an endless puzzle game that comes with thousands of letter combinations.

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  6. Words With Friends 2

    Words With Friends 2The first part of this game was super popular in the past years, and that is the reason why the developer has launched the sequel of this fun word game. In words with friends, you can play word cross games with several different modes.

    The developer has added various new features in this version to offer you a great word gaming experience. In this game, you can take part in new lightning rounds and test your skills. Here you can build new words with tiles to complete goals and unlock exclusive collectibles.

    Along with that, you can take part in a solo challenge to test your skills against the wordmaster. You can also try quick play to challenge your friends and family, create high scores in a limited time.

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  7. Word Crush

    Word CrushWord Crush is another challenging word game where you have to connect letters to form words. Here you will see hidden themes as you cross each challenge. There are various themes from the kitchen to the beach which make word crush a fun and enjoyable game.

    Word crush is an easy-to-play game that comes with tons of funny jokes and funs to make your gaming experience enjoyable. It is fun apps that offers a relaxing atmosphere with beautiful pictures of nature in the background.


    What’s more? It has several features and challenges to entertain you all day long. You can track your achievement through leaderboards. It also has an offline mode that allows you to play anywhere and anytime without the internet.

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  8. Pictoword

    PictowordPictoword is one of the trending word game apps on this list, it offers unique challenges and cool features for word game lovers. Here you can use pictures and given letters to create a word. You can accumulate points and coins by winning each level, these coins allow you to skip any level and unlock other game functions to enhance your scores.

    In pictoword, you are going to choose from a range of picture guessing categories. You can unscramble words from landmarks and historical figures or guess the word from movies, characters, and celebrities.

    Further, this game has a fantastic interface with a simple and addictive design and is suitable for all puzzle and picture lovers.

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  9. CodyCross

    CodyCrossCodycross is a fun crossword game that lets you expand your vocabulary with its puzzle game. It offers you a new crossword app experience with its amazing features and gameplay. Here you can take part in daily challenges and solve countless puzzles.

    In this game, you will play with a friendly alien named codycross. He has crash-landed on earth and is looking for someone’s help to learn about the planet. This game allows you to travel across the different planets of space and unveil the history of the planet through puzzles.

    In this game, you will solve crossword puzzles and unlock beautiful sceneries. It offers a brand new word game experience with fun games.


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  10. BattleText

    BattleTextStretch your vocabulary limits with this free and addictive game. Battle text is offering a great crossword game to speed up your texting skills. Through this game, you can learn to text faster and challenge your friends with your speed.

    This app is designed to help text faster by offering various games with eight difficulty levels. Here you will have to type words and challenge your opponent. Type faster than your opponent to win extra points. You can use tricks like making words end with z or x so that your component can’t make words faster.

    Along with that, there are various features like multiplayer mode that allow you to challenge your friends or strangers. Play this game daily to speed up your typing and learn new words daily.

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  11. 7 Little Words

    7 Little WordsThis is an all-rounder app that allows you to play a variety of word games in a single app. 7 little words is a game that offers jumble games, anagram, crossword. In this app you will get more than 10,000 puzzles to play online as well as offline on your smartphone.

    In this game, you can use hints and letter blocks to build the 7 scrambled words. There are hundreds of bite-size puzzles that allow you to pass your time in a break. This is a free game that contains 25 puzzles. You will get 7 clues in each puzzle to solve it quickly.

    Moreover, this game employs 5 difficulty levels starting from very easy to extremely hard. Also if you are interested in learning Spanish you can play Spanish puzzles in this word game apps.

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  12. Typeshift

    TypeshiftAttention to all the anagram lovers! Typeshift is great word game apps if you like anagram word puzzles. This game offers brand-new puzzles that allow you to make new words from the stack of three to five words at the same time. In this game, you are going to shift columns to build a new word. To complete the level you have to use each letter at least once in this game.

    Further, This game offers a modern-style puzzle game. It’s a combination of anagram puzzles with a hint of crossword that You might have not seen in other crossword games.

    This game has several cool features like you can ask for help from your friends or use hints to solve the anagram puzzle. Daily challenges and global leaderboards allow you to keep an eye on your progress.

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