Top 10 Sudoku Apps For Android And iOS

Sudoku is one of the oldest puzzle games that we used to play in our childhood. You may recognize this game from the newspaper. Sudoku puzzles are not only a great way to entertain us but also provide a good exercise to the brain. Kids can play sudoku to have fun or sharpen their brains and adults use this to challenge their brains.

As per the studies, solving puzzles like this is proven to improve your memory and cognitive skills for all age groups. Thanks to the development in technology now you don’t need pen and paper to solve sudoku puzzles. There are thousands of sudoku apps available on your mobile that offer you sudoku puzzles along with great features.

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This article is all about sudoku apps, I have picked the top 10 sudoku puzzle game apps for Android and iOS to help you find the best one for you. You can download any of the games to play sudoku on your phone.

Sudoku Apps

Top 10 Sudoku Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Logic Wiz Sudoku

    Logic Wiz SudokuLet’s begin our list with one of the most popular sudoku apps out there. Logic wiz sudoku offers a wide range of puzzles with multiple difficulty levels and great features. It has an easy-to-play game style that makes it a suitable app for all age groups.

    You can use various features like hints and tools to make your solving process easy. In addition to that, this game comes with sixteen different sudoku puzzle variations including classic, killer, thermo, palindrome, greater than, diagonal, arrow, and more. It means you don’t need to download multiple apps to play an offline game on your smartphone.

    You can choose from thousands of boards starting from beginner to extremely difficult. This app has everything to take your Sudoku playing experience to the next level.

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  2. Sudoku by

    Sudoku by geninaThe developers of this game claim that you will never have to play with a paper puzzle anymore after this game. This is one of the best puzzle games on this list that comes with 4 difficulty levels. It has an intuitive interface that will make your puzzle-solving experience amazing. It has many cool features and functions such as you can continue playing where you left your sudoku game.

    This app also provides an option to stack up against your competitors with the leaderboard. You can challenge other players or take part in weekly competitions. It has 3 input modes that include digit first, cell, and popup. I liked the pencil mark features that offer erase and auto-fill options.

    Other features like autosave intelligent hints, progress tracking, history, real-time competitions, and highlighting options made this one of the favorite games for many sudoku lovers.

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    SudokuSudoku.Com is a great sudoku apps when it comes to having fun while training your mind. This game has millions of downloads on the app store and the number is still increasing daily. This sudoku game offers thousands of classic puzzle games to help keep your mind sharp and active. You can play this sudoku game if you want to unwind your brain from stress and relax.

    Moreover, this app offers sudoku puzzles for beginners and advanced players. So it doesn’t matter how pro a player you are, you can still pass your time with relaxing puzzles or keep your mind active with challenging ones. You can use it as two player game apps and play sudoku games with your friends and family.

    It has all the basic features as other sudoku games in this list such as hints, highlighted duplicates, auto-check and more. You can also win trophies by completing daily challenges on this game.

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  4. Sudoku by Brainium Studios

    Sudoku by Brainium StudiosThis sudoku game is available for both ios and Android devices. It is developed by Brainium studio and offers easy to play sudoku puzzles to millions of sudoku solvers. This game comes in a digital form with a highly accessible way to play. This sudoku game is an updated version of a classic sudoku puzzle with a modern and clean design.

    It has intuitive controls and calming backdrops that add extra fun to your puzzle-solving experience. You can choose from five difficulty levels along with endless puzzles or you can take part in daily puzzle challenges.

    If we talk about features, this game offers the world’s most advanced hint system and sudoku learning tools. The user-friendly scoring system and two beautiful grid designs are something every sudoku fan needs.

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  5. Sudoku by Volcano Entertainment

    Sudokua by Volcano EntertainmentA huge platform for sudoku players with more than 15,000 puzzles with cool features. This sudoku game by volcano entertainment has eight difficulty levels to train your brain and relieve stress. To make this game more innovative the developer has added various key features to this app.

    This sudoku apps offers cool features such as you can play from different variations of sudoku like color, X, and squiggly. It allows you to make your custom puzzle and also see your gaming history on your smartphone. Pencil marks, tools, unlimited undo, and redo make this more interesting.

    You can keep your eye on the leaderboard to see the improvement and achievement of other sudoku players worldwide. Along with these you will also get option to compete or share your high scores with friends by signing in with your Google account.

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  6. Sudoku World

    Sudoku WorldHere is another simple and easy to play sudoku puzzle game app for android and iOS users. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers in each column and each row, and each of the nine 3×3 sub-grids that contains all of the digitals from one to nine.

    It has features like 4 types of difficulty levels and about 8000 stages. You can even try challenge mode such as time attack, random issue and maximum difficulty to check out your skills.

    What’s more? You can save and load your playing data in this game and compare your status from achievements and leaderboard. It also supports multiplayer mode so you can challenge your friends. You can try this game on your tablet for a better experience.

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  7. Sudoku 2

    Sudoku 2One more sudoku game that will entertain you all day long. Sudoku 2 is a free game that offers you to play your favourite puzzles with 4 different modes. You can choose from 3 difficulty levels and challenge your brain with them.

    This sudoku game comes with various cool features that include showing mistakes or checking the available numbers. This game also allows you to make customization of fonts and colours as per your requirements.

    Moreover, It has a clean format and allows you to reverse your moves when you realise you made any mistake which is not possible with pen and paper.

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  8. Conceptis Sudoku

    Conceptis SudokuA six in one sudoku app for all your needs, this sudoku puzzle app lets you play six different sudoku variations. So if you are someone who loves to play in variations then this game is for you. From classic sudoku grids to advanced, this app has all the variety.

    Moreover, You can choose from diagonal sudoku, OddEven sudoku, irregular sudoku as per your mood. Each sudoku puzzle has a different look and a challenging design to twist your brain. You can play monster sudoku if you have this app on your tablet.

    To add more fun to your puzzle-solving experience this game offers a bonus puzzle every week. Select from multiple difficulty levels to challenge your logic and improve your cognitive skills.

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  9. Web Sudoku

    Web SudokuOne of the most popular sudoku sites is now available on the play store and app store. This means now you can enjoy sudoku offline on your mobile devices or tablet. This sudoku apps offers billions of free sudoku games that can be played anytime and anywhere.

    If you have any interruptions while playing you can pause and resume your sudoku game and continue where you left. You can choose from 4 free levels that include easy, medium, extreme and evil. Unlock the hardest puzzles by winning high scores and previous levels. To make your sudoku experience better it offers left-handed mode along with a great interface.

    In addition to that, web sudoku lets you play with different modes including competitive mode so you can compare your speed with millions of sudoku players.

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  10. Kidoku

    KidokuLast but not the least, kidoku is a great sudoku puzzle app for kids of any age. This app comes with kid-friendly graphics that make it easier for kids to solve puzzles and charge their brains. You can download this game on both iOS and Android for free, and play 20 different levels.

    The best part about this sudoku app is it is a mixture of entertainment and fun with thinking skills. Kidoku offers a well-judged difficulty curve along with different gaming modes. The cool functions of this fun app suit sudoku novices so that they can boost their cognitive skills and memory.

    What’s interesting about this app is, it not only offers Beginners sudoku features but also there is a mode that allows you to play with animals instead of numbers. This is why kidoku is known as one of the most fun and entertaining puzzle games for kids.

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