Top 10 CAD Drawing Apps For Android And iOS

Thanks to the development in technology it became easier to design and create in no time. The CAD program has become one of the most useful and effective ways to create drawings with outstanding tools. Also, it is one of the most helpful tools for construction designers, architecture, engineering, and others who invest their time creating mechanical and industrial projects.

The only disadvantage of CAD is that it is only available on your computer. But luckily now there are thousands of apps available on the internet that offer CAD drawing platforms on your mobile devices. These apps will help you to create complicated CAD drawings in no time with cool features.

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In this article, I have listed the top 10 CAD drawing apps that allow you to draw or view 2D and 3D CAD models on your mobile phone. All of these apps offer useful features such as you can easily switch into 2D and 3D visuals in seconds or collaborate with your team through the app.

CAD Drawing App

Top 10 CAD Drawing Apps For Android And iOS

  1. DWG FastView

    DWG FastViewLet’s start the best CAD application list with one of the most popular apps called DWG FastView-CAD viewer & editor. It has all the functions and features you might require while editing, converting, or viewing any CAD file. This CAD drawing app offers fast and accurate access to your drawings in no time.

    This CAD drawing app comes with a built-in powerful and easy-to-use tool that surely would help to create CAD drawings of multiple difficulty levels. This app allows the user to easily access copying, coloring, scaling, rotating, recording management data, and even managing the layers.

    The DWG FastView-CAD Viewer & Editor app is compatible with DXF, DWG and comes with a various CAD drawing features such as measuring, viewing, editing and others. It is a great app that lets you do your CAD word on the go.

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  2. AutoCAD

    AutoCADAnother best CAD drawing apps downloaded by thousands of users across the globe. AutoCAD offers advanced tools that will make it easier to create a project without any difficulty. It comes with keypad input and object snap that allows you to edit and draw shapes with a few clicks. It has features that make it possible to get fully accurate results.

    This CAD app offers DWD editing and viewing tools and features. You can easily use drafting and drawing tools to create CAD files on your mobile device. Besides, the AutoCAD app comes with a paid version that offers premium editing, drafting, and drawing tools.

    Overall, this is a great CAD app for mobile that enables you to extend your workflow across various platforms and easily access data from your web browser, desktop, and mobile device.

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  3. GnaCAD

    GnaCADGnaCAD is a perfect software for those looking for a CAD viewer and drawing app. This is one of the simplest apps in this list that comes with advanced tools to edit projects. This extraordinary app supports DXF and DWG files from your device storage, google drive, or email.

    Moreover, it offers angle, area, distance, measurement, and coordinates to give accurate results. You can also install shapefiles and custom fonts or you can add notes and comments to your projects within this app.

    The key features of this app include no size limits for viewing files. This app enables you to open the drawings from your device’s memory card. Best of all, it doesn’t require registration and internet connection or working with drawings.

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  4. CAD Pockets

    CAD PocketsCAD pockets is one of the best CAD drawing apps with multi-functional design. It is developed by ZWCAD Software for Android and iOS users. This CAD software app is suitable for engineers, architects, and designers. With this app, you can easily edit, view, markup, export, and share DWG, DWF, to DXF files.

    Further, It is a handy app that allows you to carry 1000 drawing files in your pocket. It has features to help you collaborate where you can communicate and edit your drawing with your team anytime and anywhere.

    Along with that, CAD pockets come with a variety of editing tools including edit text, align, mirror, arc, rectangle, line block attributes and others. You can also use measuring tools and drawing tools to improve your work efficiency.

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  5. BIMx

    BIMxYet another popular CAD drawing app that lets you visualize, explore and collaborate on different architectural designs and projects on the go. BIMx app is designed by Graphisoft to offer you a 3D model view on your mobile phone. It comes with an interactive interface to make collaboration easier through your phone.

    Along with that BIMx is an award-winning app used by millions of people for making architectural design projects on the go. The best thing about this app is to offers a BIM hyper model which is great for non-design professionals. With this feature, you can easily understand and explore the building model.

    If you are looking for a software app that allows you to create 2D or 3D building maps then you must try the BIMx app.

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  6. CAD Assistant

    CAD AssistantThis is a CAD assistant app offered by open cascade as a converter and offline viewer for mesh and 3D CAD models. You can use this CAD app for commercial as well as personal use. With this app, you can view any CAD files and convert CAD models with several basic features. You can also use this app to create animation on your Android or iOS device.

    Along with that, this application offers 3D manipulation through the finger gesture which means you can select, zoom, fit or rotate the screen with your fingers. CAD assistant allows you to view the mesh in wireframe, shaded, and shrink view.

    This CAD software supports a variety of mesh formats including OBJ, JT, glTF, STL and PLY. It also supports multiple file formats like IGES, STEP, and STL. All in all, it is great CAD software to view and convert your 3D mesh and CAD models offline on your smartphone.

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  7. CAD 3D Modeling

    CAD 3D ModelingNext, is mozongsoft’s software called CAD 3D modeling app that is developed for beginners to intermediates. This is an easy-to-use CAD drawing apps and can be learned in just a few days. It is inspired by one of the popular CAD software apps named CAD assistant.

    Through this application, you can easily sketch, draw, print right, paint, design on your Android or iOS mobile phone. CAD 3D modelling app is not just a 3D model viewer, it comes with dozens of advanced modelling tools to create and modify CAD models.

    This app is suitable for art design, 3D printing, jewellery design, conception design, mechanical design, architectural design and educational purposes. Further, it has keypad input and object snap features that enables you to edit and draw geometry shapes with few touches.

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  8. Onshape

    OnshapeNext is Onshape, a modern-age CAD drawing app that lets you create excellent assemblies and design repositories. With this software, you can seamlessly create surface and complex solid models just from your browser. The best thing about this software is that it offers a web-based platform hence it instantly saves all actions to your cloud and provides safeguards to data loss.

    With Onshape you can create drawings with ease of access thus you can quickly edit, create and view files from any mobile device or computer. It also offers parametric CAD features that allow you to capture complex motion and create mechanical assemblies.

    The developer adds new features every week so that you could use the latest features to create the best CAD files.

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  9. A360

    A360A360 is a CAD drawing app developed by Autodesk that lets you trace your project easily from anywhere. You can trace your offline or online projects in seconds with this app. This app allows you to access your CAD projects anywhere and anytime on the go with cool functions and features.

    Features of this app are specifically designed for engineers, architects, and designers so that they can collaborate and view 2D and 3D CAD files easily. The best part about this app is that it supports over 100 CAD file-formats including AutoCAD, Inventor, DWF, and additional files as well.

    What’s more? You can view and upload any files from any software and stay up to date with your CAD projects.

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  10. Glovius

    GloviusGlovius allows you to measure, analyze, export, sections and collaborate without any hassle. This amazing CAD software app enables you to view 3D CAD files with a wide range of features. With this app, you can view assemblies and 3D parts from popular CAD formats.

    You can also use this app to analyze CAD components, collaborate with your team, or run reports. This app comes with a great artificial intelligence app option to create 3D and 2D drawings. Glovius is a great companion app for Glovius for windows and Glovius Cloud.

    This software offers various key features that make your CAD work easier such as you can view the 3D CAD files saved in Glovius cloud or Dropbox. It allows you to open large assemblies and parts in just a few seconds. You can pan, roll, zoom, rotate 3D models with few touches.

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