15 Best Plex Alternatives For Media Streaming

Plex is the best resource for movies and television shows. Users adore Plex for its free version, premium offerings, ease of use, and straightforward user interface. Using Plex, you can search and view all the content that seems important to you in one location. You may experience everything in one app, including tailored media, streaming and on-demand movies, national broadcasts, shows, and music. The finest Plex replacement is Vidics. Discover 15 additional Plex options, such as DownSub, DivxCrawler, and Kodi.

With an aesthetically pleasing user interface that offers immediate access to your media, Plex, according to its introduction, bridges the gap between your PC and your home theatre. Plex, a prominent media player in the film and picture category, can play a variety of video, audio, and picture genres as well as internet streaming music and video. For a range of operating systems, spanning Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iPhone, there are more than 50 Plex substitutes. Embry’s is the finest substitute, and it’s free. 

Plex has done an outstanding job managing your entertainment files, more than anything else. Everything is set up so that you can easily find what you need. Apart from that, this platform has a simple and user-friendly UI design. Anyone can utilize this platform because no prior knowledge of a certain talent is required. It also implies that the Plex substitute must initially be able to provide comparable characteristics. The platform should allow you to cast your media content to a TV, particularly smart TVs, and allow you to stream it.

Another top priority should be the capacity for streaming video. Some solutions, like Netflix and YouTube, might provide more selection and a larger range of options. However, you should have a look at the items on the list below if you like something distinctive and straightforward without providing broadcasting links like those two. Choosing the ideal one could seem a little intimidating with so many alternatives available. The handpicked list of apps that provide functions that are comparable to those of Plex is provided below.

15 Best Plex Alternatives For Media Streaming

  1. Emby

    One of the best Plex substitutes that you can use is Emby, which is simple to set up. Whether you choose the free edition or pay for a subscription, the features of this platform vary. You get all of the essential features of a media server with the free version. You can install an Emby playback client on a PC, Roku, Apple, Samsung, or LG smart TV to view your media material. As long as these devices are connected to a certain connection as your file server, you may save all of your personal file formats on one host device. Additionally, you can implement parental controls, a capability that Plex exclusively makes available to premium Plex Pass holders.

    Try Emby Premiere, which costs $4.99 per month, $54 annually, or $119 for a lifelong pass, if you want additional features than those listed above. You won’t be able to view your own video content only on your computer and smart TVs with this service, but you’ll also be able to stream it on iOS, Linux, Android, Fire TV, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles. You also get offline viewing, cloud syncing, and a cinematic style that overlays teasers and personalized intros to whatever you’re watching. Emby

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  2. Media Portal

    Speaking of available alternatives to Plex, you ought to look into Media Portal as well. You will first enjoy the things that this platform has to offer. It functions as a flexible platform for organizing your collections. Doing so allows you to access all of your favorite materials without having to deal with a mess first.

    When it comes to handling different media formats, Media Portal excels. As a result, this application will benefit you in numerous aspects, particularly if you only need a centralized location to access your entertainment on all your devices. Access to this platform is possible on Windows and Android. You can access Media Portal through a browser if you have a different operating system.

    Media Portal

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  3. TVersity

    A Plex substitute called TVersity works with various gadgets, including iOS, Android, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Chromecast. Three different versions are available: the lite version, Screen Server, and Media Server.

    You can view your file formats from your server using the free version, but only a few devices, including smartphones, Chrome, Roku, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4, are fully supported. This implies that not all of your material will be streamable on these devices. However, since a Media Server License enables encoding of most of your files, you will have complete support for these devices. Any media streaming on your PC screen may be mirrored to TVs and mobile devices with a Screen Server License.

    In addition to supporting many sensors, TVersity makes monitoring your media collection considerably simpler by automatically detecting and indexing modifications in your music files. You may quickly look for media files using the platform’s extensive search features.


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  4. Jellyfin

    In general, it can be tricky to identify a cheap Plex replacement that has sophisticated functionality. Some free alternatives have outdated user interfaces and simple features. However, before committing to expensive services, you can still sample the free trial.

    Another piece of software you have to consider, especially if you’re trying to find one that works with virtually every modern operating system. This software is free to use and offers live TV, movies, and music access.

    Since this application is GNU GPL-licensed, there are absolutely no hidden fees. You should download this app to see that a free system can offer so many useful functions and an appealing user interface.


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  5. Stremio

    Another of the best Plex-like iOS apps available is called Stremio. In addition to Apple devices, it is also freely accessible on Android. This platform not only arranges content nicely but also organizes other online streaming like Prime Video, Netflix, and many others.

    Any technology is not always a cost-free choice. However, this software has a more reasonable cost structure when compared to the other brands on the list. Almost every operating system can easily access this program.

    Even if memberships are required, you can use your cellphone to access the free services by installing the app from the Google Playstore or Android Market. Overall, Stremio is a valuable entertainment hub in several ways.


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  6. KODI

    There aren’t many Firestick apps like Plex on the market. But KODI can fulfill everyone’s needs without ever imposing any restrictions on the gadget. You can use this platform, an open-source media center, on nearly any device. This software may be the best option if you’re looking for a convenient desktop or home theatre option.

    By utilizing KODI, you can browse your media material and keep everything organized in one location while enjoying its appealing UI. This platform serves as a one-stop shop and has a fantastic media center feature. Almost any music and video format can be played with ease. You can buy an insert via the website if you’d prefer something more customized. While KODI works with Windows, Linux, Mac, Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire TV, additional platforms include them.


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  7. Universal Media Server

    There aren’t really a lot of choices on the market for programs like Plex for Roku. However, one of the best systems you ought to look at is the Universal Media Server. Even though this program only works with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, you may easily link it to a Roku device. Since 2012, this platform has become one of the earliest apps available. Being in business for just a year is evidence of how much users adore this platform.

    The best aspect would be that users could use the features without paying anything! However, a lot of people complained that the UI was rather unattractive, boring, and out-of-date. Even so, you should test this site out as it is free.

    Universal Media Server

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  8. Serviio

    Another of the finest brand names available is Serviio. Using this platform, you may have all your entertainment files grouped in one location. Using this program, you may stream different media assets, including videos, music, and photos, just like with Plex. Once your devices are connected, you can view those documents on gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, TVs, and cellphones.

    One of its fascinating features is the ability to use AI systems to stream the information you desire. Serviio is a great value-for-money option in addition to offering exceptional features. You can view your material at any time by subscribing to the paid version. It costs $25 to purchase Serviio for Windows, Mac, Linux, and NAS. Serviio is a lifetime subscription accessible for USD 25 on Windows, Mac, Linux, and NAS.


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  9. Streama

    One of the similar apps to Plex you can purchase on the market is Streama, which produces top-notch results. The user interface is comparable to well-known streaming services like Netflix. You can easily explore and enjoy your albums using this platform. Besides that, every file is neatly arranged according to its type.

    Your independence is increased by using this software. The “Episode Browser” option is one of this app’s most intriguing features. You can keep track of your history of episode-based television series watching in this place. In conclusion, Streama is a superb option for people who seek effortless access to libraries of digital entertainment on their desktops. Additionally, you can use your Android phone to access this app.


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  10. Mezzmo

    Mezzmo was first exclusively available as a premium piece of Windows software. These days, you can use the platform’s features for nothing; premium options are also offered. Another Plex substitute that offers both a free as well as a professional version is Mezzmo. Already, the starter edition is quite beneficial. All common audio, image, and multimedia file formats, including audio files, FLAC, and M4A for music, Jpeg, BMP, and PNG for photos, and Mpeg, MKV, and AVI for videos, are all streamable with this version. You can choose the language for the subtitles that will automatically stream whenever users watch films or television programs. Additionally, you have exposure to material ratings, so you can determine whether something is appropriate for a specific audience.

    Mezzmo Pro is required if you would like more features. One can broadcast anywhere other than your home network when using Mezzmo’s Pro edition, which also gives you access to its web interface. Based on content ratings, users can indeed set privacy controls. Additionally, the Pro edition supports auto-sync, file export, and file sharing.


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  11. OSMC

    You should go to OSMC if you prefer open-sourced applications. This platform creates a visually appealing yet contemporary UI design. You can use Open Source Media Center, sometimes known as OSMC, as a Plex substitute. OSMC is a free media server. It performs all of Plex’s fundamental functions, including storing your media files, classifying and organizing them, adding banners and album art to songs, films, and TV series, and centralizing your material to access it from any location. With OSMC, you can save and access almost all popular media types from virtually any device, significantly improving the convenience of your streaming experience.

    The OSMC interface is simple to use and straightforward. To make OSMC the media server that best suits your needs, it offers its own play store and a range of customization possibilities. Additionally, the OSMC development team releases updates each month, so you can be certain that bugs are routinely resolved for higher streaming quality.


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  12. J-River Media Center

    Even though it lacks a free version, JRiver Media Center is a reasonably priced Plex substitute. Only $59.98 is required to get a single license for any operating system. However, suppose you have several devices with various operating systems. In that case, you can purchase a master license for just $79.98, which is still significantly less than that of the lifelong Plex Pass membership, which costs $119.99.

    JRiver offers more features than a conventional media server. Regardless of whether they are pictures, YouTube clips, or music recordings, it stores and elegantly organizes the whole of your content. It is driven by technological connectivity and a user-friendly UI is among its characteristics. Additionally, this media server is quite customizable. To customize your server, you can add skins and change the UI. Additionally, a constructed authoring tool makes it considerably simpler to customize your media server. Additionally, JRiver supports DLNA, enabling users to stream their entertainment to a variety of devices such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

    J-River Media Center

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  13. MediaGoblin

    Plex may have arrived and given its consumers a tonne of beneficial features. However, MediaGoblin is a good option if you’re looking for alternatives to Plex that provide more exciting features.

    Using this platform, you may simply exchange documents and other recreational items between devices. It can open practically any file, including ASCII art and audio files. Although there are many things one can exchange and keep on this site, the user interface is simple and appealing.

    MediaGoblin is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating platforms and some file types. Before choosing an application in the very first place, you must give it a whirl.


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  14. Subsonic

    A Plex substitute that supports both audio and video file types is Subsonic. It features a lite option and a premium version, similar to Plex. The paid version is considerably less expensive; a Subsonic Premium membership costs just $1 per month compared to a Plex Pass’s $4.99 monthly fee.

    You can only save and access music files in the MP3, OGG, AAC, and uncompressed formats with a basic Subsonic account. Each of the music files’ metadata is retrieved by Subsonic. In this manner, they are shown alongside their corresponding cover art and are simple to filter by composer, category, or launch date. Additionally, you may create playlists, store your favorite songs, albums, or artists, and distribute these with certain other Subsonic users.

    Video streaming and compatibility for a larger selection of devices, such as Android and iOS smartphones, are included in the premium features. You can access your material on one private server address without advertising with a premium subscription. You can stream to Sonos, Chromecast, and other DLNA and UPnP-capable devices.


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  15. Infuse

    Infuse may be what you’re looking for if you only require a media server for your favorite television shows, motion pictures, or personal videos. This Plex substitute organizes and synchronizes all of your content, allows you to watch from anywhere, and automatically gets all of your personal audio files’ metadata.

    There are some cool features in the free edition. All of your movies and TV series may be streamed in 4K or Ultra-HD, and you can also install translations for such video streams. Using iOS, you can move files between devices without wires by using drag and drop via Airstrike, Sftp, or any web browser. Your videos will be moved quickly. For a better viewing experience, you may also create personalized mixes for your films, television programs, and home videos. You always get native Plex access, parental control access, and UPnP and DLNA support with the free version.

    Consider upgrading to Infuse Pro if you believe those features are insufficient. This version adds to the demand for higher vocals and supports more video formats. Using Google Cast or AirPlay, you can also broadcast video material with a sound system and subtitles to larger screens using Infuse Pro. Additionally, you can stream directly from cloud storage providers like Google Drive and Dropbox, sync your devices automatically, and access all upcoming Infuse updates.


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Talking about entertainment centers, there are several possibilities. Additionally, it implies that you can select one of the brand names already in the marketplace that best suits your taste. Even though the fundamentals are the same across all platforms, some features may vary.

Because of this, you ought to carefully weigh all of your options before making a decision. After reading the brief reviews above, you may already have an idea of a system that would meet your needs. Before subscribing to its premium version, ensure your option is the best and take advantage of its free trial.


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