Best 12 Fun Apps For Android And iOS

Playing mobile games is one of the best ways to pass time. If you are somewhere out and want to kill your boredom you can play various fun games. You can play fun games for relaxation or to boost your brain. In this article, I have listed the top 12 fun apps for Android and iOS. Each game on this list comes with different fun and exciting gameplay and Entertains you for hours.

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Funny games and a fun app is the best way to get more fun on your smartphone. Fun apps are available with different contents. You can simply choose any of them according to your use and interest and start making fun. As we all know laughter is one of the best medicine for all of us. There are a great number of ways to start laughing at your own place. You can also try some fun apps for that. So pick your favorite app and have fun in your free time.

Fun Apps

Best 12 Fun Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Flow Free

    Flow FreeLet’s begin this list with one of the most fun and time-killing games. If you want to kill time and exercise your bored mind then you can play the Flow free game. This is an easy game to play. You just need to match the same colors through pipes and create a flow. You have to cover the entire board to complete the level. It might sound easy but if you break any pipe they overlap then you have to start your game again.

    In addition, flow-free games come with over 2,500 free puzzles and have clean, attractive graphics. This free-to-play game offers hundreds of levels and different modes including a time trial. You can choose from a wide range of levels from simple to challenging.

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  2. 2048

    2048The Next app on our list is 2048, this application comes with a match-oriented gameplay that provides good exercise to your brain. It’s an addictive game, you just have to use your maths skills and swipe tiles until you get the correct number 2048. However, it might seem to be easy but you have to reach your goal without getting eliminated. This game will take you back to your old school days.

    In addition, you can see your improvement as this game keeps track of your records. Also, it has a leaderboard that allows you to compare your scores with others. You can log in with your social media account to see your friend’s scores too.

    I played this game and there is nothing bad about this game I can say. I get addicted to it and play it whenever I want to kill my boredom.

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  3. Words With Friends

    Words With FriendsThis game is probably the most popular mobile word game on our list. Words with friends come with amazing game features. You can even try boosts and rewards to play faster and smarter to win new levels.

    The best part about this game is it is free and helps to expand your vocabulary with its fun design. You can also connect your family and friends through this game and test your brainpower.

    It has various features including weekly challenges, beat the clock, and even solo play that makes this game more addictive. You can select any language to play a word game, use word radar to locate possible moves and smart match to discover a similar skill player, and more.

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  4. Tiles Hop

    Tiles HopYou must have heard about EDM tiles. Tiles hop is all about hopping the ball and going as far as possible without missing a tile. What’s new? Tiles hop now comes with a new character named monstercat.

    Here in this game you can play your favorite game and jump on the tiles along with the beats. Try making the highest score and share it with your friends. There is an addictive challenge designed based on various songs.

    This game is all about hit songs, hopping balls, and jumping on the tiles. You can upload your handpicked songs to bounce on the tiles. Tiles hop comes with one-touch control which makes it easy to play and 3D visuals are just the cherry on the cake.

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  5. Sand Draw

    Sand DrawDrawing pictures and having fun was one of the best things before the pandemic. Thanks to the sand draw art pad game we can have fun as we used to have on beach trips. You can draw and doodle on this app or you can make a sandcastle too.

    This game offers a real-time experience with its wave option. You can click this button and wipe all the unreal sketches with a wave. This game is specially designed for kids to offer them a creative and fun way to draw illustrations.

    The best part about this game is to allows you to color your sketch with just one touch. It’s easy to use the app, so you don’t need to take drawing lessons. Along with these this app allows you to share your art piece via social network or save it to your gallery.

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  6. Not Not

    Not NotAnother challenging yet fun apps that helps you to kill your boredom. In this game, you have to play games based on orientation and logic. You can swipe your character in any direction by following the introductions. You can also use it as brain game apps to start playing game games on your smartphone.

    Reach your goals and victory to get higher scores in the game. The only thing that matters in this game is the dexterity and logic to succeed. Not has over 10 million downloads on mobiles and ranked as a #1 top puzzle game in about 14 countries including the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

    The features of this game include different modes such as normal, hard, and extreme. You can choose multiple versus modes to challenge other players. It also has an exclusive color blind accessibility mode.

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  7. Toilet Time

    Toilet TimeWant some entertainment in your free time? If your reply is yes then toilet time is worth trying. It features a wide range of mini-games based on toilet themes. Each theme is designed to play in just a few minutes.

    The range of toilet games starts with soft and quick games and ends with hard games. However, the fun will remain the same at each level. Toilet game is full of mini-games such as don’t drop the soap, cover the seat, squirt the flies, trim your beard, and lots more.

    Earn keys to unlock new toilets that include fabled Egyptian toilets and time machine toilets. You can enjoy your free time with hundreds of toilet games using this fun app.

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  8. Stack

    StackTired of work? Or Want some relaxation? If yes then stack is the game you must try for once at least. Stack is a puzzle game app made with very simple mechanics, but still, it’s addictive because of the gameplay. You can compete with yourself by making new records and high scores.

    In this game, you are going to control a moving block. Your goal is to stop this moving block exactly on the previous block. You can tap anywhere on the screen to stop your block on any spot.

    If you couldn’t stop your block exactly on the previous one, your brick will start to get smaller and smaller. This game will get more challenging as you progress. You can unlock new patterns by earning Diamonds.

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  9. Duolingo

    DuolingoIf you want to do some productive things in your spare time then nothing is better than Duolingo. It’s a great app if you are looking to learn new languages while sitting at home or traveling.

    You don’t need to spend your entire day learning a new language, just 20 minutes a day is more than enough. It has short lessons which help to speak a new language and learn grammar at ease.

    Choose from a wide range of languages that includes French, Spanish, German, English, and many more. Daily exercises and detailed lessons make this app more engaging and fun. So using this app you can learn new lessons every day while killing your boredom.

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  10. Bottle Flip 3D

    Bottle Flip 3DBottle flip 3D is an exciting arcade fun apps that let you flip a plastic bottle and make new high scores. Jump your bottle or make a double flip and earn new rewards. To do so, you have to tap the screen at the perfect time and make an exact jump.

    In this game you can explore different rooms, it allows you to jump on all sorts of objects like chairs, tables, shelves, sofas, and more. This game is not only fun but also enhances your skills such as helping to develop coordination, train your agility, control distance, and strength of the jump.

    Bottle flip game is filled with interesting levels and different obstacles. In this game, you will be able to make an ideal flip and win new levels.

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  11. iFunFace

    iFunFaceAre you a selfie addict? Want to make fun with your selfies? If yes, then this app is worth trying. iFunFace comes with various fun filters and lets you create hilarious animations of any photo. You can also try photos of your pet and friends to make hilarious animations.

    Using this app you can also make amusing videos and audio recordings. It comes with unique speech analysis technology so you don’t need any special skills to create an animation.

    This application allows the users to create photos and add accessories like hats, glasses, moustaches, etc. You can send your creation to others via social networks and go viral!

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  12. Ant Smasher

    Ant SmasherLast but not the least, ant smasher is one of my favorite fun apps out there. It’s a fun yet addictive game for everyday life. You just need to smash the ants with your fingers to protect your food and snack. This game has no age restrictions. Anyone can play this game and have fun.

    The only rule of this game is you have to smash ants, cockroaches and spiders but you don’t touch the bee. Young players can also play this game as it has special virtual goods. Ant smasher game comes with various features and it has global high score rankings also. Choose from different gaming modes and pass your time.

    Along with fun this game also helps to enhance memory, motor skills, cooperation, and focus. This game is full of excitement, relaxation, and fun.

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