Best 10 Medical Apps For Android And iOS

Medical Apps for Android and iOS are useful apps for medical students, doctors, and physicians. As a result, you can seek advice from doctors. Doctors can also view their patient’s data and recommend tests if their bodies require it.

As for myself, I used all of these apps and it was a fruitful experience for me. As I can schedule appointments with doctors for my specific health needs. It may also be beneficial to students with a scientific background.

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You can, however, use and download any of the apps. After that, you’ll be able to use the app for your health checkup. All new or relevant information in science or medicine will be relevant. You can also read the material, which is completely science-related. Many of the apps can also be used without an internet connection.

best Medical Apps

Top 10 Medical Apps For Android And iOS

  1. WebMD

    WebMD: Doctor Finder

    WebMD is one of the finest medical apps where you can do your medical check-up. As you can examine the symptom of the disease if you suffer, explore for the nearby doctors and many health checkups are available. You can check the symptom and can get to know the reason behind them.

    As it will find you the special doctor and will remind you of the medication you take. If the information matches your condition it will find you the solution or treatment for the same. You can able to access and even customize the app by your wish. Although could save various articles from the doctors if you want. However, you can recheck your drug medication consumption so that it will not infect your body in the future.

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  2. Medscape


    Medscape is an online medical professional app as here you can able to get many doctors and specialists that will give you better advice for your better health. You can use various medical calculators that are made under the guidance of a specialist.

    It will also check the drugs medical you intake to make your health better or could watch videos to make the thing more clear. All types of information or describing the things to your would-be relative as well good for your health. Although you can make vast contact with specialists or other medical students. However, you will download the app for free, sign up and access the app.

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  3. Essential Anatomy 5

    Essential Anatomy 5

    Essential Anatomy 5 is a unique app that can be used in 3d technology. You can see the body structure and its graphics in 3d. As it has a very creative design that would increase your interest and you will able to understand things better. Many types of structures are available that make your better knowledge of the body parts and their structure.

    You can personalize the app by your own choice and mark the topics that you think it is important for you. It also provides an option to learn the pronunciation of the word you face difficulty when you pronounce. It gives you many multiple choice questions and quizzes which you have to complete. However, you can share the image to your mail or social platform.

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  4. UpToDate


    UpToDate is a fantastic medical apps where you can register and become a subscriber for the same. Here you give your answers that will ask and you can also take recommendations from them. You can able to log in directly and trace any credit such as CPD or CME.

    As you can do the bookmark for the important information and can able to search the history. Along with these, you can use the phone for various medical calculations. Using this app you can easily send your queries, reports, or graphics to your patients or other associates.

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  5. K Health

    K Health | 24/7 Virtual Care

    K health is the utmost beneficial app for you as the various type of doctors and specialists will be available for you all the time. You can take the advice, suggestion, or recommendation virtually. While using this app on your smartphone, you don’t need to take any appointment you will directly contact the specific doctor. Just send the message to the doctor and at the same time get the prescriptions if requires.

    You can ask anything regarding your issues or any symptoms you see in your body. You can also check kegel apps to improve your health. Although you can also buy its subscription as it will give for the unlimited time and you can access more other best features.

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  6. AMBOSS Medical Knowledge Library & Clinic Resource

    AMBOSS Medical Knowledge Library & Clinic Resource

    Amboss medical knowledge is a kind of library for medical students where you can study a particular subject. As here medical students can able to grab more information about the medical resources. You can study offline as well and it will answer your doubts. It is always updated with science news or technology launch so you will get all kinds of science information.

    First, you have to download the app and get access for free for a few days and then you can go for its membership which gives you amazing elements. Although it would enhance your learning pattern use and you can able to understand the many things precisely.

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  7. VisualDx


    VisualDx is one of the useful medical apps for doctors and various professionals where you can attend to your patients anytime and contact them easily. You can use the app for therapy and it will also give you tests that you can do if facing some problems.

    Although it would recommend you for the tools you will use in your science lab and it would be beneficial for the science students who are new in this field. As you can also look for the premium version. Just buy it and then log in to the app with your id or password. You will also be able to access the app for free for a month.

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  8. AirStrip ONE

    AirStrip ONE®

    Airstrip one is a wonderful medical app that provides the relevant data to medical clinics so that they can take better care of their patient’s health. All the data would be in motion so that all the data and resources would be in a manner and can’t be able to take any risk regarding patient health.

    Although you can personalize the app features where you can think you get better treatment and can clinic able to provide you better facilities. All the information would be given to your precise and relevant. They take care of all of these things better.

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  9. Cardio Ex

    Cardio Ex: Coronary & Peripheral GameCardio Ex is a kind of video game app for people who has more interest in cardio therapy. Here every day you get new levels and you have to complete them. Use your skills which you study they are already. It has clinical levels which you have to play and use the experience and education you have already. As it has some levels that are related to the heart you can play and increase your interest more in cardio. It can also be used as blood pressure apps to check blood pressure on your smartphone.

    You get the feedback in the actual time and the score will be given to you after the completion of the levels. It has lots of reading material you can for it also that gains more information and enhance skills. You will also get rewards and achievements while you win the levels.

    Along with these it also provides the option to learn knowledge and improve your skills through this game. However, create your avatars or can customize the background theme so that your interest will increase and you can grab the things easily which is useful for you.

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  10. MDCalc Medical Calculator

    MDCalc Medical Calculator

    MDCalc medical calculator is a practical app that would be used by the professional, physician, and clinic staff where they can able to use medical equipment that will be required in clinic or science lab. You can register yourself in the app for free. Also, you can access the app offline for your medical purposes.

    Instantly you can go for the calculation you want to do for your medical things. Just add the things and make your customize profile as here you have to mention your specialty in medical you are actually in. It would alert if some errors occur so that it doesn’t become an issue for the patient reports. Although you can calculate the CME.

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