Top 10 Shazam Alternatives For Android And iOS

Have you ever tried to search for a song you have heard in a mall or a coffee shop? It is quite difficult to find the right match by using a few lyrics of that song. Thanks to technology today it’s possible to find songs by using music identification apps.

If we are talking about music identification apps then shazam might be the first app you would choose but is it the best? Well, some users reported some serious issues related to the app. Also, there are some users who have complained about the slow results and bloatware on the app.

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So in today’s article, we are going to discuss some of the best shazam alternatives that offer you cool features that make it easier to find songs. Let’s begin the list of the top 10 best shazam alternatives available for Android and iOS.

Shazam Alternatives

Top 10 Shazam Alternatives For Android And iOS

  1. SoundHound

    SoundHoundLet’s begin with one of the best alternatives to the Shazam app. SoundHoung has tons of features and functions you might need in an ideal music identification app. This app instantly identifies songs that are playing in your surroundings and provides you with the complete lyrics of that song.

    What makes soundHound a great music recognition app is that it supports humming and singing recognition. Along with that, it offers a built in YouTube music player that allows you to play the discovered songs directly from the app. Like the Shazam app, this best song identification app features a button on the homepage that enables you to start tagging music.

    You can also use voice control to navigate the app and search for your favorite songs. So download the soundHound app and instantly start identifying songs, searching for music, and many more.

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  2. Genius

    GeniusNext is one of the most popular sound identification apps called genius. Along with helping you to find out the song this app also provides you with lyrics and the official music video of that song. All you need to do is identify the song and share it through other mobile apps or start listening to it on Apple Music or Spotify.

    Moreover, the genius app offers the world’s largest collection of music and song lyrics as well as crowdsourced musical knowledge too. You can browse from a wide range of over 1.7 million songs on this app. The best thing about this app is you can download the lyrics of songs so that you can read it later when you’re offline.

    What I like the most about the genius app is that you can also rear annotations of any song lyrics and explore knowledge from the genius community.

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  3. Google Assistant

    Google AssistantThe google community has provided us with a huge range of apps and features for a better experience. The new feature of Google allows you to explore anything by just saying hey google. With the google assistant app, you can easily search for any song.

    All you need to do is turn on your phone, tap and hold the home button and say ok google or hey google. Now ask what’s this song? You can also hum or whistle the melody of a song. Your google assistant instantly names the song and provides you with the potential matches of that song. Although, once you find the perfect match you can play or look up the lyrics on youtube and Spotify.

    Just select one of them from the list and start listening to the song or reading the lyrics. It can be your personal assistant app where you will be able to set reminders, find directions send text messages, and others.

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  4. Musixmatch

    MusixmatchAnother alternative for Shazam app, with musixmatch app you can identify music along with a music player. This music recognition app provides a large lyrics database that lets you browse any song. All you have to do is tap on the identify lyrics option and musixmatch will identify the song or music for you.

    By using this app you can enjoy song lyrics along with music from YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and pandora. What’s more? It allows you to search for your favorite song by artist, title, or just a single line of the song lyrics.

    Moreover, the key feature of this song recognition app includes a lyricscard option that lets you play song lyrics on different backgrounds. It also has a premium feature option where you can enjoy offline lyrics with no ads.

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  5. Musera

    MuseraNext in our list is musera, similar to the Shazam app this music finder app lets you find music with just a few clicks. Through this music recognition app, you can recognize unknown tracks and find more information about your favorite songs.

    Through the musera app, you can find the album, track title, singer, album cover, and more about the song. This great music social network allows you to create your unique playlist as well as Access other’s playlists. Apart from that, you can use the YouTube button if you want to watch a music video of the track.

    Musera is one of the easy-to-use music identification apps that lets you recognize songs or unknown tracks along with album cover, title, and artist name.

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  6. MusicID

    MusicIDMusicID is One of the best shazam alternatives out there. It is an easy-to-use music identification app that lets you find songs and tracks with simple steps. Plus, it also shares the details of the songs that help you to gain insight about it. This music app offers a vast collection of albums as compared to other shazam alternatives.

    All you need to do is search the songs you have heard near you and buy them with just one tap and start listening to them. Tap on the other option to see the details about the artist and music. Plus, musicID will show you similar songs based on your search and also provide a list of metadata and YouTube videos.

    Overall, It is a great music recognition app if you are looking for a minimalist-looking app with great soundtrack tags and music identification capabilities.

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  7. Music Recognition

    Music RecognitionMusic Recognition is an amazing app developed by the beatfind music recognition. This app has tons of features and cool fiction that bring your musical experience to the next level. Just identify a song you want to listen to and you will get the results in a few seconds.

    This easy-to-use music recognition app allows you to explore album songs, discover the top tracks, read artist biographies, and more. Once you identify a song this app will offer you a music preview of the identified song. You can listen to the full track on Spotify, YouTube, and Deezer services.

    The beatfind music recognition app is powered by ACRCloud, which allows you to get the fastest results. Other key features of this app include a hypnotic visualizer, search history, flashlight party mode, etc.

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  8. Spotify

    SpotifyIf you are a true music lover you might have tried the Spotify app. It is a great music streaming app that comes with tons of cool features. To compete with other music apps in the market Spotify has updated new features that allow you to search music by lyrics which makes it stand out from other music identification apps.

    Unlike other shazam alternatives this music identification app lets you search songs by entering a few lines of it. Once you have entered those lyrics Spotify will share your matching results with a few song details.

    Along with this feature, it offers a vast collection of songs and genres. The best thing is it is available for both iOS and Android devices. Also, you can subscribe to a premium version to unlock new features.

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  9. WhoSampled

    WhoSampledLast but not least in our list, this shazam alternative lets you search the world’s richest and largest database of song covers, samples, and remixes. Whosampled app offers you over 267000 artists, 836000 tracks, and new daily new additions to enjoy.

    Moreover, the premium features of this music streaming app allow you to identify the music or track playing around you. With this app, you can also discover samples of the songs. Along with that, you can experience a musical discovery by creating your own music collection.

    Plus, the Spotify library scanning features allow you to scan local or Spotify libraries and discover amazing musical connections for the albums in it.

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  10. Deezer

    DeezerDeezer might be the most underrated app on this list but when it comes to the music streaming services no other app can beat this one. With this music app, you can store your favorite songs to listen to later, the same as the SoundCloud app.

    Thanks to the new update now you can use the hunt songs feature that allows you to search songs from the database. The Deezer music app offers 56 million songs so that you would never get bored. Plus you can use the Soundcatcher feature to identify songs within the app and listen to them later.

    Along with that this music recognition app allows you to sing along with lyrics through its lyrics translation feature. Other features of this app include a sleep timer, a variety of genres and moods, collaborative playlists, and many more.

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