Everything You Need To Know About CQATest App For Android

The CQA Test app stands for “Certified Quality Auditor” App. The software app guarantees high-quality performance skills on an Android handset. Apart from other iPhone apps, the software program of CQATest App must function flawlessly, smoothly, and quietly on mobile. 

The CQA test program, which may suddenly appear on your mobile device, is primarily used to assess the device’s execution. It searches for drawbacks, errors, strengths, and assessing procedures to find the problems (if any). 

Additionally, a lot of mobile app development organizations use this software as a tool of diagnosis for current or upcoming Android devices. The only goal of this application is to improve the overall performance and functionality of the next mobile devices.

Why CQATest Suddenly Appears on my Android Device?

In the case of most devices, the CQATest App is installed right from the beginning. It is always a possibility that you have downloaded this app intentionally or maybe unintentionally. If you have doubts regarding the authenticity of the app, you can definitely ensure its credibility and evaluate all its characteristics before you decide whether you want to let it stay or remove it. 

In some smartphone models, there is a secret diagnostic tool called the CQA test software app. Even if everything on your smartphone is working perfectly, you cannot find this application on the homepage or in your main menu. However, you may quickly download this program by going to the “System” menu and selecting the “Apps” list.

What does the CQATest App do?

In light of everything, the presence of a covert CQA test app on your phone suggests that the person who created it has access to system data. The personal information is not included in this data, though.

The status of the system operation is reported to Android or whatever device you use, on the other hand. Along with other significant data, the device accepts information about the functionality of all the other apps.

Your mobile device’s entire statistics report confirms that each of its components complies with the necessary Android requirements. When the user switches on a new Android device, the “Terms and Services” agreement is where they can find this information.

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Mobile developers typically use CQA test apps to diagnose problems with their products’ functionality. Therefore, the user is mostly kept unaware of this software. Although if the app appears on the primary interface of the device that is currently in use, you must carefully study that part.

The CQA test app is primarily used for checking how well all of the mobile device’s external parts, including the loudspeaker, torch, microphone as well as touch screen functions (if any). The use of this app, however, could have an adverse effect on the speed and performance of the Motorola smartphone. Additionally, you can experience problems with your Motorola device’s ability to do the following: battery indicator not appearing on screen, sim card access issues.


How to use CQATest App on your phone

The CQATest Android App is designed to function independently without any manual input from the user. However, you can access the app using the phone dialler. In order to open the app directly, all you need to do is type “ *#*#4636#*#* “. You can even dial “ *#*#2486#*#* “ to activate CQATest. Based on the version of Android that you possess, you will be provided with four different testing features that are all listed in the app’s default menu.

You will be able to run tests depending on your wish and then be presented with a report after completion. The report that is given by the CQATest App contains details about hardware issues if there is some problem. But, it is important to remember that this app might not be responsible for manual runs. The reason behind this is that only developers can access the app, not users.

How to uninstall CQATest Android App?

Typically, when the CQA app behaves poorly, an error message stating “CQA test comm.server has started” will be displayed. The CQA exam app’s results will also show up in your smartphone’s main menu. Thus, uninstalling the app is the best way to rid yourself of all inconveniences.

  1. Clear Cache and App Data

    Clearing app cache is similar to freshly installing an application. In order to get rid of an app’s behavioral issues, this method is quite helpful.

    • Open the “Settings” menu on your Android device.
    • Click on the “All Apps” option.
    • If you cannot locate the CAQTest App in the list of applications, search for it separately and tap on it.
    • You will see an option labeled “Clear Cache and Data” Select it.
    • Your app cache will now be removed from your device.
  2. Disable or Force Stop the app

    If your CAQTest app is misbehaving, force-stopping the application may resolve the issue.

    • On your Android device, open the “Settings” app.
    • Scroll down and select the “Apps” option.
    • On the top of the screen, you will be able to view the dots. Click on the dots. A drop-down menu will appear. Choose the option labeled “Show System Processes“.
    • A list of all functioning apps will be displayed on your screen. From there, choose “CQATest app” and then click on the “Force Stop” option.

    The app will now be stopped from running on your device.

  3. Resetting your Android device

    If all other methods are incapable of uninstalling the CQATest app, resetting your device is your ultimate option.

    • Factory Reset

      A factory reset will revert your Android device back to how it was when it was first released from the factory. No storage data from the internal memory will be harmed by this method but rather restores the original format of the software.

      • Visit the Settings menu of your phone.
      • Next, select the option that says “Backup and reset“.
      • Lastly, choose the “Factory Data Reset” option. Follow the guidelines as instructed by your Android device.

      Your phone will now be functioning as a completely new device.

    • Hard reset

      This easy and convenient procedure will delete all data regarding both your hardware as well as your software. The bootloader menu enables you to carry on with this method.

      • Switch off your smartphone.
      • Simultaneously, long press the “Power” button and the “Volume Down” button. This will result in your phone booting.
      • You can scroll down the menu by pressing the volume down button and make a selection using the Power button. Next, choose “Recovery”.
      • Select “Factory reset” by pressing the Power button.
      • A confirmation message will pop up. Select “Yes- delete All User Data” option.
      • Lastly, select “Reboot System Now“.

      Once your device boot is complete, all data regarding the CQATest App will be erased.

What are the problems faced by users while using the CQATest App?

Android users have made various complaints regarding performance issues and misbehavior from the CQATest App. 

  • There are changes made in the user preferences of Android Settings.
  • Slow speed or complete shutdown of messaging services.
  • Automatic muting of notifications and other related issues.
  • Factory Reset stops functioning.
  • Few apps may show issues in responding.


Is CQATest a virus?

No, this app is not malicious. Although it can cause misbehavior and some other abnormal activities that are inconvenient for the user. However, it does not contain any viruses, Trojans or other malware.

Does the CQATest App dangerous?

There is no potential harm in keeping this app on your Android device. This app is not malicious software. Thus, there are no threats to your phone security. However, if the app is acting up on its own, there are no other options but to uninstall it.

Can I force stop the CQA Test to End?

Yes, the application can be force stopped. In fact, if there are any behavioral issues that are being displayed, it is advisable to forcefully stop them.

Should you remove CQATest App?

Removing the CQATest App is not actually advisable to remove the app. However, if there are behavioral troubles being displayed, you have no other option but to opt for removal.

Is the CQATest app safe to install?

The application is safe to use on your mobile device, no. It must, however, be running in the background of your device, indicating that your phone is operating normally. There must be a bug in some aspect or feature of your device if it happens to show up in your application gallery.

Final thoughts

Developers testing software applications, such as the CQAtest app, may occasionally or infrequently exhibit aberrant behavior, upsetting users. You might also encounter this problem with other Android devices.


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