Top 10 Apps Like Whisper For Android And iOS

Everyone has the deepest and darkest secret in their life. As a human, sometimes it becomes difficult to share our secrets with others or ask questions to our friends. This is when anonymous chatting apps like whisper come into play. Through anonymous chatting apps, you can share your personal secrets or confess anything to others without revealing your identity.

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If you are looking for a place where you can talk to new people or meet friends, or you want to express yourself to the world then you have come to the right place. In this post, I have listed the top 10 best apps like whisper for Android and iOS. These apps let you ask questions or answer them without showing your real personality. So Let’s begin this list and choose your favorite apps to share your secrets.

App Like Whisper

Top 10 Apps Like Whisper For Android And iOS

  1. Anonymous Chat Rooms

    Anonymous Chat RoomsIf you are looking for a chatting or dating app that lets you talk with strangers anonymously then this app would be the right option for you. The anonymous chat room app comes with over 25000000 people looking to meet new friends. You can use this app to talk with any random stranger and meet new friends or start dates online.

    The best part about this app is that it comes with multiple features that make your chatting more fun and private. It has a self-destructing message feature so that you can talk about anything without worrying about privacy.

    Further with this app, you can ask questions to strangers and receive answers from them. Also, you can play games like truth and dare within the app. Using this app you can also receive tips on how to interact and flirt with new people and so much more.

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  2. ASKfm

    ASKfmA great app that lets you ask questions and answer them anonymously or as your real identity. With ASKfm you can connect with nearby people whom you know or new people across the world. This app has more than 214 million users who are available to chat.

    It is quite easy to use entertaining app available for android and iOS. You can download it and learn about your friends by seeing their answers. This app offers questions in more than 40 different languages, all you need to do is open the ASKfm app and start answering questions.

    Besides, you can even add pictures and animated GIFs to the answers to make them unique. All in all, if you are looking for a safe place to express yourself then this app could be the right fit for you.

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  3. CuriousCat

    CuriousCatIf you love using the whisper app you should definitely try this alternative called CuriousCat. With this app, you will get to know more about your friends and close ones. It is a question and answers app that allows you to connect with millions of people across the world.

    This chatting app offers a unique anonymous way to ask questions without feeling nervous. What’s more? You can even answer some questions if you wish to. You just need to log in with your social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter to ask or give answers to questions anonymously.

    Furthermore, you can join group chat through the party function. It has a mechanic that automatically deletes messages after 72 hours.

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  4. Friend Shoulder

    Friend ShoulderThere is nothing better than the shoulder of your favorite person when you need to cry. To give you the same feeling this app comes with great features and functions. Friend shoulder is also used as a cheating dating app designed to start chatting with new friends and ask for advice from others anonymously.

    This app has various functions that encourage you to post your doubts, fears, and problems you might not share with your friends directly. This app like whisper allows you to share your deep secrets and problems with your virtual friends without getting judged.

    You can share your anxieties or ask for support to other participants in a private chat or public chat anonymously. There are various large groups of people available you can join and make new friends.

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  5. F3

    F3Next is the F3 app, an amazing question and answer app that lets you ask questions to others. With this social media app, you can send and receive photos, videos and messages to other users online. You need to create your profile on this app and share links with your family and friends.

    It is a simple to use anonymous chatting app that allows you to meet new people nearby or from across the world in a very easy way. You can add photos and videos to your answer to make your conversation cool. Plus, F3 offers bff games that help you to meet new people around the world and play games online.

    So start using the f3 app and connect with over 25 million people. It is a free-to-download app and is available for both Android and iOS devices, in-app purchases allow you to use the premium features of this app.

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    Connected2 meOne more alternative to whisper app that lets you talk anonymously online and make new friends. With the app you can easily chat with new people from across the world. All you need to do is install this app and sign up with a few simple steps to start chatting online.

    In this social media app, you can edit your profile with your photo and add a little bit of your personal information. Once you created your profile you will get the anon link which can be shared to invite others via Facebook and Twitter. It is also a great place for businesses as it enables you to get information from consumers.

    It has a shuffle feature that helps you to see others online status and check who is available to chat. Along with these, you can also connect to foreign people through this app.

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  7. Chatous

    ChatousChatous is another great anonymous chatting app like whisper. This app has a beautiful user interface and cool features that allow you to chat with hundreds of people anonymously. With this app, you can create your own chat room or search for other chat rooms by using different hashtags.

    If you are interested in making new friends from around the world then chatous would be your perfect choice. The anonymity chatous provides deserves to be mentioned, no one can find you with your display name.

    Apart from that, this app offers a range of wonderful features such as you can share videos, photos, and audio messages. It comes with a cross-platform compatibility option that makes your chatting experience amazing.

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  8. Reddit

    RedditNext is Reddit, beautiful apps like whisper that allow you to make new friends, laugh, and discuss things you always wanted to share. With this app, you can talk about existing topics based on your interest. The best thing about this app is available for Android and iOS entirely free where you will get option to make pen friends.

    In this app, you can interact with large communities who upvote and downvote the posts to offer you relevant topics. Your privacy matters the most for Reddit thus it doesn’t share your details with others without permission.

    So download the Reddit app and keep up with the popular trends on the internet. From viral videos, hot memes, and funny jokes to breaking news everything is now at your fingertips.

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  9. Moco

    MocoFind nearby people and hangout with new people with moco. This chatting app allows you to chat and meet strangers who are online. It enables you to make video calls, live stream, and message random people. You can even play games to have fun with this free app.

    You can find people based on your preferences such as location, gender, age, and sexuality. With this app, you can make chat rooms to have conversations with thousands of people. Moreover, this chatting app allows you to play a variety of social games such as matchme, street wars, and Friendship.

    The best thing is that it keeps your identity secret to provide 100 percent anonymity. So what are you waiting for? Join millions of users and make new friends from across the world every day.

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  10. MeetMe

    MeetMeOne of the best apps like whisper anonymous social networking apps to chat and meet new people online. With this app, you can go live with your friends and start dating. MeetMe has a simple user interface and it is available for Android and iOS for free. It offers several features like live streaming and video calling that add more fun to your chatting.

    MeetMe has more than 100 million users looking to meet new friends and start dating. Along with that this app offers a range of features such as video chatting, messaging, and live streaming. This random chat app enables you to live stream with new people and you even play some games based on arcades for a more engaging experience. MeetMe supports multiple languages such as French, Korean, and Japanese.

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