Best 12 Military Dating Apps For Android And iOS

Military dating is one of the best ways where you will get singles while you are in uniform for your country. Men and women who are in the military have a busy life and they don’t have much time for more fun in their life. Military dating apps are the best way where a military could be able to find a perfect love match and start a date, flirt and chat.

Military men and women make a lot of sacrifices and it can also affect their love life. If you are a single military who takes your duty seriously and looking for someone special to date or flirt then you must have to try a military dating app on your smartphone. To find the perfect military dating app you can simply read this article and get the best one according to your interest.

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Singles in the military make a lot of sacrifices in their life. Keeping these in our mind we are listing the top 12 popular military dating apps for android and iOS users. With the help of these apps, you will be able to get a perfect love match for your life. You can use these apps on your smartphone and find the perfect one for chat, flirting, dating and life partner.

best Military Dating Apps


Best 12 Military Dating Apps For Android And iOS

  1. USA Dating

    USA DatingThis app will help you find the best match person for you to date. It uses different scientific methods and data to help you to get the best match. It suggests different tricks by which you can find a perfect match in their behaviour. While posting pictures on this military dating app you will be receiving messages from the person who is interested in you.

    This app gives the features of free messages and liking other user’s posts by following their profiles. You can have a global call or a video call with each other. This app gives scientific suggestions to find the best match for couples and singles.

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  2. Marry Me

    Marry MeThis app helps you to get a perfect match for yourself and also to settle a date. It is an amazing military dating apps for single men and women. You will get an option of real-life dating experience by getting someone of your choice. If you want someone with a charming look then you just need to adjust the app settings in the search bar and get your favourites by searching the type you would date.

    If you want someone of perfect personality then you need to search according to the desired personality you are looking to date. The app will help you get the desired person according to their data. This app will help you get results near your local area or another city. The radar function of this app helps you receive notifications of singles near your locals and start chatting with them. This app comes with an amazing user interface that helps you get a perfect match for yourself.

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  3. Bumble

    BumbleThis app is used for dating, making friends or building a professional network. It is a unique app where women make their first move. In this military dating app where the woman will have 24h to start a chat with one, she is interested in and men have 24h to respond.

    It provides unlimited chat with unlimited persons and gets the right one for you to chat, flirt and date. You can also get video chat options to start video chatting with your new friends. While using this app you will also get an option to know each other better for long time relationships. It also provides the feature of swiping the right to the one you like and swiping left to the one you dislike.

    By getting the premium feature of the app you can see the one who has swiped right for you and get a second chance to date the expired connections. Along with these it also provides an option to link your Spotify and Instagram accounts in the profile and share your interest with your favourites.

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  4. Match

    MatchMatch is another popular military dating apps for android and iOS that allows you to easily start chatting, date, meet & find love around you. It helps the singles to be couples and become girlfriends or boyfriends. It helps you get into a serious relationship by meeting online and having a chat by using the match app. Once being satisfied with the chat you can go on a date and then move ahead in this relationship.

    With the help of this app, you can finally have the best match for yourself and could soon be someone’s wife/ husband. You just need to register in the app and find the singles near you by experiencing the thrilling journey of love. This app comes with lots of unique dating options so you will get custom search, video chat, text chat and other options. It is not a hookup app so you can use it as a flirt and chat app to start chatting with new friends.

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  5. EliteSingles

    EliteSinglesThis is a mature dating app that will help you find the best match for you. You can find singles near you and make friends with each other and could have one night spent with the nearby people you feel connected to. You don’t need to be single and wait for a partner but it will help you get out of stress and have a forever soulmate by spending the night. This app is for adults who are above 18 years of age and have an open-mindedness to have a loveable and happy life. It gives the feature to like posts by seeing profiles of your new friends.

    If you like someone you need to swipe right and if you don’t like then swipe left. This app helps you get the match of your desire if you mention it in your profile about your desires. You will get an option to start voice as well as text chat with your new friends. While using this app on your smartphone you will be able to access the free trial option. Later, after becoming a VIP member you can use its further benefits. It doesn’t support any of the users sending offensive messages or hate speech in the profile or chat.

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  6. OkCupid

    OkCupidOkCupid is another great military dating apps for android and iOS users that help you find the love of your life. It helps you get the person of your match by seeing your profile and arranging a date for a night of fun or for your whole life. Using this app singles get options to have a romantic date and the best couple for them.

    It comes with a unique messaging system that helps you to meet singles, connect, chat or have a deep conversation. This app helps you find love whether you are a lesbian, non-binary, gay or of no label. It matches your profile with the others and gives suggestions of your interest. You can also use it as cougar dating apps to start meeting with cougars near you.

    In the chat section, you are free to flirt and find someone of your interest. For this, you just need to have a profile in the OkCupid app and add all of your basic details, interest, hobbies and others. It helps you meet the people nearby and enable online chat by which you can set up a meeting and start a date with a new friend. This app is free to use but has some upgrade features for subscribed users by which you will be able to see the one who likes your post with some advanced features in the search bar.

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  7. Zoosk

    ZooskZoosk is a social dating app for android and iOS users that allows you to match, chat & meet new people near you. Using this app you will be able to discover interesting singles and get a perfect match for dates, flirt and chat. You can also use it as virtual girlfriend apps to get a virtual girlfriend on your smartphone. This app is a paid dating app where you will be able to meet the singles near you. It helps you get the smart pick for you according to your preferences as mentioned in the profile.

    It has a feature of photo verification which submits members video selfies corresponding to their photo in their profile. You can directly match with the singles or look at their profile for a detailed view. Its subscription includes features by which you can search for new friends related to the body, size, and height which you would prefer in your mate. Becoming a subscribed member enables you to have a chat with other subscribers and could say yes to the smart pick. The app enables the feature of customer support which helps you provide extra information you want for a person.

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  8. Topface

    TopfaceTopface is user-friendly military dating apps for android and iOS users that provides real meets up and dates. Once you create your profile in this app it scans your interest and allows you to meet the people of your interest and hobbies. Apart from dating, you can also use this app for finding new friends and get in touch with them. You can communicate in the chat section by texting or using voice chat and enhance the conversation among each other.

    It’s a free and easy to use app where you just need to register or sign in using your Facebook account. This app provides an option to find new friends around the world for keeping in touch, communicating, and possibly for other things as well. Along with these, it can also be used as apps like Omegle where you will get an option to chat with new friends around the world. With the help of this app, you will be able to meet with those who you want.

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  9. Glii

    GliiGlii is the best military dating apps for gay, lesbian, transgender or singles. It is a location-based app that helps you find a match in a nearby area. They believe in equality and so they help to live free by your choices. Using this app you can easily find friends or companions and also arrange a meeting at a spot. In the app, you can see the availability of the venue with its location and taxi details along with the menu briefing option.

    This app verifies all profiles with the feature of artificial intelligence and gets a perfect match for you. Singles can easily get a perfect match and build a healthy relationship with this app. In the search bar, you just need to type the list of features you want and you will be displayed with many results. You can chat with your favourites and block and report the ones you don’t like. It also gives the feature to connect the FB and Instagram account and get more friends which will help to build a social network.

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  10. BLK

    BLKThis app is exclusively for black singles women and men to date. It helps them create a good community to connect with whom they share similar interests. You just need to scroll the profiles and swipe right for the one you like. You can also give a heart for the one’s post you like. If the other person also does the same to your post you will be sorted to have a chat in the app and get a start in your relationship.

    Once you sign in to the app you will be able to get the profiles of black singles near your location. The app will send you profiles based on your suggestion where you can give a like or dislike to their profiles. It also gives the feature to be a premium member and get a second chance to date the previous one you dated. Using its premium feature you will also be able to have an uninterrupted service without ads.

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  11. Community Matrimony App

    Community Matrimony AppThis app is the most recommended app used in India. It is available in all regional languages such as Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Hindi, English and others. It consists of brides and grooms for all communities such as Jain, Christian, Hinduism etc and helps you get the best match in your community. This app also provides a matrimony service for divorcees through the divorce matrimony app. Along with these, you will also be able to get Manglik matches using this app.

    This app also gives the matches for the NRI demands as such of the USA, Canada, New Zealand etc. Also, the app gives information on the matrimony of all cities in India such as Chennai, Kolkata, Guntur etc. It gives a free registration service that is safe and secure. Your privacy is considered important therefore it is 100% safe to use.

    With the help of this military dating apps, you can also search for life partners from its search bar and get instant results from people belonging to your community. It will notify you when a partner wants to communicate with you. They also avail the features of shortlisting the proper matches and could also see who had shortlisted your profiles. This app helps you get a result at your convenience with the assured Jeevan sathi for you.

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  12. Woo

    WooWoo is an international matchmaking app that helps secure dating. It has women first feature where women can first make a voice chat or call with the one, they have a match while displaying their number as private or hidden. This app helps single men and women to get connected and start flirting, dating and meeting. It gives you the right to choose to whom you want to chat and also assures that your details will be private. This app removes all the fake profiles and keeps updated with the verified profiles. While using this app you will get a meaningful conversation with your match other than just flirting.

    It works on a simple to like and dislike the post you like of a profile based on the recommendations. It recommends profiles based on your interest, profile and location so that you can easily start chatting and flirting. If you like a person and the other person likes your profile too then a private chat room appears for you both to have a conversation. It assures that the single woman’s details remain confidential and no one can view them.

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