How To Record Call On iPhone Without App?

Have you ever wondered why a high-end smartphone like the iPhone lacks a recording app? Calls are frequently recorded solely on a single end without the caller’s knowledge or consent. Apple’s privacy policy stipulates that they do not accept any procedures that endanger the privacy of others, and this is a violation of that policy. However, there are valid reasons to be aware of how to track calls on an iPhone without an application if you’re in danger.

Anyone may find themselves in a scenario where they need to track a phone call, especially if they want a record of the conversation for their records. And virtually all Android phones have this feature. But why is this conversation tracking feature not available on something like an elevated phone like the iPhone? In essence, Apple’s privacy policy forbids any activity that can jeopardize the confidentiality of its clients. People have questioned how and where to tape calls on the iPhone because having the ability to do so is crucial. And numerous third-party apps, both paid and unpaid, enable this.

You can frequently hear iPhone users ask, “How can I record a call on my iPhone for free?” As was already mentioned, Apple has placed restrictions on how third-party software developers can access and take control of the settings tab to manage and process calls. Both on Google Play and the Apple Store, there are call recording applications for the iPhone, but most of them are either not very useful or require a monthly membership. Given these restrictions, you might be wondering how to record conversations on your iPhone without using an app.

Third-party call recording applications for the iPhone, whether they are paid or free, typically operate in a similar manner. These apps create a three-way conference call when you get a call on your device, with you, the caller on the other end, and the app provider’s recording facility as participants. For a monthly subscription fee, the app’s supplier will record the discussion and make it available to you.

Fortunately, you can listen in on conversations on your iPhone without using any additional software. We’ve prepared a list of four simple ways to capture calls on the iPhone in this article. But first, let’s look at some information you should know regarding recording phone calls.

Record Call On iPhone

Is It Legal To Record A Phone Call On An iPhone?

Apple just limits this functionality to protect its customers. However, there are frequently good reasons to want to record phone calls we have with other people. It is appropriate for anyone to do so in this instance. The major reason the iPhone doesn’t allow this capability is that some people use these recordings in highly inappropriate ways. And in the future, things could change. Visit your local laws regarding call recording, but more importantly, Even the Google Dialler app for Android informs callers that their calls are being recorded.

How Does iPhone Call Recording Work?

Thanks to third-party programs made specifically for this reason, recording conversations on cell phones is fairly feasible. Even without this software, you can indeed capture chats on your iPhone by following the instructions in the following section. Most of these strategies—free or paid—operate in the same way. This is how it actually performs: multiple teleconferences is set up, where the platform or software links users to some other participants and captures all of their interactions. Despite the method’s seeming complexity, merging calls is possible on any iPhone, making it surprisingly easy to use. Additionally, you can record calls using voicemail on your iPhone. Make sure your phone complies with these prerequisites before attempting this method.

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  • Your iPhone is now setting up voicemail.
  • A version of iOS 9.0 or later is installed.
  • Turn off contact awaiting on your phone. Here’s how to go about it:
    • On your iPhone, go to Settings.
    • On the subsequent page, click Phone, then choose Call Waiting.
    • To turn off this function, flip the switch next to call waiting.

How To Record Calls On An iPhone Without An App?

Having multiple conferences with a telecommunication company, which should tape the conversation and save it for you, is how to record a call on an iPhone without an app. As challenging as it may seem, using your iPhone to make a call is actually quite straightforward.

The only thing missing is that your iPhone should be able to support three-way conference calls. Actually, practically every iPhone and every American telecom provider make it easy to do this. You can use a variety of services to help you track your conversations by using this technique. One such example is, our call recording service.

You can use any of these to record phone conversations on your smartphone without installing a third-party program.

How To Record Call On iPhone

  1. Record calls with another device.

    If you do have connectivity to some other gadget, such as a company phone, a desktop, or maybe even a voice recorder, this is a simple method of monitoring phone calls on an iPhone. To tape phone calls on another device, follow these steps:

    • Make a call to the individual with whom you want to record a conversation.
    • After that, turn the phone’s loudspeaker on to increase the sound.
    • To begin recording your talk with the person, start your recording on some other device.
  2. Use Google Voice to Record iPhone Calls

    Using Google Voice is one of the simplest methods to monitor calls, with no need for a third-party program. Free VoIP calling is offered by Google Voice in the US and Canada. You receive free US contact information, a voicemail box, and access to free domestic calling through it. While there are numerous call recording applications available on the Apple Store and Google Play, the majority of them are not complimentary. A fantastic built-in feature of Google Voice lets you record callers and save private communications for free.

    Here are the easy steps to take in order to use Google Voice to record incoming calls on an iPhone without needing any third-party apps:

    • The first step is to create a Google Voice account with your current Google account. To accomplish this, go to, sign in with your Google account, and then read the directions to select a Google Voice number;
    • On your iPhone, download and launch the Google Voice app. Follow the setup instructions to finalize the process using your new Google Voice number. Next, navigate to the app’s home screen.
    • Tap the menu button in the top-left area and choose “Settings” from the sidebar menu;
    • Enable the Receiving Call features under “Calls”;
    • To begin recording a phone call while you are on it, press the “4” key on your iPhone keypad. The commencement of the recording will be announced verbally to all participants.
    • Press “4” on your phone’s keypad once more to end the call recording (hanging up also stops the recording);
    • When you end recording, Google Voice will immediately store the chat in your inbox.
    • On the Google Voice app, hit the menu button in the top left corner and select “Recorded” to hear the conversations that were recorded. After selecting the call you wish to hear, touch the record button to start the recording.
  3. Record phone calls on the iPhone with a voicemail inbox.

    If you are yet to set up voicemail on your iPhone, a clever technique can be used to record phone calls to your voicemails. Your phone service provider will largely determine how well the ultimate method works. To begin with, you must verify if your operator permits voicemail imports. Open the Mobile app on your iPhone, then select Voicemail from the menu in the bottom part. It’s convenient if a collection of voicemails is displayed. You can save this on your device by downloading it.

    You’re not as lucky when the ultimate selection is Call Voicemail. Voicemails won’t be able to be downloaded. You will be allowed to save them on your carrier’s audible voicemail, though. This means that each time you wish to listen to a message that was left on your voicemail, you will have to dial it again. Again, depending on your phone carrier, you can use the following call combining and voicemail recording technique:

    • To have a track of your conversation, ask the second person if he is willing to do so and ask him/her to hold for a while.
    • Click on the Add Call choice to add more people to your conversation.
    • Make a call to your direct line. You should have your own voicemail box.
    • You have to select the option for merging calls when the voicemail instructs you to do so.
    • Once you finish your talk, you will be able to access the recording.
  4. Record with an external recording website.

    You can utilize web recording services like Recordator to monitor iPhone conversations instead of utilizing a third-party app. Learn how to use Recordator to record talks on an iPhone by following these steps:

    • Go to and sign up for a free account there.
    • Based on your place of citizenship, call their toll-free number; it is already posted on the website.
    • Select “add call” from the outgoing connection window once the call has been completed.
    • Select the phone number you want to call, then connect the connection.
    • Pick the merging choice on your device when the receiver answers.
    • Automatically, a conference call is established with the toll-free number acting as the recorder.
    • When the call is over, simply go to the My Recordings tab of the Recordator account and download the recording.


Can you record a phone call on the iPhone?

There are a few alternatives to this capability, despite the fact that Apple’s strict privacy regulations prevent it from being incorporated into iPhones. These consist of utilizing Google Voice, voicemail, outside call recorders, or third-party applications.

Is there a free call recorder for the iPhone?

Consider using the Rev Call Studio if you’re looking for something like a free iPhone chat tracker. The lack of hidden fees or commercial content makes the app very simple to use. This iPhone call recording software has almost 10,000 reviews, including an average grade of 4.4, which is excellent.

Does the iPhone have an auto-call recording?

No, iPhones don’t have an automatic call recording capability like Android devices do. This is intentional. Due to Apple’s strict privacy standards, auto voicemail transcription features are not allowed on iPhones. Although there are alternatives like using voicemail, 3rd party applications, or a few additional ways to deploy iPhone call recording.

Can you record a phone call on the iPhone with a screen recording?

No, A screen recording on an iPhone is not possible during a phone call. Apple’s native iPhone call recording feature is intentionally disabled, but there are workarounds, like using voice mail, Google Voice, or several third-party apps.

How do you record calls on an iPhone without an app for free?

There are several free methods to record calls on an iPhone without requiring an app. The very finest techniques for doing that are outlined in this article. It contains:
. Call recording using a different device
. Use Google Voice.
. Voicemail usage
. Using a website for external recording

How do you record a phone call on an iPhone?

Call recording is almost universally supported by Android phones. Call recording is supported via the built-in Google dialler app. Additionally, you can manually turn this on or enable it to automatically record any call you choose.

What is the best call recorder for my phone?

You can choose from any of these call recorders if you want the finest one for your phone:
1) Cube ACR
2) OpenPhone
3) An ACR Call Recorder
4) Automatic Call Recorder
5) Recording of Revised Calls

Can I record a call on my iPhone secretly?

No, it’s illegal under federal law to secretly record phone conversations. According to the federal Wiretap Act, it is forbidden for anybody to record a phone conversation or conversation between two people unless one of the participants has consented in advance.


After demonstrating how to record a call on an iPhone without an app for free, one crucial point needs to be kept in mind. Although, generally speaking, it should be permissible to tape a phone conversation on an iPhone with everyone’s vocal consent, it is essential to verify your state or municipal regulations in this regard for further clarification.


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