Best 12 Anime Editor Apps For Android And iOS

Have you ever thought about making anime photos on your smartphone? Editing photos and videos according to your interest is the best way for fun. If you want to edit a photo from your gallery and make a perfect anime photo then you must have a perfect anime editor apps on your smartphone. Using an anime editor app you will be able to convert a photo into a cartoon photo or anime photo.

Here in this article, you will get popular apps that will help you to easily convert your photo into anime drawings or cartoons for free. These apps are available for both android and iOS devices. All of these apps are comes with different features so you can simply pick any of them according to your use and start editing your photos.

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Many people spend their time doing different kinds of artwork with their photos using smartphones. Photography lovers always try to find a new way that will help them to improve and polish their photos. Sometimes they will be able to find the best way but it is not all time to find the best way. In that case, you can read this article and get the top 12 anime editor apps for android and iOS devices. These apps help you to easily convert your photos into your favorite anime character.

best Anime Editor Apps

Best 12 Anime Editor Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Flipa Clip

    FlipaClipThis app will help you create animated movies, and pictures and share them on social media platforms such as youtube, Instagram, etc. You can create animated movies and easily add audio to them. In the app, while you draw art such as cartoons you can use various tools like an eraser, brush, ruler, shapes, etc with multiple font options which will be free to use. The apps also support the Samsung pen to draw pictures on it and the animation layering feature will help the arts to be layered easily.

    It contains varieties of animator tools such as onion spring animation, a guide to animation, and others. While giving the final touch to the movies you can add your voice or can import music from other platforms. Along with these, you will also get the challenges where you can win rewards and earn points.

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  2. Animation Desk Classic

    Animation Desk ClassicAnimation Desk Classic is another popular anime editor apps developed by kdan mobile software ltd for both android and iOS. In this app, you can make animations, cartoons, and stories to cherish memories of your school days.

    You will be getting different templates of frames that can be added to each animation. The drawing tools are available such as erasers, and brushers including different features such as zoom out and in, color saturation, brightness, etc. They also give the facility to export the created images and animations as videos and gifs to other apps.

    While creating animation using this app you can copy and paste the images and give different layers to your animations. This app is simple and easy to use so professional anime editors loved this app.

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  3. Stop Motion Studio

    Stop Motion StudioThis app will give you the thrilling experience of creating anime movies. While creating anime you can choose the titles or create your titles for the artwork. This app gives the feature to add audio in the narrative voice or from the libraries. You can also import movies into the apps and show your creativity by drawing and making animations. While creating movies you can change the background and can use additional keyboards for doing extra edits.

    In the animations, you would be able to change the frames easily and copy-paste the frames according to your requirements. It has the built-in layer feature by which you can add text in between arts and can give some enhancement to the facial expression of the photos. This app allows you to save the videos as gifs and can share them on Youtube. It offers you to transfer the artwork to different devices so you don’t need to capture it on a single device.

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  4. GoArt

    GoArtGoArt is another great anime editor apps for android and iOS users. It is a free and easy-to-use app to create artwork with images. While using this app you will get an option to convert your photo into artwork. This app is based on a powerful AI-Intelligence technology that helps you to change your photos into artistic works.

    In the app, you can change your photos into different nft artwork and sell them on various other platforms such as open sea, super rare, etc. For this, you just need to follow some baby steps by which you can easily convert your photo into artwork such as Picasso, vog gorg, etc.

    The photos can be adjusted according to their strength and can export the picture of HD quality up to 8 MP. This also gives accessibility to printing by which you can have your artwork in t-shirts, cups, wallpapers, etc.

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  5. Picsart

    PicsartPicsArt is easy to use anime editor apps that will help you make doodles, cartoons, animations, and stickers. This app gives you the access to use all the tools and enjoy features free of cost. You will also get animation frames, tools, stickers, emojis options to show your creativity on this app. It has a feature of timeline adjustment that helps to adjust the times of the frames.

    Also, the frames can be deleted and adjusted in different places of the animator’s work. You can save the video as a gif in the app and can also give your voice to the animations. This is an ad-free emoji app that will allow you to create your emoji. One of the best features of this app is to provide you to share the arts on youtube and other social media platforms.

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  6. ToonApp

    ToonAppToon app will make the editing task a cakewalk by giving features to edit our photos. You can simply convert your photos to cartoons and create frame-by-frame animations. This app has different big head templates which can be converted into avatarify versions. You can also choose the body of the character after giving it a shape. By using your creativity, you can convert the pic into combinations of anime, stickers, and cartoons.

    It will automatically remove your background so that you can add the background of your choice. By converting your pictures into paintings and stickers you add glory to the image. It gives you the experience of being an anime maker. The cartoon pictures can be shared on different social media platforms such as youtube, Instagram, etc.

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  7. Prisma

    PrismaPrisma is another great anime apps that help you to edit photos by converting them into a painting. It has listed more than 500 filters and also provides daily a new filter to enhance your style. This app has a good artistic collection of accessories such as caps, pieces of jewelry, blur, etc. Along with these it also provides a lot of features both for general and selfie photo editing. Using this app you can also be able to convert your pictures into cartoon photos.

    You can click the photos by using the vintage camera app and have a real effect whereby with a single click you can convert your photos into a portrait or paintings. It will remove all your blemishes and dark spots in the photo so that you can add a new look to your photo. It is another great app to enhance your photo into a new look without putting too much effort into the editing process.

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  8. Cartoon Face Changer

    Cartoon Face ChangerThis app was created by Zakaria alsheikh where you can easily change your photo into iconic characters from cartoons. In this app, you can have a pic of yours or can select a pic from the album then select the face to change the pic of the face and add your favorite cartoon pic. This app has a great collection of Naruto cartoon faces. You can simply choose them and easily create anime photos for free. You can save this picture in the gallery and can share it on different social media platforms.

    It is easy to use anime editor app for both android and iOS users where you can simply choose photos from your gallery. After that, you can simply select a face and put it in your photo. Along with these it also allows you to zoom in/zoom out, rotates left/right, and other features to your photo.

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  9. Avatoon

    AvatoonAvatoon is popular anime editor apps developed by enerjoy for both android and iOS users. This app will help you increase your followers on other social media platforms by making yourself out of the crowd. You can make cartoons, emojis, and stickers for your photos. Once you add your photo avatoon changes your pic into different cartoon avatars and gives tools to edit the pics where you can change the look by the hair, nails, clothes, etc.

    This app helps you to change the background and insert new cartoon pictures as per your choice. You can share your cartoons and stickers on different social media platforms and can chat with friends by sharing your emojis and stickers created in the app. While using this app on your smartphone you will be able to customize your avatar however you wish by changing your clothes, hair, and color scheme.

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  10. ToonMe

    ToonMeThis app is created by line rock investment ltd which is used by iOS and Android users. You can easily get the most desired sketch of yourself via this app with just a click. You can change the faces effortlessly and give professional work like cartoon faces or portrait sketches. The app has different templates of sketches and varieties of full-body cartoon conversion templates with plain designs and edits.

    It gives the AI effect picture which could be best to have with the help of the app. It is a cartoonify & caricature maker app that helps you to instantly generate awesome portraits of hand-drawn photo sketches for free. While using this app you will get an option to full-body cartoon maker, vector portrait templates, and lots of simple layouts and sophisticated designs.

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  11. Deep Art Effects

    Deep Art EffectsThis app will give you the best deep knowledge regarding artwork and will enhance your creativity. It contains more than 50 filters and the picture will be of the highest resolution quality up to 1080p. The high resolution will change photos into anime and cartoons in an AI effect. It has encrypted data that is safe to use. If you login into the app then you can save, delete, rename and organize your artwork.

    You can convert your photos into sketches, cartoons, paintings, canvas portraits, etc. In seconds you can transform your pic into an art piece and share it with the community. It gives premium membership which has extra features such as you can create your filters and can have more than 120 filters to change the look of your picture.

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  12. MomentCam

    MomentCamMomentCam is another anime editor apps in this list where you can create looks such as emoticons or caricatures of your photos. You just need to pick a photo from your gallery and create the best look for yourself. No need to worry about background because they give daily a new background according to the day concerning different cultures, religions, festivals, etc. You can make the funniest avatar of yourself with the help of this app.

    This app gives different daily to-do activities by which you can win various rewards. Using this app you will be able to turn yourself into hilarious cartoons and animated emoticons. One of the best features of this app is to provide an option to add some quotes and jokes to make your caricatures funnier.

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