Best 12 Handyman Apps For Android And iOS

If you aren’t adept with tools and repairs, you probably need handymen quite frequently to help you around. Finding a reliable handyman is quite difficult nowadays, particularly at economical prices. Most people demand a lot of money in return for poor services, which is a waste of money. But, there is no cause for worry since handyman apps on our mobile phones can effectively help us.

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Handyman apps available on iOS and Android devices allow us to look for helping hands from around our locality. You no longer require to frantically search for workers when necessary. To know more about handyman apps, here is a list of curated resources to get an application as per your requirement on your smartphone.

Handyman apps

Top 12 Handyman Apps For Android And iOS

  1. KnockNok

    KnockNokIrrespective appliance you’re having trouble with, KnockNok can help. This app is sponsored by skilled handymen who offer you 24/7 service with immediate response for plumbing, home improvement, and appliance repair, helping you save both time and money as the cost of the service is substantially less than regular services.

    It also emphasizes the fast service, which enables you to communicate with the handymen directly without scheduling an appointment. Additionally, this app offers 1-on-1 live instruction if you really want to try to troubleshoot the appliance. Choose the service you want from live chat, audio, visual, and handyman conversations. You’ll find a solution to your issue, and then you can resume working.

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  2. Eazy Pizy

    Eazy PizyOne of the best applications for finding handymen in your region is Eazy Pizy, which is dedicated to assisting consumers with their home repairs and renovations. You can only enjoy the greatest pleasure without even leaving your house.

    This app offers the best user experience for enhancing communication between clients and qualified handymen. It comes with a user-friendly design and is the ideal option for hassle-free home servicing for electronics, plumbing, etc. Additionally, it offers straightforward tracking that displays various states so you can see how far along the project is.

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  3. Handy

    HandyThe most popular and widely used handyman app in the US and UK may be Handy. It offers a simple way to book qualified handymen and home cleaners without blowing your savings thanks to its intuitive design. Simply choose the service, choose a handyman, and make a phone payment.

    This app will provide you with a clever solution for home maintenance, interior painting, installing shelving and air conditioners, as well as for plumbing and electrical services. This program is really simple to use. After downloading, decide what kind of service you require and pick your favorite handyman. You are welcome to manage your reservations and track the development to see just how far the project has come. Do not fail to rate Handy in order to assist them to keep their service.

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  4. TaskRabbit

    TaskrabbitTaskRabbit should have been on any list of the top handyman apps. Using this tool, finding a handyman to undertake home services is quick, easy, and effective. Notify TaskRabbit and get the work done with the capacity to handle a variety of well-known chores like furniture assembly, shipping, and mounting. Additionally, this platform is loaded with a wide variety of functions. It allows you to discover assistance on that day in addition to quick and simple booking in minutes.

    One of the primary issues with using handymen platforms is pricing. Many people have utilized the on-demand helpful app to solve a range of domestic problems. To solve your problem, install this program right away and start a talk with your handyman.

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  5. Thumbtack

    ThumbtackWith the use of this platform, you may get in touch with nearby handymen to solve problems such as plumbing, home remodeling, electrical issues, and many more. Using this app, you may find cleaners and contractors.

    It gives you a simple approach to finding a specialist for your job and clear pricing. Before making a handyman reservation, you can also look at the reviews. You can contact handymen using the messaging option that comes with Thumbtack. Thumbtack is really easy to use. Choose a provider and locate your favored neighborhood expert. Before making a reservation, view cost estimates and read in-depth information. If necessary, study reviews and assess costs to locate a specialist who satisfies your needs. Prior to booking, you may also speak with a helpful expert.

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  6. Angi

    AngiAngi, which was created for iOS and Android smartphones, is unquestionably a popular handyman software for locating nearby home services. This platform is made up of reputable handymen and contractors in your neighborhood who offer high-quality services at reasonable prices.

    Satisfaction Assurance is a wonderful feature that will help you feel more at ease. Even if you’re not pleased with the outcome, the staff will make every effort to make you happy. Angi has the greatest local expert to do tasks, whether it be for electrical repair, routine maintenance, or home renovation. This platform offers quick and easy payment methods that let you pay for services right inside the app. Before making a reservation, you can also view price estimates and compare prices.

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  7. HOMEE

    HOMEEWith HOMEE, hiring a handyman on demand is quite simple. This robust platform provides a terrific approach to addressing a variety of issues in your home, from installation and maintenance to plumbing. You can only obtain 24/7 home service from highly rated pros with HOMEE using your smartphone. Before making a reservation, research the handymen’s backgrounds and hire your favored candidate. You can keep a watch on the entire process thanks to this app. Additionally, it features simple methods of payment and opens pricing so you may select a service that fits your budget.

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  8. Jobber

    JobberThe ideal app for expanding your handyman business may be Jobber. This program, which has a user-friendly design, could be used by handymen to generate income. It has a wide variety of functions that you may use to make estimates, send bills, plan your team, and do several other things.

    You can maintain organization in your operations by using this software. In addition to allowing you to view the team’s progress and location, it may also optimize your travel plans. Additionally, this software encourages improved team communication by using notes and photographs.

    Customer-focused companies are more likely to expand. One of the best handyman apps, Jobbers, includes a number of features to amaze your clients, like customer record keeping, simple online payment, and messaging to let clients know your crew is on the way.

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  9. Handyman Calculator

    Handyman CalculatorHandymen require a flexible calculator to compute a variety of items, including costs, materials, and much more. And Handyman Calculator is undoubtedly for you if you’re a handyman who requires an accurate calculator app. It performs well to assist you with errands because of its user-friendly design. The handyman calculator makes it easy to track bills, manage to-do lists, and calculate time. It won’t be difficult for you to use this smartphone app. It offers a full range of calculator capabilities, including the basic calculator, concrete calculator, and more, in addition to simple input options.

    Additionally, Handyman Calculator has a notebook option that lets you save calculations to a notepad. This calculator application is helpful for calculation tasks if you’re really a professional or just a hobbyist handyman. One of the top free handyman apps on the market, with millions of installations on the Google Play Store.

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  10. Handy Tools for DIY

    Handy Tools for DIYHandy Tools for DIY is worthwhile to try if you like the idea of a basic job. This adaptable program turns a range of tools into digital ones. Handyman Toolbox includes the tools you need to calculate materials, level a surface, or measure the length or width of an area. Use this program rather than a large toolkit. You may quickly convert a wide range of units and add supplemental annotations. It also offers the option of hassle-free project creation. Alternatively, this software uses your phone’s flash to provide bright illumination if you neglect to bring a flashlight. You can transmit data via email using the built-in sharing feature of Handyman Toolbox.

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  11. The Family Handyman

    The Family HandymanThe Family Handyman, an app from the same-named home improvement magazine, is excellent for honing your DIY abilities. This tool helps you become a professional handyman; it is not intended to link you with one. Find comprehensible guidance to reduce the cost of home renovations. Doing errands on your own won’t be an issue if you have improved your handy skills.

    View step-by-step images and instructional videos to learn how to install shelving, handle plumbing problems, and eventually discover some fantastic equipment. The Family Handyman facilitates reading while offline and was created for Android and iPad. To download to your device, simply long-press on the cover. The digital magazine is now available for reading anytime, anywhere. The finest handyman apps assist you in locating skilled workers to perform unusual projects. These apps provide a variety of functions, so you can pick one that matches your interests.

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  12. Urban Company

    Urban CompanyThrough Urban Company, you may hire reputable home services such as yoga instructors, cosmetics artists, plumbers, electricians, massage therapists, and more. A wide range of experts can visit your house or place of business thanks to this application.

    You can choose the services you need from the service menu to find professionals in your region who provide repair services, home tutoring, carpentry, and plumbing. To complete your work, you can choose the time that works best for you. one of the most popular and greatest handyman applications.

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Although a variety of apps are available for downloading; only a few can provide the best services. Hopefully, one of these applications will contain features that can provide you will all the benefits that you are seeking. All the apps are quite efficient n their task, user-friendly and most importantly, provide handymen to you whenever you need an extra hand for repairs, renovations, and other odd jobs around the house. Download the app which is suitable for you and there will no longer be any need to worry in case any appliance at your home suddenly stops working.


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