What Does S/u Mean On A Snapchat Story?

In the modern era, Snapchat is a widely popular app with over 100 million downloads worldwide. Most social networking sites use various acronyms that might be a little difficult to understand in case you are not an active user of the particular platform. One such acronym is s/u. For new users, it is often a point of confusion what the abbreviation stands for. The other popularly used Snapchat slangs are OTP and ss. 

Internet slangs like brb, gtg, btw, lol, and many others came into circulation to shorten a message during the days when every post needed a specific word limit. Although the concept of the word limit is hardly present on any popular platform other than Twitter and Reddit, the internet slang has persisted and is still used by most people. In fact, with time, the number of such acronyms is growing and, to some extent, is quite hard to keep up. Sometimes, the same abbreviation is used for multiple phrases and needs to be interpreted according to the context.

What Is s/u On Snapchat Stories?

The acronym stands for the term Swipe Up. Other than Snapchat, this term is used extensively on multiple other social media platforms as well, particularly Instagram. It was first introduced on Instagram stories. The primary purpose of this feature is to act as a “call-to-action” option that will attract other users to engage in the story and “swipe up” on them. On swiping up, views are redirected to a particular that the user on that particular story attached.

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The account holder attaches the link to the particular website so that it can be customized. The plan behind creating this concept is to quickly attach links to various websites with your snap or your story. As a result, more considerable interaction is achieved on the post. Unlike Instagram, Snapchat does not show a “Swipe Up” option by default and can thus be a little difficult to locate.

What Is Snapchat?

Created by Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown, and Evan Spiegel and ultimately developed by Snapchat Inc. It is an American multimedia app that is used to send quick texts, pictures, and videos. The most prominent feature of Snapchat is that a text or media file can be accessed by the receivers only for a specific limited duration of time, after which it is automatically removed from the chat. 

Some of the significant developments of Snapchat include a variety of filters that can produce various effects on the users’ photos, augmented reality visuals, games, and many other exciting features. On a global average, Snapchat has 293 active users, and over 4 billion snaps are exchanged daily. Multimedia messages sent and received on Snapchat are termed snaps. If you want to save Snapchat videos, you can also check this. Here you will get a detailed guide on how to save Snapchat videos.

Although Snapchat did not gain much popularity among the Millennials, their succeeding generation, or Gen Z has caused a spike in the app’s usage and, subsequently, its popularity. With passing time, the app is adding newer features and ensuring that all minor glitches and bugs are being eliminated to provide users with the best experience. A unique feature of the platform is that it allows users to create miniature digital avatars of themselves, called bitmojis, and customize them at will.

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Why Do People Use S/u On Snapchat & Instagram Stories?

The S/U or Swipe Up feature is available on both Snapchat and Instagram. There are a couple of reasons behind the usage of this feature by maximum Snapchat users. They are:

  • This feature is used to post a general casual story with a link added to it to initiate a conversation with fellow users.
  • The particular user wants to engage in a Snapchat Story game. You can swipe up and participate in the game that is attached.
  • They want to attach the link of some other social media account themselves. It can even happen that the user wants to redirect viewers to some other webpage or another associated site.
  • The user wants their friends to comment on something or just DM (direct message) them.

How To Create S/u On Snapchat?

If you wanna increase the engagement in your story posts on Snapchat, using a S/U is one of the best ways to achieve it. To add this feature, follow the steps listed below:

  1. It is needless to mention that the first step in the process is to attach the required link to the story.
  2. To do that, open your Snapchat app and click the snap you want to upload to your story. You may even attach a previously clicked photo or video from your gallery. 
  3. After that, click on the link option on the screen’s right-hand side panel.
  4. A pop-up text box will now appear on your screen where you must enter the link to be attached. 
  5. You have two options: copy the hyperlink from the website and paste it directly into the box, or type out the entire URL of the particular webpage.
  6. A preview of the entered hyperlink will be displayed right at the bottom of your screen. Click on the option that says Attach to snap
  7. After that, the link option in the right-hand side panel will be highlighted, indicating that your snap contains a link attached to it.
S-u Mean On A Snapchat Story

Steps To Use S/u On Snapchat

Being a call-to-action feature, you must make your viewers aware of the link.

  1. To ensure that, you need to attach a subsequent call-to-add button to attract the attention of all fellow Snapchat users who will be viewing your story.
  2. Along with plentiful options, the right-hand panel contains a Sticker button that lets you add various stickers, bitmojis, and emojis to your snap.
  3. The search bar of the sticker section will appear on top. 
  4. Look for Swipe Up or merely Swipe stickers and pick one suitable for your aesthetic and taste. You can add multiple stickers to decorate your snap in any way you want. 
  5. Once sticker addition is complete, click on the Send option that appears in the form of an arrow at the bottom right corner of your Snapchat window. 
  6. You can send the snap to your friends or add it to your story by making the required selections. The snap viewers can access the webpage you attacked by simply swiping up on the post. 


What does “su” mean on a Snapchat story?

Although the acronym “su” can have multiple meanings depending upon the context, in a Snapchat story, it means Swipe Up. It is a call-to-action feature that draws viewers’ attention to the fact that a particular user has attached a link with the snap posted on their story. Instagram first introduced the feature.

What does “otp” mean on Snapchat?

In Snapchat, as well as various other platforms, otp is an acronym that stands for One True Pairing. The acronym originated on the famous blogging site, Tumbler and is used by people about a real or fictional couple. If someone calls a couple an otp, they are highlighting their support towards that pairing.

What does “su” mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, the term ss is an abbreviated form of the word Screenshot. If a person has made an ss, it means they have captured an image of their Snapchat screen. This internet slang is extremely common and is currently circulated widely. 


With so much internet slang rising in popularity, most have effectively replaced the original phrase, even in colloquial language. It is important to note that several acronyms can mean different things in different situations. For example, a su usage in an informal conversation asks the other person to shut up. If you see someone use the term S/U on their Snapchat story, they invite you to swipe up on that particular story and check out the affiliated webpage URL attached to the post. 


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