Top 10 Brain Game Apps For Android And iOS

Do you want to boost your productivity by just sitting at your place? Well, most of us spend lots of time on social media to entertain our minds and brain. But what if I tell you that you can have fun as well as boost your cognitive skills at the time.

There are Mobile phone apps that can help you to improve your memory and intelligence. You can play brain game apps to train your brain and learn new skills in a fun way. In this article, you will learn about the top 10 brain game apps for Android and iOS.

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You can play the best brain game to exercise your brain every day. These games are designed by experts to provide you with brain training on your smartphone.

Whether it’s to focus at work, complete your homework, office work, or others, you just need to boost your brainpower. Brain game apps help you to boost brainpower. There are a great number of brain game apps available for android and iOS. You can simply check this article and get the top 10 most popular from them. These apps are available for both android and iOS devices.

Brain Game Apps

Best 10 Brain Game Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Lumosity

    LumosityLumosity offers different games that help to train your memory. It has a great cognitive training program that provides interactive and fun ways to train your brain. This cognitive program employs games that are designed to boost your memory, flexibility, speed, and problem-solving skills.

    This game has been downloaded by more than 100 million users. You can begin with a short 10-minute trial that allows you to see your performance and you can compare it to other peers and you can also set your baseline scores. It comes with an amazing artificial intelligence app option where you will be able to play unlimited games with your friends.

    The free pack allows you to play 3 games in a day, you just need to make your account in the game. With lumosity, you can test your brain by playing memory games, speed games, word games, problem-solving games, and maths games.

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  2. Elevate

    ElevateAnother great brain training app that helps improve your mind skills with a huge variety of maths, memory, and word puzzles. The developer says this game is designed to improve speaking skills, attention, memory skills, processing speed, and many more.

    The best thing about elevate is that it provides personalized training programs to each user that could help to maximize results over time. The more time you spend on this brain training app the more it improves your critical cognitive skills.

    It has millions of users that have reported improved vocabulary and maths skills after using it frequently. Just sign up for an account and you can play a free trial for 7 days.

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  3. Peak

    PeakAnother brain training game comes with a variety of games. Peak is one of the highly-rated brain game apps and also has won the app of the year award by the apple store and play store. You can play free brain games in the basic version of this app.

    If you want to challenge your cognitive abilities, peak games can be your right option. It has short to intense workouts that are designed to push you hard in your daily life. With Peak games, you can test your memory, focus, mental agility, problem-solving, and many more.

    You just need to spend 10 minutes to complete your daily brain training workout. Apart from that, it features 45 brain games for adults and new fun challenges daily.

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  4. NeuroNation

    NeuroNationNeuroNation is an all-around game that helps improve weaker memory or dwindling concentration in just 15 minutes. You just need to play this training game daily and you could notice changes in your brain. This scientific brain training game has 17 million worldwide users.

    In the initial stage, you have to take a brain test to check your learning skills and score. Along with that, it has 27 different brain exercises and more than 270 levels to challenge your brain.

    NeuroNation offers features that allow you to make a custom schedule and you will get notified when it’s time to train your mind.

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  5. CleverMe

    CleverMeTrain your brain with a huge variety of memory games and brain teasers. CleverMe is a brain training game app for adults, specially designed to improve your maths, memory, language, speed, attention, and problem-solving skills. You can also use it as two player game app to play games with your friend and family.

    It has puzzles and smart games that train your brain and a personalized course that offers daily exercises as per your needs. You can also track your performance interestingly as it has features like an inbuilt calendar, ranking, graphs, and daily tasks.

    It has various difficulty levels for better engagement and gradual growth. You can use this app on both Android and iOS devices.

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  6. MentalUP

    MentalUPNot only for adults we have brain games for kids also. MentalUP is designed for kids, it has educational learning games that give you an online learning experience on your device. This brain game app is recommended by teachers to boost children’s cognitive skills and develop intelligence with its brain teaser games.

    It has a variety of games for toddlers, kids, preschoolers, and kindergartners. MentalUP is developed by scientists and academicians. It has brain puzzle game app option that help boost the brainpower of your child in a fun way.

    Furthermore, it offers more than 120 brain exercises that target 5 core cognitive skills. To increase your child’s learning skills in just 20 minutes a day.

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  7. Logic Wiz sudoku

    Logic Wiz SudokuOne more fun brain training game that offers to play sixteen different variations of sudoku. This sudoku app allows you to play thousands of handcrafted boards ranging from beginner levels to extremely difficult boards. You can get multiple variations in just a single puzzle.

    Logic wiz sudoku has great features that bring your sudoku experience to a different level. You can challenge your brain with its different sets of variants in each board game. The developers add new board variants and puzzles frequently.

    You can set your degree of difficulty and test your mind. Begin with easy games to learn the rules and then make it tougher. Any age group can play mind games to improve their cognitive skills.

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  8. Einstein’s Riddle

    Einstein's RiddleChallenge your brain with another great puzzle-solving game. Use clues and solve difficult logic puzzles and improve your brain. It provides a good workout for your brain and helps improve your problem-solving skills.

    The gameplay is simple, you just need to use given clues and place the items in the right position. The best thing about this brain game app is it has 5000 plus puzzles divided into multiple difficulty levels so that you would never get bored.

    Save your game in the cloud and play into intervals. This game is free and offers ad support, but you can subscribe to the pro version to remove ads.

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  9. Scrabble Go

    Scrabble GOYou must have played scrabble games before, scrabble Go is a word game that comes with a modern twist in the original game. You can play multiple crossword games in this app. To give you an authentic crossword gaming experience it has Scrabble word dictionaries, an official board, and tiles.

    The new version of the classic game offers a lot of features that allow you to explore different game modes. Although it is not primarily built like a brain training game, it still has a great interface that allows users to improve vocabulary. You can test your concentration along with having fun crossword gaming on this crossword app.

    You can also connect with your Facebook friends and challenge them. Play against strangers online or on the computer. You can download Scrabble go on both iOS and Android devices.

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  10. Left vs Right

    L vs RLeft vs right is a fun brain game designed to test adaptability, awareness, precision, reflex, and patience. Though it is not as popular as other games in this list, in terms of performance it is worth trying. It has over 40 brain games divided into different categories.

    It has a free and VIP version, the free version allows you to play games every day from 3 different categories. The paid subscription users can play all the games and also view their progress. You can try pro features for 1 day by watching video ads.

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