How To Save Snapchat Videos On Your Smartphone

Contrary to other messaging services, Snapchat makes it more difficult than it should be to preserve a video that someone has sent you. There is a time restriction on the Snapchat films and photographs you may post. Therefore, the window you have to see the Snap is quite small—it may be as little as 10 seconds.

However, you may preserve the image or video within Snapchat or in your camera roll if you want to prolong the life of the content you send or receive. To download Snapchat videos to your iPhone or Android phone, you can utilize a handful of the techniques we’ve described. Keep reading if you’re interested in finding out how to store Snapchat videos.

How To Save Your Snapchat Videos Before Sharing Them?

If you are willing to save Snapchat videos before you share them with your story, follow the following steps:

  1. To record a video on Snapchat, long-press the record button and wait for the preview screen to display. In the bottom-left corner of the preview screen, hit the “Save” button.
  2. Snapchat will now save your video under the app’s “Snaps” section under Memories. Press the card symbol next to the shutter button on the camera interface to open Memories.
  3. Long-press the video you saved, and then from the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, choose “Export.” The Snapchat video may then be saved to your phone’s photo gallery by tapping the “Download” option when the sharing sheet opens. But you may set up and use Snapchat’s “My Eyes Only” function if you want to keep pictures and videos away from prying family members or friends.

How To Save Snapchat Videos From Your Own Story?

You can also find a way to download a video that you uploaded to your Story. To understand how that operates, adhere to these steps:

  1. The Bitmoji symbol is located in the top-left corner of the screen. Tap it to access your personal page. Then click the menu icon with three horizontal dots next to the “My Story” header. Select “Save Story” from the bottom pop-up when it displays.
  2. A notification alerting you that Snapchat will store the whole Story to your Memories will then appear. Press “Yes” to affirm. All of your Stories will be saved using this technique under the Memories area. Individual stories can also be saved on a selective basis.
  3. To save a specific story, touch on it on the profile page and swipe up (or hit the vertical three-dot menu symbol) in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, click “Save” in the bottom left corner.
  4. As was already noted, you may now long-press the video saved to “Memories” and select the “Export” option. The Snapchat video will be added to your camera roll when you hit the “Download” option on the sharing sheet.
Save Snapchat Videos

How To Save Snapchat Videos Without An Expiration Timer From Other Users?

You can keep a Snapchat video if it was delivered to you in a loop, which is films without an expiration date. The recorded video may then be downloaded to your camera roll. This is how it goes:

  1. Long-press a movie that someone has sent you, then select “Save in Chat.” On photographs and movies that have the setting “play once” before transmitting, you won’t see this choice. As soon as you save a video in a chat, Snapchat notifies the receiver and displays the video for both of you to see in the conversation window.
  2. Right-click the recorded video once more and choose “Save to Camera Roll.” Once more, Snapchat will inform the other user that the video has been saved to your camera roll. Your privacy is extremely important to the messaging app, and this feature shows how much effort has been made to protect your private images and videos.

How To Save Snapchat Videos With An Expiration Timer From Other Users?

Users cannot immediately download videos that have been shared to them by another user on Snapchat, which is fair. Using one of the top screen recording applications or your phone’s screen recording capability, you must record your screen if you want to preserve the movies.

It’s important to note that if you screen record a user’s video or chat window, they could find out. As a result, you are not advised to capture a video someone has provided you.

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Simply begin the screen recording before viewing the Snapchat video you received from someone else if you decide to continue. Try this workaround at your own risk because Snapchat will probably warn the other individual.

How To Save Snapchat Videos On iPhone?

In order to export videos recorded on Snapchat to your gallery in an iPhone, follow the steps below:

  1. By pressing the photo symbol next to the shutter button in Snapchat, you may access Memories from the camera view.
  2. To view the image you wish to save to your phone storage, tap it.
  3. In the top-right corner, tap the More icon.
  4. Select Export Snap.
  5. Select Save Image.

The required video will be available in your iPhone gallery

How To Save Snapchat Videos To Your Camera Roll?

Depending on whether you’ve previously broadcast your Snapchat video clips, there are a few methods you may use to store them. You can follow these instructions to save your video to your Camera Roll if you’ve just finished recording it and haven’t shared it yet:

  1. Tap the Save button once you’ve finished recording your video (which looks like a downward-facing arrow at the bottom of your screen). There will be a pop-up.
  2. Then choose Camera Roll & Memories.
  3. Click Save.
  4. The Photos app on your iPhone will then include your video.

How To Save Snapchat Videos On Mac

Save A Snapchat Video From iPhone To Mac

All you have to do is use AnyTrans for iOS to transmit a Snapchat video to your Mac once you’ve recorded or saved it using the aforementioned procedures. Because it utilizes a connected connection for file management and transfer, AnyTrans is a much quicker and better solution to sync data between mobile and desktop. To transmit Snapchat videos from your iPhone to Mac, follow these instructions:

  • On your Mac, launch AnyTrans for iOS.
  • Connect your iPhone using a Lighting wire to your Mac.
  • In the AnyTrans app, locate your iPhone.
  • Select the Photos icon on the right side of the screen.
  • Select “Video” from the window’s top menu.
  • Choose the movies you wish to download to your Mac.
  • Select “To Mac” at the window’s top.

The “AnyTrans” folder in your Documents area will get your videos.

Save A Snapchat Video From Android To Mac

Use AnyDroid, the Android version of AnyTrans, to save a Snapchat video you’ve already saved on your Android device to a Mac. Simply launch AnyDroid on your Mac and connect your Android handheld after you have the video you wish to share from your Android smartphone to a Mac. Here’s how to transfer Snapchat videos from an Android device to a Mac:

  • Launch AnyDroid on a Mac.
  • Connect your Android device to your Mac.
  • Locate your Android device by selecting “Device Manager” on the left side of the screen.
  • Choose “Videos”
  • Select the movies you wish to download to your Mac.
  • Choose “To Mac” at the window’s top.

Your files will be saved on your Mac.


Can You Save Other People’s Snap Videos?

There isn’t a natural mechanism to download other users’ videos from Snapchat. However, you have the option to take a screen capture of other people’s videos or request that they transmit looping footage. Snapchat offers you the choice to save looping movies directly to your camera roll.

Can You Save Snapchat Videos Without Them Knowing?

If you’re recording your screen while watching a video someone sent you on Snapchat, they’ll often get a notification. You must thus continue at your own risk. However, it is not recommended to go through the process without informing the sender prior. 

How To Save A Snapchat Video Someone Sent You?

In order to make a video that someone has sent you available in the discussion window, long-press on it and choose the “Save in Chat” option. After that, you may long-press the video once more and choose “Save to Camera Roll.”

Can You Use Airplane Mode To Save Snapchat Videos Secretly?

Previously, you could use your iPhone or Android phone’s Airplane mode as a workaround and capture a screenshot of the chat window. Without the sender’s knowledge, you might potentially save Snaps. But Snapchat found this flaw right away, and it has now been fixed. So, the response is no. The ability to discreetly store videos or screenshot conversations when in Airplane mode has been removed. As soon as you reconnect to the internet, Snapchat will send the user a notification.

Is There Any Way To Save Snapchat Videos On Mac?

Yes, it is possible to save Snapchat videos on your Mac. Programs like Gemini, AnyTrans and AnyDroid have been designed to suit this purpose.

The decision made by Snapchat to remove a “Save” button from all video clips is primarily due to ensure privacy. Unless the sender explicitly changes the appropriate setting to allow you to save snaps, there is no other way to do so. Screen recording is always an option, but since notifications are sent off to the sender, it is advisable to inform them first. Snapchat has ensured that no media file can be accessed by the receiver without the knowledge of the sender. 


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