Top 10 Puzzle Game Apps For Android And iOS

As we all know, mobile phones have become the most important thing in our life. It not only helps to connect with family and friends but also allows us to have fun with tons of mobile games.

Puzzle games are most popular in the gaming industry as they not only entertain you but also improve cognitive ability and concentration. Whether a crossword or sudoku, all the puzzle games come with great benefits and mind-bending gameplay.

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In this article, I have listed the top 10 puzzle game apps for Android and iOS. These puzzle games are fun and addictive and can be played by all age groups.

best Puzzle Game Apps

Top 10 Puzzle Game Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Maze Machina

    Maze MachinaIf you are a pro puzzler then Maze Machina could be the perfect choice for you. It is a highly strategic game that requires lots of planning and foresight. You will play this game as a tiny mouse who is caged by automation.

    It has turn-based mechanics that provide a truly unique puzzle experience. Here you can play with a series of swipes with a 4×4 grid. It also has enemies mimicking which makes this maze game more interesting.

    In addition, it has many features and offers weapons that will help you to combat your foes and enemies. Each weapon has very specific limitations such as the sword, it only attacks foes that can’t move back. Once you defeat the robots and pick up the key you can move further to the next room.

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  2. Hocus

    HocusHocus is one of the best mind-bending puzzle game apps. It has perspective illusion puzzles filled with impossible shapes and drawing by M.C Escher. Hocus is an easy to play game, you can either create your puzzle or play other user-created games. You have to bring the cube to the red finish mark as fast as you can.

    This game has an artificial intelligence design so you will get a new experience of illusion puzzles. Hocus puzzle game offers 120 mind-bending levels crafted by experts.

    You can choose from over 100 official puzzles, so select according to your mood. In the beginning, it might look like an easy game but as you level up it can be challenging for you.

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  3. Threes

    ThreesAnother number-based puzzle comes with a tiny and cute design. In this puzzle game apps, you have to slide tiles and make a particular number. It has an endearing cast of characters where you have name numbers that multiply three.

    However, this game seems to be easy but you have to be careful about your moves, once you run out of moves the game will be over. This puzzle game offers one simple game mode, but you can explore many things with endless challenges that are beyond your imagination.

    If you want to have more fun with this game you can buy a paid version that comes with no ads or distractions.

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  4. Mekorama

    MekoramaIf you are looking for challenging puzzles then you must try mekorama. It has a 3D-designed puzzle game that features a cute little robot. Here in this game, you have to navigate ways to reach your goals through blocky diagrams.

    It is an easy-to-play game, lightweight, and comes with delightful puzzles. You will be playing this game as a tiny robot who is making his way to reach home through solving puzzles in mechanical diagrams.

    This game has 50 levels that get difficult as the number of levels increases. The best thing about this game is when you complete one level it unlocks 5 more levels so you can pick any level if you get stuck. This game is also available In-app purchase option with lots of unique features to use.

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  5. Brain It On

    Brain It OnIf you are more into physics then brain it on is for you. Brain it On offers physics puzzles that come with thousands of shapes and challenging puzzles. It might look like a simple puzzle game but when you start playing it you could spend hours searching for the puzzle.

    This game comes with several levels that eventually get challenging. You can unlock new levels by earning stars. New levels in this brain game app come with difficulties, you have to keep minimizing the shapes to solve the puzzle.

    It has more than 200 levels and you have to finish it in a limited time. It is also available in the paid version that allows you to remove ads or add hints to your game.

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  6. Monuments Valley

    Monument ValleyGet set to enter a stunningly beautiful world filled with adventure. In Monuments valley you have to guide a silent princess while manipulating impossible architecture.

    Unlike other puzzle games, Monument valley offers puzzle video games. The best thing about this game is it has an easy-to-use design so anyone can play and enjoy this game. You can also use it as two player game app to start playing with your friends and family.

    You have to reach your goal through Uncovering hidden paths, mysterious monuments, unfolding optical illusion, and impossible geometry that makes it more challenging.

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  7. Roll the Ball

    Roll the BallAnother great game to test your IQ, roll the ball is a classic tile puzzle game with a modern twist. It offers challenging puzzles with twists. If you are a real puzzle enthusiast then this game is for you. The gameplay is simple where you have to just slide the roles and roll the ball and unblock a path to exit.

    This game has over 3000 challenging levels to solve, you can use hints to win the game. Bonus rewards make this puzzle game more fun and addicting. Along with that, you can select different modes as per your needs. The multiplayer mode allows you to challenge others and win rewards.

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  8. Flow Free

    Flow FreeOne more addictive puzzle game that has an easy-to-play design. In the Flow free game, you have to connect the same colors through a pipe to create a flow. However, it’s not that easy because you have to make sure to avoid overlapping as it can break the pipe.

    Use pipes to connect two dots along with covering the entire board. This is what makes it tricky, you have to find the right way so no area is left uncovered. Like other games in this list, the difficulty level will increase as you progress. Time trials will make this game more challenging.

    In addition, it offers great features such as different modes including free play and time trial. You can play over 2,500 free puzzles with fun sound effects. Flow free is available on Android and iOS.

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  9. Unblock Me

    Unblock MeUnblock Me is an addictive puzzle game where you have to rearrange blocks in a given area and make a way to exit the red-colored blocks. But don’t think this rearrangement will be easy for you because each move is going to be counted.

    This classic puzzle game consists of more than 40,000 puzzles, you can also choose from different modes such as relaxing, challenging, and daily puzzles. You can use free hints in the game if you find any difficulty. Seasonal themes and festive themes add more fun are added to your game.

    With this game, you can improve your problem-solving and cognitive skills. Unlock Me is great puzzle game apps that can be played by all ages.

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  10. Skillz

    SkillzSkillz is one of the best mobile puzzle game apps that refreshes your mind and teases your brain with its puzzles. This game allows you to play games as a single-player or multiplayer. When choosing the playing mode you can start playing from the first level.

    It has several levels and it gets tougher when you reach difficult levels. You have to complete each level to unlock a new level so you can’t pass any of them. What I like the most about this puzzle game is it allows you to replay the previous level if you are not satisfied with your score.

    Skillz is a logical brain game that offers many features and improves your brain and memory. When you win a level it rewards you with a brain. With this brain, you can pass around or reply to it and earn stars.

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