Whoop v/s Apple Watch: Which One is Better – Full Comparison

Apple watch and Whoop watch are some of the most popular watches in the wearables section. Both of these watches have been spotted on the hands of various high-profile celebrities as well as athletes therefore sometimes it becomes confusing to select between the two. While the Apple watch is suitable for your health as well as fitness needs, the Whoop watch focuses more on internal factors like recovery or readiness of your health. Therefore you have to choose your fit accordingly. The article details the features as well as shortcomings of both of these watches and lists them out for the reader so that he can easily decide between the two.

Whoop Watch Overview

Whoop is a product for individuals who want to track some of the features of their health specifically. The product doesn’t come up with many features however it surely excels in the features it possesses. The hardware of the app is unparalleled and the design is sleek. The amount of technology infused in such a compact space is mind-blowing. The number of insights provided by Whoop is excessively precise and at a point in time they end up becoming confusing. The number of factors that Whoop takes into question before making any prediction regarding your sleep rate, bodily strain, or any other activity is precise and relevant so that there’s no chance of error. Whoop gives data insights after 4 days of wearing the watch which signals that the app is meant for heavy accuracy and is fit for someone who wants to play the long-term game.

Features of Whoop watch

  • You can set up a haptic alarm that will ring taking into consideration your optimal sleep cycle levels
  • Sensors to monitor your blood oxygen, skin temperature, or heart rate
  • Sensors to track your exercise your fitness training using multiple variables measured using precise software.

Whoop Watch

Apple Watch Overview

The Apple Watch comes in a variety of iterations and currently, the recent model released in the market is the Apple Watch Series 7. The Apple Watch comes with a ton of features packed in compact hardware. The watches have a stunning display upgraded over the years and various features are added to the older version of the Apple watches. However, they are a neral-purpose watch and can be worn by any individual. Unlike Whoops it isn’t made up specifically for a niche market.

Features of the Apple watch

  • ECG, blood Oxygen monitoring, and optical heart rate sensor
  • Supports call and Apple pay purchases
  • Sleep tracking, fall detection as well as loud noise detection

apple Watch

Whoop v/s Apple watch

If you are confused regarding how to choose the right fit from Apple or Whoop don’t worry we have compared both of them on various relevant parameters which have been listed below.

  • Appearance

    • Design

      If we look at the overall design of both of these apps they are extremely fabulous. The iconic square look of the Apple watch is completely unquestionable. Although the square look isn’t loved by people globally, the mere fact that it’s designed by Apple makes it look iconic.

      Whoop provides you with an excellently knitted wearable band that can be worn at any location on your arm. The knitted bands come in a variety of colors and the color schemes are very attractive. The band only displays your pairing status and battery levels and those are the only parameters that are visible on the watch.

    • Display

      Apple has been instrumental in enhancing its display repeatedly. Apple currently offers two screen sizes ie. 41 mm and 45 mm. The Apple watch screen displays various features like a virtual keyboard and also more screen space. Along With the touchscreen setup, the Apple watch also provides you with a button and “Apple’s digits crown”. These physical buttons are instrumental in establishing contact with Apple’s software. The watch is also waterproof 50 meters in depth.

      Whoop doesn’t have any display in particular therefore the question of display stands nil. However, Whoop can be worn on any part of the body most probably your arm.

  • Functionality

    • Daily strain

      Whoop sums up your daily strain by measuring your activeness. This is calculated by taking note of various heart rate metrics. Whoop watch also provides you with a record of your optimal strain based on your body recovery patterns.

      Apple watch tracks various heart-related data and concludestifies you regarding your best optimal capacity at various emotional, physical, and mental phases.

    • Sleep rate

      Whoop watch will send you a daily notification before your bedtime and notify you regarding the number of hours of sleep you require. The moment you sleep the sensors become active and they measure your sleep rate. The primary variables in which your sleep is broken are light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep.

      The health app on your iPhone helps you to measure your sleep rate. It provides you insights into your sleep habits by utilizing various trackers and sleep, monitors. The tracker can easily differentiate between your time in bed and your actual sleep. The watch allows you to set your sleep goals and notifies you accordingly. However, Apple Watch sleep tracking doesn’t occur precisely due to its battery issues. The Apple watch metrics don’t display your sleep quality or your daily sleep cycles.

    • Recovery

      The basic USP of the Apple Watch is its tracking of recovery patterns. The interface of the Whoop app displays your strain, recovery as well as your sleep rates. It also provides you with a questionnaire daily and tracks your habits for 30 days and sums up your recovery data. Whoop takes into account your heart rate variability, resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and amount of sleep to calculate your precise recovery score. The overall metric which calculates recovery is when your HRV is very close to your personalized bassline HRV.

      While using the Apple watch you can’t personalize your recovery rate. Every new day Apple will assume that your recovery rate is 100%. The recommendation will never be customized based on your past day thus it becomes aloof from your real physical strength. The challenges aren’t specific and the moment you complete your particular monthly goal you are immediately facing a new goal with a slight increase in the metric with no scope for recovery at all.

    • Alarm and reminder

      Whoop allows you three options while setting up an alarm which are as follows. Either you can set up a fixed alarm according to your schedule requirements or you can set up an alarm that will wake you up at the moment your sleep goal is completed. Additionally, it also allows you to set up an alarm that will wake you up when you have an optimal recovery. The alarm isn’t a normal audio alarm that disturbs you and the people around you, instead, it’s a silent alarm that gives repeated haptic alerts ensuring you wake up with ease.

      The Apple Watch allows you to set up a silent vibrating alarm which ensures that you wake up on time without disturbing people around you. However, remember to charge your Apple watch before going to sleep because its battery dies out easily.

    • Health questionnaire

      Whoop provides you with a detailed extensive questionnaire daily and you are supposed to answer all the questionnaire keeps on accumulating your daily data and start determining data regarding your recovery from the answers to the questionnaire. After 30 days you will get a detailed report which will extensively explain your recovery phases and various other factors.

      Although the Apple Watch doesn’t provide you with a daily questionnaire asking you about your health habits, instead it sends periodic surveys regarding your health metrics. However, it doesn’t provide you with a questionnaire asking you about your daily habits to determine your health.

    • Making and receiving calls

      Whoop wearables don’t allow you to make or receive calls or any other smartphone notifications because it is exclusively made to monitor your health.

      Apple watches can make as well as receive phone calls whenever they are paired with your iPhone. The display of your Apple watch lights up and will inform you regarding your call wherein you can answer them from the screen itself. You can also instruct Siri on your Apple watch to make calls to anyone from your contact list

    • Texting

      The texting feature isn’t active on Whoop watch. However, the Apple Watch allows you to send and receive texts on your Apple watch with the help of the QWERTY keyboard. Additionally, you can also send emojis along with your messages through your Apple watch. You can easily navigate through messages with the help of the digital crown.

    • Find phone feature

      The Whoop watch is a wearable crafted exclusively for your fitness needs therefore it doesn’t provide you with the “Find my phone” feature.

      Apple Watch helps you locate your missing device with the help of your Apple watch. If you access settings through your Apple watch you can easily view the location of your iPhone, the approximate distance of your iPhone from your location as well as various other metrics. Therefore in case, you misplace your iPhone you can easily locate it with the help of your Apple watch.

Why do I wear both the Apple watch and the Whoop watch?

Apple Watch is a wristwatch in general that can provide you access to your daily calls, and texts and also provide you with various other metrics. However, it serves as neral-purpose hardware designed as a watch.

Whoop watch isn’t a wristwatch instead it acts as a wearable band that can be adjusted anywhere along your arm. Its major purpose is to keep a tab on crucial metrics related to your health as well as recovery patterns. Therefore if you are a fitness enthusiast who wants to know precise metrics regarding your health as well as manage your daily schedule through your watch you can wear both of them.


  • Should I wear a Whoop and an Apple watch together?

    Wearing an Apple watch and a Whoop watch together is completely fine. Various people wear both of them and there isn’t any issue case you wear both of them.

  • Is the Apple watch or Whoop watch better for sleep tracking

    Whoop watch does a very detailed tracking of your sleep with nearly 95% accuracy. It tracks all the four stages of your sleep and provides adequate metrics regarding the sleep pattern while keeping a tab on your recovery alongside.

    Apple Watch does a basic tracking of your sleep provided your Apple watch stays charged the whole night. However, as compared to Whoop, i I ‘t provide you with detailed metrics regarding your sleep patterns. Therefore if you want to have a detailed study of your sleep pattern the Whoop watch is the most recommended option.

  • Can Whoop store activity and sleep data in the Apple Health app

    The health app provided by Apple is compatible with Whoop. You can easily integrate your Whoop with your Apple health. Therefore Apple health can store your sleep activity on your apple health app. Whoop automatically sync your health and sleep activity to your Apple Health app.

  • What factors impact the reliability of the heart rate readings

    The factors that impact the reliability of your heart rate readings are your fitness and activity levels, air temperature, etc.

  • Does Apple watch work with Android?

    Apple Watch is compatible with your iPhone only therefore it doesn’t support Android.

  • Does Apple offer a bicep strap for the Apple watch?

    Apple doesn’t offer a bicep strap for your Apple watch. However, there are various third-party companies providing bicep straps for the Apple watch for their efficiency.

  • Does Apple offer something like a recovery score?

    Apple doesn’t keep a tab on your recovery score it always assumes that you are 100% recovered every morning. Subsequently, you have to complete your task throughout the day but Apple doesn’t provide you with any specific metric like health score.

  • Can I export my health data from the Apple watch?

    Health data can easily be exported from your Apple watch with the help of your iPhone health app. The data from your health app can be exported easily and sent to anyone.

  • Can I export my Whoop data?

    Specific data can be downloaded from your Whoop app and can be used accordingly.


Apple watch and Whoop watch are some of the top-tier wearables. Both have their pros and cons which are listed in the article above.


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