Top 10 Best Open Source Firebase Alternatives

    Firebase is an ideal platform for app developers, it is designed to build and run successful apps for both mobile and web. Through this platform, you can build and improve app quality and grow applications for iOS, Android and the web. By using this app you can build your apps faster, monitor them and engage the application users.

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    Firebase allows the users to produce web applications without writing the server-side programming code, attracting developers to use this platform. Also, this technology comes with a range of powerful and effective tools to help developers kick start the app-building process.

    Why You Need a Firebase Alternative

    Firebase is an excellent Baas platform that Google operates. It comes with great tools and features that are free to use. Through this website, you can build, release and monitor and even engage in a single platform. The best thing about Firebase is that it is designed to scale along with your applications once your user base grows. You don’t need to change a line of code even if you scale from one user to thousands of users.

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    Although some limitations may create difficulty in the development process, Firebase can only work with  NoSQL databases, which makes it complicated for developers to enforce the connection between input and items. And sometimes, they have to deal with various perplexing queries while working with big JSON files.

    Firebase doesn’t provide a free trial for all of its products. If you are a new application developer can start using this platform for free but you may have to pay for cloud functions, IaaS functionalities, and custom model deployment.

    Reason to Consider an Open Source Firebase Alternative

    Why should you consider using an open-source Firebase alternative? The reason why agencies and developers are switching to an open-source alternative is that it comes with more advantages as compared to a proprietary one. So here are some of the reasons why you should try using an open-source solution for your projects.

    • Open source solutions offer a minimal fee to start working on it. Also, it offers free-to-download tools as they are publicly accessible software.
    • It has no vendor lock-in features that allow developers to migrate their projects conveniently from one service provider to another.
    • The open source solutions provide community support so you can share your projects with the online community and fix your errors in no time.
    • Open source Firebase alternatives offer a more secure platform for your project because it comes with development experts who could help you identify the code errors in your projects.

    So let’s begin the list of the top 10 best open source firebase alternatives with one of the most popular app development platforms called Back4App.

    Top 10 Best Firebase Alternatives

    1. Back4App

      Back4App is one of the most reliable open-source alternatives to Firebase. It allows you to build mobile applications and modern web easily. This open-source platform was made public in the year 2015. It offers developers low code app development abilities with an approach to REST APIs and GraphQL.

      Through this app, you can quickly build web-based, mobile, and IoT applications faster through simple steps. With SDKs and database support, this app enables you to create apps without hassle. Plus, Back4App comes with several codes and tools that allow you to create apps without wasting time writing notes.

      This app development platform offers various modern features such as Collaborative Database, Private cloud options, Two-factor authentication, Email verification, Realtime database, etc. You can use these top-notch functions and build your app easily and quickly.


    2. Parse

      Previously this platform was popular as a backend as a service(BaaS), and in 2013 Facebook acquired this platform. In 2016 parse was introduced as an open-source platform for developing games and apps. This Firebase alternative has a huge number of users, making it stand among the other alternatives.

      Parse could be your perfect choice if you are looking for a complete package-type platform for building apps. This amazing Firebase alternative offers multiple functionalities such as a real-time database, hosting, file storage, push notifications, and more. Along with these functions, you can use 3rd party and official plugins, integrations, and adapters that help to build projects quickly and easily.

      Unlike Firebase, which only runs on google cloud, this alternative can run on any cloud. Also, some users reported that data migrations are easier with parse.


    3. AWS Amplify

      Another best open source backend firebase-alternatives created by one of the most popular websites Amazon. The AWS Amplify allows you to develop a serverless app that can be combined with front-end apps that are based on javascript. You can also combine AWS Amplify with Android, iOS, and react effortlessly.

      This excellent open-source backend platform provides a complete toolkit that helps to handle several backend services. It also offers fit-to-purpose features and tools that make it possible to create full-stack mobile and web applications simpler and more manageable.

      This firebase alternative has features that let you ship faster, configure a backend in just a few minutes, and scale effortlessly. What’s more? This platform comes with 5GB of free space, a real-time database, and email marketing features.

      AWS Amplify

    4. Backendless

      Through Backendless, you can quickly and effortlessly create location-aware apps, real-time applications, and web and mobile apps. Using Backendless, you can experience seamless app development, which is easy to manage and fast. It supports customers over forums, slack and documentation.

      Additionally, this visual app builder provides professional services for effective custom development projects. The best thing about this firebase alternative is that it offers tools and features for agencies and individual app developers. This Codeless app builder offers real-time chat, push notifications, and geolocation features.

      Along with these, it has private server hosting, UI builder, different client-side environments, real-time connectivity, an intuitive interface, and many more features to enhance your app development process.


    5. Kuzzle

      Kuzzle may not have all the features of a firebase platform, but it has sufficient tools for effective app development. It has multiple basic functionalities, including data storage, push notifications, user authentication, real-time data transfer, etc. However, it has some features that make it unique among other firebase alternatives, such as offline state handling and a dedicated admin console.

      Kuzzle is a technology-based open-source platform that supports advanced search queries. Apart from that, it offers agile processes that may help to improve your TTM (time-to-market) by up to 40 percent.

      In addition to these features, kuzzle offers premium packages that start at $1200 per month. However, the free services include a search engine, security later, plugins, and a scalable server that is dedicated to fast-growing apps.


    6. Pubnub


      If you are looking for an easy-to-use firebase alternative, then Pubnub might be the right fit for you. It offers a secure global DSN (data stream network) API which allows you to connect, manage and scale real-time applications. It offers an excellent collection of building block services that can be used for developing any type of real-time application.

      Apart from this, Pubnub comes with various services such as real-time analytics, offline mobile push, AES Encryption, storage, multiplexing, access management, and many more. What I like the most about Pubnub is that it comes with a decent pricing model, flexible integration with other applications, and a separate API for managing the accounts.

      Other key features of Pubnub include in-app chat, alerts, and notifications. The only downside of this platform is that it supports a 1.8 kb message payload size, which is insufficient for some developers.


    7. MongoDB

      Similar to firebase MongoDB is designed with a modern post-relational database. This platform offers speed and flexibility to grow in the market. However, firebase is ideal for micro apps, and MongoDB is preferred for larger use cases and huge datasets.

      What I like the most about MongoDB is that it offers robust security arrangements and features built-in automation, making it easier to scale apps. Plus, it provides resources for technical assistance, which is also great for the effective development of apps.

      Furthermore, this platform provides an atlas that helps to build incredible software in just a few steps. It also allows you to customize cluster configuration and launch a serverless instance by using Kubernetes Operator, CLI, or Infrastructure-as-Code resource provider.


    8. Couchbase

      If you are looking for an open-source platform to build enterprise apps, then couchbase would be the right option. The system will sync easily to the server and run natively on the device for mobile and IoT environments. It has effective and powerful features that make it perfect for apps on a larger scale.

      Couchbase can manage the low latency data that allows you to build large-scale interactive apps without much hard work. It has several functions to satisfy your requirements, such as query, analytics, search, unified, core database, and many more.

      Aside from these functions, you are enabled to use multiple programming languages, tools, and uniform application development APIs across connectors that will make your app development simpler.


    9. GameSparks

      If you are looking for a game development platform with an easy-to-use interface, then gameSparks might be the perfect pick. It is one of the most flexible and highly scalable Firebase alternatives. This developer-friendly platform comes with innovative features such as social and the latest messaging tools to give you a hassle-free experience.

      With this platform, you can easily optimize and build attractive server-side components. The best thing about GameSparks is it enables you to customize features for your app. You can use this website’s database as a service feature, which is a plus point for game developers.


    10. Supabase

      Another great open source alternative to Firebase. With supabase, you can build SaaS products, real-time chat apps, web crawlers, website builders, kanban boards, and more. This platform allows you to quickly and easily create projects as it supports multiple technologies. It offers angular react, flutter, vue, and many other features.

      Unlike Firebase, this alternative supports only a few features, such as authentication, database, and storage. Apart from that, the supabase enables you to perform text searches and complex queries, which is impossible with Firebase. This website also handles the scaling using SQL database, which makes Supabase stand out from other alternatives.

      What I like about this Firebase alternative is that it uses PostgreSQL, which makes the data migration easier as you can import data through your .sql file.


    Wrap up

    So these were the best alternatives for the firebase. However, you can continue using firebase if you don’t have any sensitive data stored on your device. Although firebase has everything you need to create applications and grow apps, it has limitations such as vendor lock In, not being open source, and lack of SQL databases. Also, it is not available in various countries like china.

    This post may help you explore the best firebase alternative that offers you all the tools and features you need to create apps effortlessly. Also, these apps come with different pricing structures, high-quality features, and advantages so that you can choose any of them based on your requirements.


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