Best 12 Measuring Apps For Android And iOS

Thanks to the new technologies and development now our smartphone has become an all-in-one solution for thousands of problems. What if I tell you that now you don’t need to carry a toolbox with you all the time to measure objects or distance on the map. Yes, you heard that right, the adoption of Google’s ARCore and other developments in the smartphone industry allows you to measure anything with your phone camera.

There are hundreds of measuring apps that turn your smartphone into a measurement tool. You can use your phone as a physical tape or capture photos to measure objects within seconds. All you need to do is install a measurement app on your android or iOS device and start measuring real-world objects.

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In this article, I have compiled a list of the top 12 best measurement apps for Android and iOS that allows you to measure the length, distance, angle of each point.

Measuring Apps

Best 12 Measuring Apps For Android And iOS

  1. GPS Fields Area Measure

    GPS Fields Area MeasureGPS Fields Area Measure is a great tool to measure area, perimeter, and distance. This app is available on both Android and iOS devices. As the name of this app suggests, it uses your existing GPS data to measure distance and area.

    It is an easy-to-use measuring app, all you need to start this app, choose your starting and ending points within the app, and select start measure. You will see the distance results on the top left corner of your screen.

    Here you can measure fields or share your measured maps with others. You can use smart marker mode to mark needed points. This measure app also allows you to save the maps within the app or to the gallery.

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  2. EasyMeasure

    EasyMeasureThe next app in our measurement app list is easymeasure. This app not only measures the dimensions of physical objects but also the distance between you and that object. All you need to do is target the object with your phone’s camera lens and it will show you the measurement on your device screen.

    Easy measure app uses the height of the camera and its tilt to measure the objects. If you are looking for an app for distance measurement then the EasyMeasure app is worth a try. Plus, this app supports two international units that include metric and imperial.

    This measuring app comes with a user-friendly interface along with a 3D AR engine for ruler and tape measuring. You can share the results via Facebook, email or Twitter with your colleagues.

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  3. AR Ruler App

    AR Ruler AppAs you can see the name of this app says it is an AR-based app that allows you to measure objects in the real world. This AR ruler app offers measurement in yards, centimetres, feet, millimetres, meters and even inches. It uses Google’s ARCore to measure physical things.

    To find the measurement you have to point the viewfinder on the detected plane and tap your screen to start to use AR tape measuring. It means you can measure objects directly from your phone’s screen.

    It has a distance meter that allows you to measure the distance from your smartphone camera on a 3D plane. You can measure the angle, volume, area and perimeter, path and height in 3D planes. Moreover, the AR ruler app allows you to export the plan projection into PDF format.

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  4. Moasure

    MoasureAnother great measuring apps for android and iOS comes with a 30m/1000ft tape measure, goniometer, ruler and a protractor. Moasure is a tool that allows you to measure almost everything. As compared to other apps in this list, measure offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

    This app contains in-app video tutorials so you can easily learn how to use any feature of this app. You can use this app whenever you want to measure anything. Now you don’t need to carry a toolbox for a ruler, measuring tape or a laser.

    It is a simple app, all you need to do is move your mobile phone from A to B point and it will do the rest. You can see the measurement instantly on your phone’s screen.

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  5. Google Maps

    Google MapsGoogle maps is one of the most downloaded apps on this list. This app offers the world’s most popular navigation measuring service. If you travel regularly you must have used this app once in your life.

    With Google maps you can track real-time traffic updates, local suggestions for shopping or food or use navigation to reach any location. Let’s come to the data and features of this app. This measuring tool offers maps of over 220 countries including hundreds of millions of places and businesses on the maps.

    No matter where you are in the world, you can find any place and explore local neighbourhoods with just a few clicks. Google maps offer live updates so you can catch your bus or train with real-time transit details.

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  6. Ruler

    RulerAnother measuring app that is worth considering is the ruler. This is a simple to use measure app that converts your smartphone into a nifty ruler. However, this is a ridiculously great app to measure any length with your smartphone.

    In this app, you can choose from different measurement units including centimetres and inches. All you need to do is tap the screen and start using this app with the best multi-touch measuring system. That’s all you need to do to find the exact size of any object around you.

    The best thing about this app is, it automatically adjusts the ruler depending on the phone you use. The pro version of this app allows you to turn the divisions from centimetres to inches.

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  7. AirMeasure

    AirMeasureAirMeasure is one of the best Augmented reality based apps that lets you measure any physical thing around you. This app offers ruler and tape measurement solutions along with different units. This is easy to use the app, you just have to target the object with your phone camera and shoot it to see the measurement in a superimposed environment.

    This app comes with several noticeable features and 18 measuring tools including 3D trajectory, laser level, vertical height, tv sizer and 3D cube tool. Plus, there is an option to save the data so that you can view the measurement in your gallery.

    Overall, it is a great app if you are looking for a virtual ruler in your pocket. Just start the app and measure anything and at any time instantly!

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  8. Marea

    MareaNext in our measuring app list is Marea which lets you measure anything you see on the map. If you want to know about the estimated price for farmland, plots or anything you can use this app.

    Through this app, you can determine the pricing of different areas according to square meters, hectares, square feet, square miles and square km. You can use this app to calculate the distance between each point and fill in the details to get the accurate measurement you are looking for.

    This app comes with in-app purchases that allow you to save the areas, calculate pricing, add notes and attach pictures. You can share the results as both KML files and map images.

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  9. Planimeter

    PlanimeterYet another best measuring app, Planimeter is a distance and area calculator that offers professional map tools for both android and iOS devices. With this app, you can measure area, perimeter, bearing, distance, angle, and even GPS coordinates on the map.

    In the Planimeter app, you can set notes for various maps and locations and store your favorite landmarks, locations or create GPS tracks. If you want to learn how to use this app you can also use the planimeter guide app.

    This measuring app comes with effective and useful features like accurate area measurements and distance calculations. Get results in metric and Imperial units such as m, cm, miles, ha, acres and yards. Plus, you can try circle mode and multiple area measurements from an in-app purchase.

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  10. Photo Measures

    Photo MeasuresPhoto measure offers the easiest and most efficient place to save your measurements on your photos. If you are in the architectural field this app may help you in meeting with contractors. You can make creative plans with this app and show them to contractors.

    This is a handy app that lets you measure anything around your house. All you need to do is take a photo of the object from your device’s camera and instantly draw your measurements on it. Photo measure app offers a user-friendly interface so you don’t need to take guidance to use it. It allows you to edit the saved measurement images anytime within the app.

    Moreover, The latest version introduced measurement of angle which is worth mentioning. Once you click a photo you can’t export it as a JPEG or PDF file. Plus, this app lets you measure photos in imperial or metric units.

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  11. CamToPlan

    CamToPlanCamToPlan is a great app that lets you measure distances and surfaces to draw plans quickly. Here you can draw plans of any object both horizontally and vertically.

    What makes this measuring app distinctive from others is that it’s a very simplified app. This app also offers an augmented reality that allows you to measure any object virtually with your mobile camera app.

    You can also save and manage your data by exporting it into PNG or DXF files. With this app, you can measure the distance and surface of any objects such as floors, ceilings, walls and tables.

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  12. My Altitude

    My AltitudeMy Altitude is a complete solution for altitude calculation on your android and iOS device. It is a great app that uses your device’s GPS signals to determine the altitude, barometric pressure, coordinates, water boiling point and current location along with the weather.

    This app uses your device’s sensor to determine the accurate altitude. You can take a picture of the results and save them to the gallery which is great for record-keeping. This picture will contain the coordinates of your current location, altitude and local time with date. You can also share this picture with your friends.

    My altitude is available on both android and iOS devices and contains ads. This app works best outdoors without the internet.

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