ARTSHOW_05: The Pizza Factory Saturday, February…

ARTSHOW_05: The Pizza Factory

Saturday, February 22, 2014 from 7-11pm | $5 donations please | @ Hole in the Sky | 2110 5th St NE – 2nd Floor, Washington DC [map]

Folks, we are excited to invite you to the fifth in Hole in the Sky’s ongoing series of awesome art shows. Our theme this timearound: PIZZZZA!!!

In which we cook a 6ft pizza and surround it with pizza-themed artworks of the visual, installation and performance persuasion. All work will be for sale and artists gonna be chilling. Hook us up with $5 so we can keep doing these jaunts please.Artists on view include:

Saman Bemel Benrud | JD Deardourff | Meg Vazquez | Tyler Deal | Matt Corrado | Tokyo Thirteen | Kelly Towles | LA Johnson | Anthony Dihle | Chloe Rubenstein | emzki | Paul Mericle | Kendall Cash | Superwaxx | Fawna Xiao | Leah Lewis | Ricky Taylor | Castle Print Shop | Jonathan Perez | Hutch Hutchinson | Nate Lewis | Tim Rodgers | Chris Kidman | Theodore Taylor III | Kristina Bilonick | Joseph Orzal | Renee Regan | Still Borne | DAHM | Kirk Zamieroski | Ryan Troy Ford | Sean Berg | Martin Swift | Ryan Florig | Mike O’Brien + MORE!!!

THERE IS NO FACEBOOK EVENT for this show. We’re going old-fashioned-promotion-style for this, so reference our website for full details + updates.

The entrance to HITS is in the alley between 4th + 5th and V + W.
This map will help you:


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