10 Best Camping Apps For Android And iOS

Are you planning for a one-day trip or looking for a long vacation? Nowadays we all love to go on camping trips with our friends and close ones. While planning for a camping trip it’s important to find the perfect campsite suitable for you.

Thankfully, there are thousands of camping apps available for iOS and Android that help you to find the most convenient and suitable campsite for your trip. Also, some of these camping apps enable you to search for RV parks and campsites by using a range of filters.

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In this post, I have listed the 10 best camping apps for Android and iOS devices. You can use these apps while planning your trip and read reviews and view photos of destinations.

Best Camping Apps

10 Best Camping Apps For Android And iOS

  1. park4night

    park4nightPark4Night is One of the best camping apps out there. It comes with a range of features and functions that will make your camping trip convenient and simply everything. With this app, you can find campsites from more than 140,000 places you would love to explore.

    Further, it helps you to search nearby locations and you can arrange your camping destination based on the place. This camping app uses your device’s GPS to show you the accurate results of nearby locations, and the offline mode makes it possible to find places even without the internet.

    It offers a built app option that makes it easier to find the perfect destination for your trip. You can connect to the community of other campers for hiking, biking, and windsurfing.

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  2. The Dyrt

    The DyrtA perfect app to find the most US campgrounds and book your suitable cabins, trailer, tent, RVs, and more. It’s not just a camping app but also allows you to list your property as a campground. It offers commission-free bookings which let you earn more with your campgrounds.

    The Dyrt app is one of the top-ranked camping apps on Android and iOS with more than 1 million registered and active users. It has vast data of over 44000 campgrounds for RVs, tents, trailers, glamping and cabins. In short, it is a perfect place to plan your trip and book the most suitable campsite near hiking, lakes and trails.

    To offer a better camping experience it allows you to filter campgrounds by rating, type, distance and more. You can also buy a subscription to use pro member perks.

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  3. WikiCamps

    WikiCampsOne of the apps for campers comes with a large database for camping sites. Wikicamps is suitable for all types of road trips whether you are looking for a big adventure trip or planning a weekend camping trip this app will make everything easier and more convenient for you.

    What’s more? You don’t need an internet connection to use this app, so you can use this app even if you have no wifi connection or a poor mobile signal. All you need to do is download all the maps and stuff before going on the trip.

    Wikicamps has a wide database of campsites including dump points, POIs, day stops, hostels, water points, caravan parks, and many more. All these sites and databases are shared by real-time users of wiki camps. Sites and places are consistently being added by the users.

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  4. Recreation

    RecreationIf you are planning a trip to America and want to explore more about America then this app is the right option for you. The recreation.gov is an amazing place to reserve your camping destinations from thousands of options. You can select any campsite or RV as per your requirement through this app.

    Along with that, this app allows you to see the reviews of locations and experiences details for your trip. You can also check the information of your exciting reservations anytime and anywhere.

    The key features of this app enable you to filter your search results such as price, site type and amenities. It gives you personalized results based on your current location.

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  5. iOverlander

    iOverlanderAnother great app for travellers and overlanders. As the name of the app suggests, the overlander offers a database of different places for overlanders. Thus you can easily find hotels, mechanics, camping, restaurants and many other categories through this app.

    This app provides details about a certain place including photos, reviews, amenities, GPS coordinates and the date last visited. This app is built by overlanders for all travellers and overlanders to fulfil their travelling needs.

    Apart from that, you can also add new destinations, share places with your family and friends, or record your trip. The best thing about this app is all these features are available offline, you just need an internet connection to view the map.

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  6. Waze

    WazeCamping is all about long drives and night stays. With the Waze app, you can save your time on the drive, as it enables you to track traffic, crashes, police and more. This app gives you updates on what’s happening on the road every minute.

    Along with these this camping app gives you alerts about hazards and police along with offering music and podcasts from the app. It also helps to find the cheapest gas so that you could save some money. You can also use the Waze app on your car’s display.

    It will provide you with the exact time you will arrive at your destination based on live traffic data. You can choose from different voices to guide you in your way.

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  7. ParkMe

    ParkMeNext is the INRIX ParkMe app, an award-winning camping app that is now available for free to all Android and iOS users. As the name of this app suggests you search for the cheapest and closest nearby parking. Through this app, you can park your car in the fastest and cheapest way with accurate results.

    Let’s have a look at some of the key features of this camping app. It allows you to view informative maps of garage and parking lots in your area. Through this app, you can check updates on parking rates every week.

    This best parking app makes your camping more convenient by providing timers for parking so that you can avoid overpaying and overstaying.

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  8. FreeRoam

    FreeRoamOne of the best free camping apps is here! The Freeroam app offers the best resource for your camping trips. This camping app is filled with helpful tools along with a community for boondockers and campers. Further, you can chat with other boondockers and meet new people on your camping trip.

    You can use this app to find the perfect campsite for you. This app comes with a range of features and filters, you can even find fresh water and dump sites, propane, groceries and cell towers and more. It offers videos of other campers containing the description of the campsite.

    The FreeRoam app also enables you to find the nearby overnight parking location. Plus, the RV trip planner feature will help you to plan out your trip with ease.

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  9. Caravanya

    CaravanyaNext on our camping apps list is the Caravanya app, it is a great option for people looking for wild camping spots, campsites and caravan sites. It has a wide range of camping options like parking lots, reviews in 9 languages and photos of sites and micro campsites.

    The Caravan offers more than 40 different search filters to find your perfect pitch without hassle. You can also make your favourite list within the app or edit your pitches. This app also enables you to plan routes and get guidance about camping and van life.

    This app offers pitches for each type of camping whether you travel by motorbike, bike or even caravan this app got everything for you.

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  10. StayFree

    StayFreeLast but not least in our camping apps list is the StayFree app that offers you a wide range of wild camping, overland and campsites. With this app, you can plan your campervan and motorhome road trip to the UK and Europe. It helps you to find the cheapest and most amazing vanlife spots across the globe.

    It is an easy to use camping app that enables you to search from over 50,000 camping locations, motorhome sites, RV parks, caravan parks and overnight stopovers. With this app, you can make interesting campervan Friendship and share your photos with your friends.

    It comes with 50 plus search filters to help find the perfect destination for your trip. If you are a true caravan traveller then StayFree could be the right choice for you.

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