Top 12 Hairstyle Apps For Android And iOS

Hairstyling apps for Android and iOS are among the best apps which provides you the detail regarding the color of hair, shape, style, etc. Only just by sitting at home. You could be able to check with hair color suits you the most. As well as you could be able to try more and more new styles and with the trend. Even you could be able to choose the right product for your hair. You can read this article to get top 12 hairstyle apps for android and iOS device.

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Personally, I use all these apps, and my experience was fantastic. I was able to improve my hair strength as well as the length of my hair. However, you could also download any of these apps and access their amazing features on your device. As well all know nowadays people have more concern about their looks and hair plays a crucial role. You would see many of the people on Instagram, Facebook, and many other social platforms providing hairstyling tutorials.

best Hair Styling Apps

Top 12 Hairstyle Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Cute Girl Styling

    Cute Girl Styling

    Cute girl styling is one the most popular app which provides you a large number of tutorials on hairstyling. Here in this hairstyle apps you will be able to get more than 250 unique hairstyles video guide.

    The content is available on YouTube. You just have to spend few minutes learning any of the styles. There are many experiments on ponytails, braids, and many more. It is available for both long and short hair.

    There is a wide variety of hairstyles for foreign hairstyles, bridal hairstyles, and many more. As it would consume less time. You will be able to easily search hairstyle video tutorials by category or keyword.

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  2. ModiFace


    ModiFace is one of the best hair style apps for hair styling. In the ModiFace app, you could easily see which type of hairstyle, hair color suits you so that you could use the style or hair color which suits you perfectly.

    You could easily apply the color in just a few seconds on your photo or live. Although you could enhance your face in real-time by just use of this application. Although this app is available in both android and iOS for free or paid subscriptions.

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  3. Hair Zapp

    Hair Zapp

    Hair Zapp is one of the amazing applications. Although this hairstyle application is available for free there is no paid subscription available. It is the most simple app. You could simply use this app by just using your phone camera app.

    As you could use your photo to see the style which suits you the most and if you are not sure about the style or color you could post your favorites to their Community and get feedback from other users.

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  4. Style My Hair Pro

    Style My Hair Pro

    Style My Hair Pro is one of the fantastic hair style app offered by L’Oréal. This application is dedicated to the hairdresser only. As you could able to download the app. Loreal professionals introduce an easy tool for hairstylists. As it transforms the color within just a few minutes. Despite this, it inspires your client with a customizable vision board of a trending look.

    Once a customer decides the color, hairstylists find correspondence shade in loreal professionals swatch book to create the desired look.

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  5. The Hair Club

    The hair club

    The hair club is one of the coolest I have ever seen. You could easily book an appointment just by sitting at home. Booking for an appointment is available all the time. Moreover, you could keep the record. It also keep the track of your treat card loyalty points. So that you could acquire more exclusive offers.

    Undoubtedly you could meet their team and choose your favorite one. It is developed by Phorest. Although this app offers for free as there is no paid subscription for the same.

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  6. Da Salon Partner

    Da Salon Partner

    Da Salon Partner is one of the greatest hair style apps which allows you to book appointments online. You could avail of the services from the host of the salon. It consumes less time.

    Although it is also useful in maintaining social distancing in this tough time. Undoubtedly, this app provides a platform for the customer to share their experience. Especially customers get more exciting offers, discounts, cashback on booking a salon service.

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  7. Enrich Salon App

    Enrich Salon App

    Enrich is one of the useful hairstyle apps which provides an online booking platform. In other words, you could track your appointment. It also provides the platform for ordering hair products like shampoo, hair conditioners, etc. Not only but also you get notified about the various offer. You could also shop for the particular product that suits your skin and hair.

    Although it also provides the option to save your favorite product or service in wishlist. As a result, you could easily check what you might want. It also allows you to book appointments for your friend or family.

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  8. Perfect 365

    Perfect 365

    Perfect 365 is one of the brilliant hairstyle apps. It consists of more than twenty makeup and beauty tools so that you could customize the style. Although this app contains unlimited custom colors so that you could design your own makeup unique look.

    Besides this app provides video tutorials from your favorite YouTube artist. And this also provides daily makeup and fashion tips that you could share on the social media platform.

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  9. Hair Journal

    Hair Journal
    Hair Journal is the most suitable as it is too simple to use. This app contains the feature to set your personal goal and track your growth through pictures as well as space of your own for feedback on your hair product.

    Even you could create a professional profile. The hairstylists could able to access the app conveniently. You could also participate in the app facebook community directly from the app.

    Despite all of these you could also watch the best haircare-related YouTube videos directly from the app.

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  10. Hair Days

    Hair Days

    Hair Day is one of the finest hairstyle apps for hair dairy app. It just simplifies your journey by allowing you to track everything about your hair. You could also track your personal hair care products style steps. This app appears to be a cool and valuable resource for nature.

    It is pretty easy to use and it’s great to see others with that same hair type and porosity. Even you could also follow and learn from others with similar hair types.

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  11. Cure Skin


    Cure skin is the most impressive hairstyle app and it is quite simple to use. You just have to download the app and then click a photo, you get a free analysis report within just a few minutes. As they have AI technology that detects your skin concerns accurately.

    According to your need, they would assign you their best dermatologist who would cater to your specific need and build the treatment. It would create your skin-based routine based upon your need.

    Although through the app your all products would be delivered to your doorstep. The best thing about this app is, the same treatment plan isn’t recommended to another individual. That’s the reason I prefer this app the most app.

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  12. Rock paper

    Rock paper

    Rock paper is like the Pinterest of hair. It is available for both customers and service providers. Although you could discover a hairstyle inspiration and explore the on-trend content. You just have to upload the photo so that you could keep it forever.

    You would share the style with your stylist. Every week new content is updated so that you go with the trend. It enables you to discover inspiration, explore more styles, hair colors according to your need and desire. As well as it would help you to build your own customer list. However, you could easily able to personalize your smart portfolio.

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