12 Best Chess Apps For Android And iOS

Whether you want to pass the time or want to improve your memory and concentration, chess apps are the best option out there for you. Chess apps are digital versions of wooden chess sets that offer the same fun and experience as traditional chess. From challenging your friends online to playing against the computer, the chess apps offer everything a chess player needs.

As the craze for chess games is increasing day by day, more and more chess games are introduced by developers. Hence, it might be difficult for someone to choose the best chess app from thousands of options.

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In this article, I have picked the top 12 best chess apps for Android and iOS that allow you to play and learn chess along with great features. So let’s start this best chess apps list without any further ado.

Chess Apps

Top 12 Chess Apps For Android And iOS

  1. lichess

    lichessLet’s begin the best chess apps list with one of the fastest-growing chess apps out there called lichess. It is a free online and offline chess app that offers more bull, classical, blitz and correspondence chess. This fun chess game has millions of members, with 1,50,000 new users daily.

    This open-source gaming platform offers a range of interactive features and themes. The tactics. Trainer in this game allows You to choose from over 60,000 tactical puzzles. Plus, all the puzzles come with a wide range of difficulty levels. What’s more? Lichess provides different play modes, from beginners to intermediate and advanced players.

    Moreover, it allows you to choose from 8 different chess variations, including atomic chess, chess960 or three check chess, and more, to add more fun to your chess training. Also, it is available for both Android and iOS.

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  2. Play Magnus

    Play MagnusYou might have heard about Magnus if you are a true chess fan. With this chess game, you can challenge and play with world chess champion Magnus Carlsen. You can also play with other famous chess players, including the greatest women chess player, Judit Polgar and Wesley.

    Moreover, this chess game allows you to learn new things and discover stories of famous chess players to get inspiration. While playing, you can earn rewards and unlock achievements to boost your gameplay.

    The best thing about this chess app is that it helps you to learn chess by providing helpful hints and other features such as magnetometer tools. Hence you can make the right decisions and improve your game.

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  3. Chess Universe

    Chess UniverseOne more best chess app enables you to challenge your friends and play chess offline and online. Through the chess universe game, you can learn new tactics and moves in the chess academy. This game offers free unlimited chess games that help to improve your chess skills whether you are a Novice or advanced player.

    On top of that, the chess universe offers a variety of puzzles designed by expert chess trainers and grandmasters that ensure you will learn chess quickly. You can choose different gaming modes, including blitz, rapid, and bullet.

    You can try a new accessible mode that allows you to think about each move for a maximum of one minute.

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  4. Chess Tactics Pro

    Chess Tactics ProNext on our best chess app list is the chess tactics pro puzzle game. This chess game app offers a wide range of chess puzzles for Beginners to advanced levels. You could practice in 3 different modes, including offline puzzle packs, daily puzzles, or progress mode to solve random chess problems.

    What I like the most about this chess app is that it offers high-quality puzzles to learn new tactics, and each puzzle has a unique sound solution. The other highlighted features of this game include level history, a powerful engine to analyze different puzzles for free, and several board themes.

    The chess tactics pro is a great chess game that offers all the features and different puzzles a chess player might need.

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  5. Chess

    ChessThe best chess app list couldn’t be complete without the Play chess and Learn app. This chess app allows you to enjoy unlimited chess puzzles and lessons to learn tactics. This Chess app currently has more than 60 million users across the world.

    It also has over 150,000 tactics puzzles and comprehensive videos and lessons that help you learn chess and bring out your hidden chess master. Along with playing chess with your friends for free, you can also play daily correspondence chess. You can also try various exciting chess variants such as blindfold and the most popular 960 chess.

    This chess app is available for both Android and iOS for free. It’s not just a simple chess app that offers you puzzles but also provides you tons of knowledge through chess couches and grandmasters.

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  6. Shredder Chess

    Shredder ChessShredder chess is One of the most popular chess apps on this list. This app allows you to play chess with friends and improve your tactics and strategies. The shredder offers an intuitive chess program that helps you to play and analyze chess puzzles while having fun.

    Surprisingly, you can learn chess by playing against the shredder. The shredder is designed to mimic the play of a human chess player so you can adjust it as per your playing strength and improve your game. Along with these features, shredder chess enables you to solve over 1000 built-in chess puzzles.

    This chess app is designed for beginners and intermediate players, so you can easily adjust the playing strength of the shredder as per your choice.

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  7. Chess for Kids

    Chess for KidsThis app might be the best option if you are searching for a chess app that helps your kid learn chess. The Chess for kids app has a beginner-friendly design that lets your kid learn and play fun chess games with friends.

    Through this game, you can play offline and online chess games for free. Additionally, there are multiple player modes available to choose from such as fast chess, slow chess or playing chess matches against your friends. This chess game app currently has thousands of members, hence you can join chess tournaments and compete with chess players across the globe.

    Interestingly, this chess game allows your kid to play against funny chess bots or other players test his skills.


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  8. Chess Royale

    Chess RoyaleNext on our top-ranked chess app list is chess royale. With this game, you can play chess online with your friends worldwide. The best thing about this game is it comes with a wide range of difficulty levels suitable for every chess player, from beginners to pro players. It has five chess modes, including classic chess, chess blitz, and chess time attack.

    Not only can you play chess, but also it enables you to develop your memory, strategy, tactics, and logic. In addition to these benefits, several features make your chess game more interesting. You can choose from dozens of visual themes for figures and boards.

    Moreover, the chess royale offers VIP chess tournaments and a player leaderboard to add more fun.

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  9. Learn Chess

    Learn ChessAnother great chess app that comes with a friendly user interface. Learn chess with Dr wolf is your chess coach in your pocket. With this chess app, you can improve your chess game with your chess coach Dr Wolf. As He will point out strategic ideas, explain everything, and give you alerts about mistakes.

    In addition, if it offers a variety of features, some of the core features involve game coaching to help you win the matches. You can choose from over 30 detailed lessons suitable for all skill levels. My favorite thing about this game is you are allowed to select from 4 unique coaches to learn from.

    Overall it is a beginner-friendly game and also worthy for intermediate players. you can download this chess app on your Android and iOS device.

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  10. Chess Clock

    Chess ClockPlay chess anytime and anywhere with a chess clock app. So many best chess apps are available that let you play chess on the go. But if you are someone who loves challenges and wants to play chess under time pressure, then Chess Clock might be the best option for you.

    This free game timer enables you to adjust your favorite timer and play chess with your friends. All you need to do is, choose your preferred time control, and you are ready to start the match. This superb chess timer app offers a range of features such as bold and easy-to-read buttons and different time controls, including bonus time or per move delays and base minute per player.

    Additionally, it supports a multi-stage time control feature commonly seen in matches and tournaments. You can also customize the clock in just one tap to adjust your favorite time control.

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  11. Follow Chess

    Follow ChessA great app for chess lovers that never lets you miss chess tournaments and matches. As the name of this app suggests, it allows you to follow live games and stay up to date about chess. The Follow chess app is designed for Android and iOS, this extraordinary app enables you to learn a lot of new things about chess by watching live matches.

    All you need to do is download this chess app and start streaming real-time games on your phone screen. What’s more? You can even watch multiple chess games on a single screen. The analysis board keeps you updated about new moves, you can also enter your chess moves.

    Furthermore, follow chess now has a new watchlist feature that lets you watch multiple live games, so you don’t need to switch to another screen.

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  12. SocialChess

    SocialChessLast but not least app in our best chess apps list is the Social Chess app. This chess game comes with a highly structured and easy-to-understand user interface. You can use this chess app to learn and play online with friends. Also, you can play with random opponents online.

    This chess app offers a variety of chess games, including fast chess that comes with a clock or slow, daily, and Correspondence chess. The Social chess app has advanced features that include removes and conditional moves.

    Other core features include an optional take-back move, chess970, and an analysis board that helps to work out your strategy. Also, it lets you search for opponents by email or username to play online chess matches.

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