Top 11 Projector Apps For Android And iOS

Projectors are one of the best Enovation that allow you to share information and your ideas with your audience. Thanks to modern technology now there are wireless projectors available in the market. Also now you can control your projector through your mobile with projector apps.

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Through the suitable projector app, you can operate the projector and share your mobile screen easily. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 11 projector apps for Android and iOS smartphones. These projector apps are packed with cool features and functions that enable you to make your presentation more effective and attractive.

So let’s begin the list of the top 11 projector apps with one of my favorite and personally used apps called Panasonic wireless projector.

best Projector Apps

Top 11 Projector Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Panasonic Wireless Projector

    Panasonic Wireless ProjectorOne of the best apps that allows you to project your document files through wireless. It means you don’t need to use cable for your presentation. Panasonic wireless projector app enables the wireless projection of your documents such as JPEG, PDF, and PNG. You can also project captured screenshots from your Android smartphone.

    Speaking about features, it offers easy wireless projection of files and allows you to rotate, zoom in or out and flick pages. Plus the multi-live mode of this app offers wireless projection from different devices.

    All in all, Panasonic wireless projector is an easy-to-use tool that can be used for projecting files effortlessly. You can use this projector app to make your presentation attractive.

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  2. MultiPresenter

    MultiPresenterHere comes the second projector app that improves your performance and teamwork with its straightforward structure. The multipresenter is a great projector app that lets you display images and files wirelessly. It is a perfect software to receive content with widescreen displays or NEC projectors for your classrooms or corporate meeting rooms.

    The key features of this unique projector app allow you to control some functions of the projector through your mobile device. This app supports photo viewing, file viewing, and web viewing. It means now you can view anything on the bigger screen.

    What’s more? The Multi presenter app supports 11 different languages including French, Portuguese, German, and Japanese. It’s a great app to make fruitful collaboration with your audience.

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  3. ClickShare

    ClickShareAs the name of the app suggests, click share is a projector app that allows you to easily share your screen with just a few clicks. You can use this projector app to comment, share and save your PDF files or Microsoft Office documents on the central screen of your conference room. You can do all these things with just a single click on the clickshare button.

    Plus, it enables you to fully mirror your smartphone and display content on the central screen by clicking the virtual button device. The clickshare app has the most simple layout hence anyone can easily learn using this app.

    Along with the simple user interface, this app offers multiple features that allow you to share your screen in landscape or portrait mode. This will help to make your presentation more attractive in front of the viewers.

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  4. Epson iProjection

    Epson iProjectionAnother great projector app for Android and ios users. This app provides a wireless projection for Chromebooks and your mobile devices. With this app, you can easily share images, documents, and projects wirelessly to an Epson projector.

    Epson projection app enables you to share your device’s screen wirelessly. It allows you to scan QR codes to connect your mobile device with the projector. Plus, it offers a moderator feature that helps to display and manage content. You can use the marker function to highlight the important areas and save them to your phone.

    This is a perfect app if you want to display your videos and pictures on the big screen. It also enables you to display various file formats such as PowerPoint, word, excel, png, jpeg, and keynote.

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  5. Smart Projector Control

    Smart Projector ControlIf you are using Panasonic projectors then smart projector control could be the best app for you. By installing this projector app on your mobile device you could operate your Panasonic projector through the phone. Just connect the Panasonic projector to the wifi network and you will be able to check your projector status from your device.

    With this app, you can share your device screen or transfer your files through your mobile device. It has a range of features and functions that lets you easily control the Panasonic projector. Plus, this allows you to lens adjustment, power on or off, projector OSD navigation, status monitoring, and test pattern selection.

    The new update of this app offers a new NFC function. This feature allows you to make certain changes when your projector is off.

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  6. PJ Quick Connection

    PJ Quick ConnectionYet one more feature-rich app that lets you send files to the projector. Through this app, you can send document files, photo files, and website content to your projector device over a wifi connection. It supports multiple platforms to import files as per your requirement.

    Apart from these features, the projector quick connection app offers an auto-discovery function so that you could find projectors automatically on the network. The best thing about this app is that it supports up to 4 devices at the same time. Plus, you can easily power on or off the projector with its built-in projector control command feature.

    It has every basic feature and function you may need while your presentation such as marker function, slide show function, and photoshoot function.

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  7. iShow

    iShowIf you are working on real estate projects then iShow is the right option for you. It allows you to make presentations in stunning virtual reality. Through this app, you can take virtual tours of your project files even if they are not built completely.

    It has a range of features to help you transform paper floor plans into attractive virtual tours. With this projector app, you can invite your investors, business partners, and prospects to explore your real estate projects by using VR glasses.

    You can also control what your clients see through the VR glasses by using your tablet. All in all, it is a great app that helps you to sell your properties and impress your clients with your presentations.

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  8. Acer eDisplay Pro

    Acer eDisplay ProIf you are using Acer MWA3 wireless projectors and adapters then the eDisplay app is the perfect option for all your needs. Through this app, you can enjoy advanced features like preferred device, host control, 4 split screens display, etc.

    It’s very easy to download and install app, all you need to do is follow 4 simple steps to enjoy a seamless video streaming experience. Just connect to the wifi and you are good to go. Also, some of the features are available in offline mode so you can use some features without the internet.

    Plus the administrator mode allows you to manage your connection through your mobile browser. Along with these features, the display app enables you to use functions like online video, multimedia streaming, live camera app, document viewer, and others.

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  9. ViewSonic

    ViewSonicThe View sonic app is different from other apps in this list. It is not completely a projection app, however, you can use it as a mobile extension app to control your ViewSonic projector. This app supports the projector and enables you to view a list of functions you can use in the ViewSonic projector. This app is available on both android and iOS platforms so you can download it anywhere.

    The viewsonic app also tells you where to place your ViewSonic projector no matter the middle classroom, small meeting room, or big hall. This app will tell you how far you should place your projector. All you need to do is enter several details like room ceiling height, aspect ratio, and projector screen size.

    This app needs wifi to display your mobile content on a big screen. Hence, you can effectively present your MS office files, pdfs, and photos professionally with this app.

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  10. Optoma HDCast

    Optoma HDCastOne more great projector application that lets you share your media and screen with just a few clicks. Optoma HDCast is a powerful and feature-rich app that allows you to wirelessly stream videos and photos on your projector.

    You can use this extraordinary media-sharing app with your Optoma’s HDCast Pro Media Dongle. With this app, you can share pictures, music, videos, and screen through presentation mode. It also offers 4 ways to split-screen and document viewer features. Along with that, the HDCast Pro app enables you to access control, draw Live, share webpage, and view documents.

    What’s best about this projector app is it allows you to view the same media and use some features even without internet connectivity.

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  11. LetsView

    LetsViewIf you are looking for an app that helps to share the screen of your Android and iOS device wirelessly then LetsView is the perfect app for you. This free screen-sharing tool offers a variety of benefits to level up your screen mirroring experience.

    Plus, it is compatible with various platforms thus you can cast any video or photo to the big screen quickly. Through this app, you can easily connect your mobile device to your TV without losing the audio.

    This tool also enables you to cast your mobile with a projector, Tv, and other devices. Hence, you don’t need to purchase any external cable for live streaming on the big screen.

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