Best 10 Blood Pressure Apps For Android And iOS

Technology is present in almost all areas of our life, including health, whether we are patients or professionals. Some doctors have already decided to prescribe health applications and it is a matter of time before it is usual in the pharmacy to recommend programs, health applications, or technologies aimed at self-health care to their patients. This is the best time to review Top applications that help keep blood pressure at bay. In this article we are listing best 10 blood pressure apps for android and iOS users.

In this time all of us afraid and don’t want to go any where. If you have any health problem then you must have first aid kit at your home. There are some basic and important health tools which is available to doctors as BP monitor, sugar monitor, oximeter and others. Now in this technology era it is possible that we can use these tools on our smartphone. If you wants to measure your blood pressure then you can simply use blood pressure apps on your smartphone.

Blood Pressure Apps

Best 10 Blood Pressure Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Blood Pressure(BP) Diary

    Blood Pressure(BP) DiaryThis blood pressure apps allows you to record and control blood pressure, pulse, and other variables, define custom ranges, analyze changes in blood pressure with graphs and statistics, record blood pressure profiles of various people, prepare reports with comparison graphs and send them by email. To view the history of the blood pressure record, it can be done in a table or summary and add graphs and diagrams. Reports that can be personalized together with the doctor to collaborate in the control of this disease.

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  2. Calm

    CalmAs its name suggests, Calm is perfect blood pressure apps that offers meditations that, in this case, have the objective of relaxing the mind and getting the user to disconnect from all the external “noise”. Reduce stress, disconnect the mind, sleep better, increase psychological well-being, prevent anxiety, and helps you to control your blood pressure. These are the main benefits offered by this application that is available in both Android & IOS and that, although it has a one-week free version, and then it works per monthly subscription. In one of the most recent updates, the app now includes a set of mindfulness songs to help you relax when you need it.

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  3. Instant Heart Rate

    Instant Heart RateInstant Heart Rate is one of the most popular heart rate monitoring apps that is available for iOS and Android. The Instant Heart Rate app is an Azumizo invention and is best known for its user interface and simple handling. You can also add voice tags or details to each measurement that will give you a clear idea of when the measurement was taken, such as during exercise, after waking up, etc. Instant Heart Rate consists of a zone calculator, notification sessions, and provides clear instructions. You can save all previous measurements in CSV format and save them to your Azumizo account for future reference.

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  4. Sleep cycle

    Sleep CycleSleep Cycle is a simple but very powerful application. You just have to indicate the time you want to wake up and then you must place the mobile near you, in your room. During this time, the application monitors your sleep using the accelerometer and microphone to analyze it in the night. It will wake you up in the lightest phase of your sleep, just before the main alarm goes off. The data that the application collects from your rest is captured in a graph in which you can see your sleep phases throughout the night.

    It also gives you other data such as the quality of sleep you had and the average time you usually use to sleep. The free version of Sleep Cycle allows you to change basic options such as vibration, sounds, and the phase in which it should activate. The Premium version, on the other hand, has numerous options such as online backups, notes about sleep, control of your mood when waking up, and integration with Philips hue devices for lighting control.

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  5. Pacer

    PacerWith the Pacer pedometer app: Pedometer & Calorie Counter, the name says it all. The app tells you how many steps you’ve taken and your current walk average. You can also indicate your current weight and goals with this visually appealing app. In addition, the app wants to know your progress over the past weeks and months. You can also sync Pacer with the MyFitnessPal app, so the steps you take are directly added to your calorie count. This wide range of parameters is what makes this pedometer app special. Users can quickly enter their data and easily set new goals or exchange information with other app users.

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  6. PulsePoint Respond

    PulsePointPulse point app is connected with the U.S. emergency number 911, thus it immediately warns the user about any emergency taking place around their surroundings or in their community. Their goal is to create an informed and alert community. They engage the residents of the community into a “Culture of Action” which drives in improving the Chain of Survival for cardiac arrest victims. The app is not limited to cardiac arrest notifications but also warns the users about the various natural as well as artificial emergencies like floods or utility emergencies.

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  7. Omron Connect

    OMRON connectOmron connect is a fantastic blood pressure app which helps the user to transfer their data from personnel measuring devices like blood pressure machine. The device needs to be compatible with Omron connect after which one can easily transfer measured data from it and stored it in their smartphones. The not only helps the user to store the data but also helps them to analyze their progress by organizing and displaying the data in the form of graphs.

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  8. BP Passport: Free blood pressure + diabetes chart

    BP PassportAs your passport carries the information of your travel the BP passport contains the variation in your blood pressure. It is another great blood pressure apps which is truly free as there are no Ads present inside it. It has a very simple User interface with the simple goal to help its user record their blood pressure and convert it into charts. Not only Blood Pressure the app can also record blood sugar and help diabetic persons in controlling it. The app doesn’t require any login. It comes with iCloud integration and helps the user to sync their data on the cloud. Lastly, it also has a medicine reminder for all those adults who forget to eat their medicines on time.

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  9. Withings Health Mate

    Withings Health MateWithings Health Mate is a one-of-a-kind health app that comes with various interactive tools that help you track your vitals. It can track your weights, sports activities, sleep cycle. Not only this, but the app also helps you to reduce stress and avoid any cardiovascular diseases. Withings Health Mate does everything with perfection.

    It tracks your vital and displays them in such a way that is easy to understand. The results show the normality ranges & give color-coded feedbacks. It also allows you to share the data in PDF form with your doctors which really deals with the hassle of maintaining the complete records. It is truly your health mate as it integrates with many of your other favorite health tracking devices such as Google fit, Run keeper, etc.

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  10. Qardio

    Qardio heart healthQardio equivalent to Cardio i.e. helps you maintain your health by tracking your blood pressure and weight variations. It allows the user to track their health and maintain a sophisticated journal. This blood pressure apps integrates with other fitness apps like Google Fit, Samsung Health and syncs their data. Which not only safe the user from the hassle to manually enter the data but also helps the app to create better and accurate insights. One can also share the reports with their health practician. The cherry on the top is that the app is completely free.

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Although these health apps help patients to get involved in self-health care and are very useful. It is important to share the data with health professionals who will help them interpret them and improve their health and quality of life.


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