April 8th, 2018
Damaged City 2018 Art Show
@ Hole in the Sky
2110 5th St. NE 2nd. Floor
$5 (walk-up only)
Bands start @ 4pm.

The Damaged City Art Show has now become a staple of the DCF weekend. Curated by DC native Sarah O’Donoghue, punk artists from all over the world will be coming together for this awesome event. In addition to the art on display there will be some bands as well. Don’t miss it!

Nandas (NY)
Pobreza Mental (NY)
Haircut (VA)
Blue Streak (DC)

Alex Heir
Bonner Sale
Luis Ponce
Bad Penny + Mobshit
Angela Owens
David English
Dilek Baykara
Farrah Skeiky
Antonia Tricarico
Stephen Schrock
Dakota Baeta
Mateo Cartagena
Indie Jimenez
Cecilia Caldiera
Anahi Gulian
KC Oden
Darin Acosta
Amelia Mayeski
James Haichwai
Camila Leao
Kohei Urakami
Sarah Lock
Chrisi Atha
Eric Gabriel
Cris Crude
Michelle Roberts
Allan Barnes
Eric Gordon
Gustavo Bacellar


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