Top 12 Night Vision Apps For Android And iOS

Capturing moments while traveling is one of the hobbies of most of us. But what about the night outs? Well, despite owning an expensive smartphone many of us still struggle to take pictures at night. Because of the low luminosity at night, you might face problems with the picture quality. So here in this article, we are going about the best night vision apps that will make it easier for you to take photos or videos even in low light and dark areas.

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You can pick any of these night vision applications to take photos in poor lighting conditions. Each night vision app on this list allows you to take photos in low light without buying tools like flashlights or binoculars. So let’s begin the list of the top 12 night vision apps for Android and iOS.

Night Vision Apps

Top 12 Night Vision Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Ferret Night Vision Camera

    Ferret Night Vision CameraFerret night camera is a perfect bight vision apps that come with an innovative algorithm to amplify light in a low light environment. With this app, you can take better selfies and photos even in dark areas. You can use this application as a night vision camera to capture brighter photos or record videos.

    What’s cool about this app is it has a technology that allows you to use it as a normal camera in daylight and won’t get impacted by the sunlight. The Ferret night camera app can be used by both cameras including front and back.

    Plus, it has a torchlight option which makes it easier to click in dark areas. Also, this app allows you to save photos which is a premium feature of this app.

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  2. Color Night Vision Camera Simulator & VR

    Color Night Vision Camera Simulator & VRLet’s begin our top night vision camera list with this superb app that lets you take photos in poor visibility. With this app, you can record videos or take real pictures even in low light. Color night vision simulator uses a histogram equalization method that enables you to take clear images.

    The algorithm of this camera simulator allows you to independently adjust brightness, exposure, and digital amplification. Moreover, this app needs the slightest light beam that reaches your camera to simulate night vision.

    What I like the most about this app is that it works with both a front and rear camera which means you can also take selfies by using this app as a mirror. So download this app and add a little light to your dark photos.

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  3. Virtual Night Vision

    Virtual Night VisionVirtual night vision is one of the best night vision apps for the iPhone. This app improves the light levels for up to 15× at night time. Also, it offers you multiple camera effects that include green mode, thermal imaging, binoculars, and many others.

    This app comes with a built-in image viewer that lets you see how your image is looking without going to your phone’s gallery. Plus, it has various manual live Enhancement features which make this app handy. This app enables you to capture small even objects with its powerful 8x zoom.

    It’s Not Enough yet! As a virtual night vision app has 3 powerful modes to manage the light levels including fast, high, and max you can choose from any of them based on your required results. All in all, it’s a great app for taking HD photos in low light with enhancement and effects.

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  4. Night Mode Camera

    Night Mode CameraAnother great app to take pictures in low light. The Night mode camera is a simulator app that enables you to shoot videos and photos in low light. It also allows you to zoom in pictures like binoculars through its built-in binoculars which allows you to see the most distant objects with 45X magnification.

    Night mode camera makes it easier to take pictures in dark with its low light support function. Along with that this app allows you to dynamically change the camera sensitivity which gives you perfect photos and videos.

    In this app, you can directly save and view images or you can organize your library. Along with these it also allows you to share your pictures via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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  5. Night Eyes

    Night EyesAnother night vision camera app is available for iPhone and iPad platforms. Night eyes is a great night vision apps comes with a complex algorithm that makes it possible to use real-time light amplification on your phone device without any additional hardware.

    Along with that, this app offers a built-in brightness histogram which enables you to see the light level on your screen while shooting. The other key feature of this app that needs to be mentioned is 10x digital live zoom that makes smaller objects more comprehensive.

    Switch between two different shooting modes including portrait and landscape or choose from the various lighting settings to use several color filters. It has everything that could make your picture quality better.

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  6. VR Night Vision for Cardboard

    VR Night Vision for CardboardThis is a great night vision app for those who have VR headsets or google cardboard. This app converts your VR, headset or hope cardboard into simulated augmented reality night vision goggles.

    With the VR night vision application, you can experience virtual reality even without using special gear. It has great features and functions like 3D AR and realistic green vision effects that allow you to take photos in low-light areas. Use infrared advanced mode to take pictures like a real night vision device.

    If you don’t have a VR headset you can switch to non-headset mode to use this app. The best part about this app is that it uses your camera and GPS data to provide graphical feedback instead of your device or location data.

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  7. Night Vision Thermal Camera

    Night Vision Thermal CameraOur next pick is the night vision thermal camera app. This app lets you click low light photos with advanced features you might have not seen in other camera applications. In this app, you can use three advanced filters that allow you to click amazing photos at night.

    The best thing about this app is it offers UV vision, Thermal, and night filters for free. You can switch between different vision modes to observe scenes and objects from different angles. It has multiple features and functionalities that make it distinctive from regular night vision apps.

    Moreover, the Night-vision thermal camera application is available for iOS users. The recent updates of this app offer user interface changes and the zoom function will enable you to see things thoroughly even at night.

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  8. Security Camera CZ

    Security Camera CZThe security camera CZ app turns your old smartphone into a home security camera. You can consider this app if you are looking to convert your old mobile phone into a security camera. This is an ideal app for pet owners or you can use it as a senior care camera and even a baby monitor.

    It has several cool features including motion detection and a two-way talkback function which makes it a perfect night vision camera pick. The other features of this app are live HD video recording, resistance to false alarm, and initiative operations.

    If you want a camera simulation app that lets you share your cameras with your friends and family then this is the right app for you. This app also lets you monitor your home even at a distance by using your regular phone.

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  9. A Better Camera

    A Better CameraAnother top-rated night vision camera simulator app comes with cool functions and features. This app is ideal for numerous purposes such as baby monitors or night vision cam applications. This full-featured app is designed for Android platforms and is free to download.

    A better camera app offers various key features such as HDR, night mode and panorama, time-lapse and multishot options for capturing pictures and videos. Also, you can try the paid version of this app if you want to unlock full access to camera control and widget.

    The night mode feature is worth mentioning in this app as it helps to take high-quality pictures even in low-light areas easily. Overall, it is a great option if you are looking to improve your regular camera performance.

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  10. NightCap Camera

    NightCap CameraThere is a great app for lovers of astrophotography. NightCap Camera is designed for those who love to click time-lapse pictures. It has advanced features that offer you professional outcomes in low light areas even in the dark.

    In this app, you will see AI camera control features that make it easier to click photos with optimum focus and automatically make your photos brighter and clearer. Plus, it has instant gesture-based adjustment to offer you manual control and you can also use special camera modes to get DSLR like results.

    It has multiple astrophotography modes and You can also use a special night mode to make video recordings with full manual control features. This app will surely help you capture photos in low light by unlocking the full potential of your iPad’s camera.

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  11. Digital Binoculars

    Digital BinocularsNext is the digital binoculars application which comes with a range of features and functions to enhance your photography. With this app, you can take pictures without using any expensive field glasses. This application is available for Android and supports zoom in and out functions to view objects at distance.

    More than this, you can choose from six different field glasses so you can easily find the perfect binoculars based on your preferences. Then it has four different effects for each binocular that include negative, normal, night vision, and monochrome.

    The other features of the digital binoculars app are a built-in inclinometer, scale on or off option, and multiple binoculars effects. All you need to do is install this app on your Android phone or tablet and turn it into binoculars.

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  12. Night Camera

    Night CameraAnother great night vision camera app that comes with a simple to use design and lets you click photos much quicker in low light. The night camera app has a user-friendly interface along with various low-light filters. All you need to do is tap to exposure and tap to focus simultaneously to take photos.

    What makes this app special is that it offers luminosity along with an RGB histogram that allows you to recognize under or overexposure in real-time. The key features of this app include a self-timer option that enables you to take nighttime shots and unblurred pictures.

    All in all, it is a great night vision app if you are looking for clicking pictures in inadequately lit areas. Just press the volume + button to capture the photos. You can download this app on your iPhone for free.

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