6 Ways To Fix No Valid Sources Available for This Video Error

The days of watching a movie for hours on end are long gone. Videos can now be viewed instantly and buffer-free online. This does not, however, eliminate the likelihood of some trouble. You could encounter a variety of issues when streaming online.

Most likely, you have encountered the error message that says “There are no reliable sources for this video”. You can run into this problem whether using Chrome, Firefox, or the Edge browser on Windows 11. Numerous elements, such as out-of-date plugins, obsolete browsers, and a tainted cache, could be to blame for the issue.

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This list has been curated after a detailed investigation and is intended to offer recommendations for the most effective improvements. Be aware that other browser problems, such as a slow Chrome on Windows 11, would call for other fixes.

Reasons for ‘No Valid Source is available for this Video’ Error

Technically, there are no distinct reasons that can be the cause of this message popping up. There can be just a simple problem with a quick fix or a complicated combination of multiple issues. The typical reasons behind this phenomenon are:

  • Outdated browser
  • Cache overload
  • Specific issues related to the browser in use
  • Extensions established by unreliable sources or third parties.

After implementing all necessary searches and finally finding the video you are looking for, it is quite frustrating if the quality is poor or in case the video has a lot of buffering. There can be a few reasons behind this. Many people who get issues in Chrome related to unavailable valid sources for videos may also encounter poor loading times on their browsers.

If this applies to you, the typical offenders are:

  1. A slow internet connection

    A fast internet connection is necessary for smooth video streaming. If your connection is sluggish or inconsistent, the video may buffer. As a result, make sure your internet connection is reliable enough for the browser to play the videos.

    It is always important to remember that a good internet connection is a fundamental necessity for streaming high-quality videos online. A very unstable or slow internet connection can be the root cause of a video encountering numerous buffers.

    Fix your connectivity issues, and subsequently find a video that you are willing to view and stream without any hassle.
    slow internet connection

  2. Individual video players for websites

    The website itself is a further consideration. How a video is played depends on the website’s chosen video player. Sometimes, the quality of a video is affected by the particular browser that is being used by you. Some browsers contain only a low-quality version of the content that you are seeking.

    If your internet connection is stable but your video is constantly buffering, the problem is probably inherent in your browser. In such a situation, the only option available is to switch your browser and search elsewhere.

  3. Information from a browser’s excess cache and cookies

    An additional potential problem is an excessive number of caches. Sometimes, browsers can show behavioral issues due to the presence of too many cache files. If your video continues to have a bad playback, even though your internet connection is smooth, then clearing your cache and cookies is worth a try.

  4. Too many unnecessary tabs

    Sometimes, having too many tabs opened can reduce browser performance. In such a case, you will be provided with a poor playback for the content you wish to stream. To get rid of this problem, close all tabs of your browser that you do not require. This will ensure that the bandwidth of your particular video is properly allocated and you receive the best online streaming experience.
    Too many unnecessary tabs

The procedures in the post will also stop your browser from taking a long time to load videos, regardless of the cause.

What do I do when there are no valid sources for my video?

  1. Update the Browser

    • Steps to update Google Chrome

      • Select Settings from the three dots in the top right corner of the browser.
        chrome settings
      • In the left-hand menu, select About Chrome.
        about chrome
      • On the right pane, you will get a notification asking you to update if an update is available.
        relaunch chrome
    • Steps to update Firefox

      • Select Help from the ellipses in the top right corner.
        firefox help
      • Select Firefox’s About link.
        about firefox
      • You will have the option to update it if it is not current.
        upto date firefox
      • If you use an outdated browser, you can lose out on updates that fix bugs and add new functionality for problems that existed in earlier versions.
      • These weaknesses could cause a number of issues when using the browser, including difficulties related to the lack of reliable video sources in Firefox.
  2. Clear the browser’s cache

    • How to clear the cache on Google Chrome

      • Choose More tools from the menu that appears after clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the browser.
        clear browsing data
      • Pick a time period, check Browsing history, Cookies and other site data, and Cached images under the Basic tab, and then click the Clear data button.
        clear date
    • How to clear the cache on Firefox

      • Select Settings by clicking the ellipses in the top right corner.
      • Click on Privacy & Security in the left pane, then navigate to the Cookies and Site Data section and click the Clear Data button.
        clear data firefox
      • Click the Clear button after selecting Cookies, Site Data, and Cached Web Content.
        clear cache firefox
      • Caches are temporary data or files that speed up a browser. On the other side, damaged or overloaded cache files may result in browser issues.
      • Regular cache cleaning may also keep your browser clutter-free.
  3. Restart the browser task

    • Right-click the Start menu and choose Task Manager from the menu that appears.
    • Right-click on your browser in the Apps section of the Processes tab, and then choose the End task option.
    • Start your browser again.
    • This browser video issue may be brought on by specific websites or transient bugs. Even after you close the browser, it can still be running in the background if you try restarting it.
    • To force the browser to close, you must end the process in Task Manager.
  4. Reset the browser

    • How to reset Google Chrome

      • Select Settings from the three dots in the browser’s upper right corner.
      • On the left pane, click the Advanced tab. Then, choose the Reset and clean up option.
        reset chrome
      • Select Restore settings to their original defaults from the left pane, and then press the Reset settings button.
        reset chrome settings
    • How to reset Firefox

      • Select Help from the ellipses in the top right corner.
        firefox help
      • Select More troubleshooting details.
        more trouble firefox
      • After clicking Refresh Firefox, make your selection.
        refresh firefox

      If you reset your browser, all of its data and settings will be erased. It will then return to the factory default settings. Similar to uninstalling and installing your browser again, this approach is quicker.

  5. Remove recently added third-party extensions

    • Go to the page for your browser’s extensions.
    • You can remove extensions by clicking Remove or by toggling the switch.

    While extensions and plugins are intended to make your browsing experience easier and more comfortable, they may cause issues by messing with the settings.

    It is, therefore, possible that they are the cause of this video playback fault.

  6. Use a different browser

    Consider switching to a different browser if none of the aforementioned fixes resolve the problem.

    It’s possible that a problem just affects one browser and not the others. However, you can check to see if this is the case by carrying out the same action in a different browser. You should switch to a different browser if your default one is the problem.

    Because it is open source and has a large extension library, we suggest Opera. You can obtain assistance from their first-rate support team to fix any issues you may have with the browser.

Final Thoughts

It goes without saying that in today’s era, internet streaking is extremely popular and conducted by millions of people worldwide on a daily basis. In fact, more people prefer to stream content directly from the inter rather than wasting time and storage space on downloads.

When you are ready to watch a video and a “No Valid Sources Available For This Video” message pops up, it is indeed frustrating and causes a lot of annoyance. If you encounter any such issue with your online activities, try out the above-listed procedures to resolve your problem and stream whatever video you are willing to watch online.


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