What Does Fruits And Other Emojis Mean On Snapchat

In the modern era, Snapchat is a widely popular app with over 100 million downloads worldwide. Most social networking sites use various acronyms that might be a little difficult to understand in case you are not an active user of the particular platform.

The platform Snapchat has been popularized by mainly the millennial generation.  We cannot dispute that Snapchat has some fantastic features, including personalized, fleeting shots. The use of fruit emojis is one of Snapchat’s numerous secret codes that users are still attempting to decipher.

What Do Emojis Mean On The Snapchat Screen?

On the keyboards of iOS and Android mobile devices, hundreds of emojis are accessible. They include cartoon representations of anything, from tacos to country flags to musicians. But on the Snapchat application, the emoticons you can see beside your friends’ names or in certain people’s stories or usernames might indicate many different things and be challenging to interpret, mainly if you are not an active user.

Snapchat emojis keep tabs on your interactions with your pals on the app. Which emoticons appear in your list of Snapchat chats depends on the number, timing, and pattern of your interactions with Snapchat. For instance, a happy face indicates that the user is one of your most incredible friends, and a heart indicates that the user is your best friend in the entire world.

As for stories and usernames, emojis are uploaded by the users themselves to signify an underlying message. This trend of secret annotation has received a lot of hype nowadays and is being adopted by an increasing number of Snapchat users. It started back in 2016 and again gained the spotlight in 2020. Fruits and vegetables have been used the most.

In brief, the meanings behind the commonly used emoticons are:

  • ?Blueberry is to indicate that you are single.
  • ? Pineapple signifies complexity.
  • By raspberry, you are stating that you are not trying to settle down with just one guy.
  • ? Apple denotes a relationship.
  • ? Cherry indicates that you are currently dating someone.
  • ? Banana denotes marital status.
  • ? Avocado denotes that you are the better partner in the relationship.
  • Finding the wrong one is symbolized by strawberries ?.
  • ? Lemon indicates a desire to be single.
  • Raisin indicates that you desire to wed your existing lover.

What Does Fruit Mean On Snapchat?

People frequently use fruit emojis to express their relationship status. Various relationships are correlated with various fruits. If the individual has chosen to make their relationship status public, the fruit emojis may be seen next to their profile name.

Comparing Snapchat’s relationship status to Facebook or other social media platforms might be a little perplexing. Changing your status on Facebook to either married, single, complex, or leave it blank is pretty simple. Contrarily, since Snapchat is focused on hidden messages, there is no ideal location to change your relationship status.

What Does Fruits Mean On Snapchat

What Does Strawberry Mean On Snapchat?

The strawberry fruit symbol on Snapchat indicates that the user is seeking a date since they haven’t yet discovered the ideal person.

However, using a strawberry does not automatically imply that the user is searching for a date. The strawberry might also represent an ideal date or romance if combined with other emojis like flowers or candles. Additionally, it may represent summer or holidays.

What Does Avocado Mean On Snapchat?

On Snapchat, the avocado emoji denotes someone who believes they are the better part of the relationship.

Relationship status and avocados may or may not be related. Nowadays, most social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, emphasize a healthy lifestyle and living. A common practice is for people to post images or emojis of specific wholesome foods, such as fruits and vegetables, to represent the kind of lifestyle or diet they follow.

As a result, we may conclude that avocado can refer to good eating for a healthy lifestyle and even describe food in general.

What Does Raisin Mean On Snapchat?

The chestnut emoji, sometimes confused with a raisin, indicates that the sender desires marriage. Technically, it denotes that the person is engaged in a fulfilling relationship with plans for a wedding shortly. Using this emoji in posts or tales about food is also possible.

What Does Lemon Mean On Snapchat?

When someone uses the lemon Snapchat emoji, they are trying to state that they intend to remain single.

It may also be used to describe a flavor in a situation involving food and convey a state of mind such as being troubled or having issues in life. It could also be applied to those who don’t treat others with the respect they are due.

Why Are Girls Posting Fruit On Snapchat?

Girls are presumably using fruit emoticons to publicly highlight the status of their relationship and make it more obvious, perhaps as a way to let people know whether they are single or in a committed relationship.

A girl’s Snapchat profile might not always have a fruit icon, but if you can see one, it can indicate a variety of things outside her relationship status.

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But let’s not assume anything about this subject. It is entirely up to the individual what they post on their profiles. It’s possible that many of them aren’t even aware that they are hinting at their relationship status by uploading a fruit.

 They may be unaware of what fruit emojis on Snapchat imply, providing them the advantage of the doubt. Sometimes they may simply attempt to explain a healthy lifestyle and diet or describe how they are feeling at that moment.

How To Use Fruit Emoji On A Snapchat Story?

On an Android or iOS phone, follow these instructions to add a fruit emoji to a Snapchat story:

  • On your smartphone, launch the Snapchat app.
  • Select a photo you wish to put in your article by visiting the Camera page.
  • Click the sticky note symbol that has been highlighted.
  • Select the Smiley emoji by tapping on the rightmost item in the top menu.
  • Navigate to the area titled “Food & Drink.” Choose the emoji that most accurately depicts your relationship status from the fruits and vegetable emoji collection.
  • After you’ve added the emoji to your photo, select Story.
  • Your Snapchat story will now include the selected fruits and veggies as emojis.

How To Use Fruit Emoji On Snapchat Profile?

The best approach to let Snapchat users who haven’t added you to their list of friends yet be aware of your relationship status is to include the fruit emoji on your profile. Your Snapchat Profile name may be altered several times, so you can add a fruit emoji to it. However, your username cannot be changed.

Avoid including a fruit icon in your username when making a new Snapchat account.

Here’s how to utilize a fruit emoji on the user’s Android device’s Snapchat profile:

  • Start Snapchat and touch on your emoticon in the topmost, left-hand corner of the screen.
  • To access Settings, tap the gear symbol in the topmost right-hand corner.
  • To modify your Snapchat Profile name, tap Name.
  • You may upload the chosen emoji and edit the name to suit your preferences.


Emojis are generally a humorous and enjoyable way to interact with people. These little symbols, likely not malicious in any manner, might stand in for various interpersonal situations, emotions, and more. It’s a fun and safe way to express yourself to others or communicate your feelings.

A person need not always be attempting to express their relationship status when they post fruit on Snapchat. He or she has inadvertently uploaded a fruit emoji without understanding what that symbol on Snapchat means or the hidden meaning behind its use.


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