Top 10 Age Progression Apps For Android and iOS

Have you ever thought about how you will look when you are old? Or do you want to predict your future baby looks? If yes, then thanks to the development in technology now you can easily find your future looks with age progression apps.

So many people are curious about their future looks. Also, some people just want to have fun with friends by making their old faces. If you are searching for an age progression app that shows you your old age photo or your future baby photo then you have landed in the right place.

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In this article, I have listed the top 10 best age progression apps that work best for making your face old. You can edit your pictures or use these apps as a portable time machine to see how you will look in the future.

Age Progression Apps

Top 10 Age Progression Apps For Android and iOS

  1. FaceApp

    FaceAppFaceapp is one of the most popular age progression apps in this list because of its old age feature. The best part about this app is it just takes a few seconds to make age procession photos. Along with that, it has many other interesting effects that allow you to make yourself slimmer, smarter, older and younger.

    The easy to use interface of this app allows you to create amazing pictures with a few simple steps. All you need to do is select any effect you have and apply it to the photo. You can also adjust it as per your wish, or you can change the gender of the pic.

    Through the old age feature, you can find what you will look like when you are the old and young filter for babies. So what are you waiting for? Download the face app and create amazing pictures with different effects.

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  2. Snapchat

    SnapchatYou must have used Snapchat as a social media platform before but do you know about its great filters and effects? This social media platform is also popular for its great face filters including the age progression effects. It has a list of age face filters and the time machine filter is one of the most popular filters in recent years.

    Further, you can download this app on your mobile to use any filters. You can also browse popular filters and use them for free. All you need to do is select any filter and apply it, then tap the button to click your photo. You can explore filters that make your face old or you can also see your baby’s age progression through this app like omegle.

    The best thing about Snapchat is that it now only lets you click photos with any filter but also you can create videos with it. You can also send it to your friends or add your Snapchat Story as per your wish.

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  3. Facelab

    FacelabAnother great age progression app that lets you see your old age face. FaceLab is a photo editor app that allows you to transform your photos with different effects. With this app, you can make yourself look old and change your gender.

    Besides being a great gender swap and age progression app the face lab app offers tons of funny filters and effects. So you can use this app for pranks and create funny or scary selfies. This app offers amazing ageing booth features that easily oldify your photos.

    All you need to do is capture an image or choose a photo from your gallery. Then select the age effects and the magic ageing booth will perfectly transform your image. You can see how you will look after your 40s and 50s with its cool features.

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  4. Face Changer 2

    Face Changer 2Next on our list is the face changer 2 app, this age progression app offers you hundreds of accessories and easy to use interface to make your photos funny. This new version of the face changer has improved features and funnier effects. It comes with face swap and morphs faces to transform your images.

    All you have to do is take a picture of yourself and start applying filters to it. What’s more? You can swap faces between your favourite characters and with your friends. Plus, you can choose from a wide range of filters including silly glasses, funny hats, morph heads, stickers or add face parts also.

    Besides, along with fantastic features and effects, the face changer 2 app comes with an option to add stickers. It offers a wide range of over 600 stickers that adds more fun to your photo editing experience.

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  5. AgingBooth

    AgingBoothDo you wanna see your looks when you are old? Agingbooth is a great app that lets you take old photos of yourself and your friends. With this extraordinary ageing machine, you can easily take funny photos in a few minutes.

    AgingBoot app offers an easy to use interface that lets you instantly age, face your photos and make funny or scary photos. Just shake your mobile phone to see before and after photos. Once you have made a photo by using this age progression app you can share them via MMS, email or Twitter with your family and friends.

    Besides the old age effect, this app also offers a wide range of features that includes auto-cropping the photos through face detection. The best thing is that it doesn’t require an internet connection to transform your photos.

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  6. Age Editor

    Age EditorAre you curious about your future looks? Do you want to see yourself with wrinkles and grey hairs? If yes then the age editor might help you with it. Age editor is a cool age progression app that gives you all the ageing characteristics in just a few taps.

    Unlike other ageing booth apps in our list, the age editor app won’t age your face, instead, it offers you editing tools to add wrinkles, baldness and other things to your photo. You just need to take a photo of yourself or from the gallery. Then you can choose from various face masks that add wrinkles and age your face.

    The best thing about this app is all the masks and filters are highly customizable so that you adjust everything based on your desire. Plus, you can also add a moustache or beard on your face to see yourself in different looks.

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  7. Magic Face

    Magic FaceThe magic face is a fun app that you can use to pass your time with friends. It comes with a range of exciting features that makes it one of the best age progression apps on our list. The magic face is available for Android devices and allows you to see how you will look in your old age. The gender swap features add more fun to the transformation.

    What’s special about this age progression app is that it enables you to see how your future kid would look and what your past life self seems like. The other highlighted functions of this app include ageing prediction, ghost makeup, expression change and gender switch.

    So let’s find out what you would look like in your 40s, 80s and even 90s Or travel back to your teenage and see yourself younger. You can also find your future babyface, celeb gene, past life prediction and many more within a single app.

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  8. Face Secret Pro

    Face Secret ProThe face secret pro is a great app that comes with multiple functions and features. You can use this app as a future predictor, ethnicity scanner, age camera, daily horoscope and beauty camera. This app takes a few seconds to determine your old face or predict your future babyface.

    Along with a lot of features, this app offers an ageing camera that shows you the older version of yourself. You can use the face secret pro app to swap your current face with an older one in just a few seconds. Plus, if you are interested to see your future babyface, you can try the future baby camera.

    All you need to do is select your photo and add your partner’s picture together and this app will match both and generate the looks of your future baby. The best thing is it just takes a few. Minutes to show you the results.

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  9. Agify

    AgifyOne more amazing app that allows you to age your face and see how you will look when you are old. Agify is one of my favourite age progression apps that instantly agify your image with simple steps. All you have to do is take your picture or select from the gallery and start transforming them.

    You can download agify on your Android phone and start using it for free. This photo editor app comes with different cool features that add more fun to the transformation of your images. It has automatic face detection and faces adjustment features that give you accurate results.

    In just one click it will make you look Old, you can shake your phone to switch back and forth. All the images you edit will be saved on your sd card so that you can share them on your social media.

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  10. What Will I Look Like Old Face

    What Will I Look LikeDo you want to know what you will look like in your 80s? Now you don’t need to wait until your old age to see your looks. Through this age progression app, you can see your old face within a few seconds. The What will I look like old face is a great app to convert your photo and figure out your old look.

    Through this app, you can easily convert any photo of your gallery or capture a new photo to transform in a single tap. This app comes with impressive facial recognition features and is supported by artificial intelligence to offer accurate results.

    Apart from the age effect, you can choose from a wide range of photo effects to create hilarious photos. So download the app and use the old face filter to see your looks in your 50s, 60s and even 100 years.

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