10 Best 3D Camera Apps For Android And iOS

There is no doubt that mobile phones have changed our way of living. We can do so many things other than making phone calls. It adds more fun to your trip, from playing music to recording nature through your phone camera.

Come to the point, in this article we are going to discuss a top 3D camera apps that add a new dimension to your normal photography. These apps have features and functions that help to unleash your innovations in photography.

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You can use different effects and 3D filters to shoot videos and photos. Some of these camera apps give you VR capabilities which are quite interesting for photography lovers. So without wasting your precious time let’s begin with the top 10 best 3D camera apps for Android and iOS.

Best 3D Camera Apps

Top 10 3D Camera Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Loopsie

    LoopsieLoopsie is an amazing 3D camera app that gives you professional photography experience. Now you don’t need to download several apps to shoot perfect 3D photos. With this app, you can capture living photos in motion with just a few clicks.

    Use the different cinematography effects and give new life to your photos. It also offers 3D Dazz cam effects that allow you to shoot videos and photos in full HD resolution. Plus, loopsie offers integrated video camera features and creates Tridimensional pictures and innovative videos.

    Further, it has a user-friendly UI so that anyone can use this app for Videomaking. It also offers various aspect ratios and loop effects to help make your pics and videos more innovative. So If you want to record your videos with high goals then this 3D camera app is made for you.

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  2. Zoetropic

    ZoetropicAnother great 3D camera app that enables you to add motion graphics or cinematography effects to your photos. With the zoetropic app, you can transform your photos and memories into mind-blowing animations.

    This camera app offers unique 3D effect tools such as camera FX and parallax that will make your memories more realistic. Along with these features you can use exclusive overlays in your videos and images. There is a wide range of soundtracks in the audio library to make your videos a masterpiece.

    Furthermore, the paid version of this app enables you to use new tools without any limits and weekly content updates will keep you one step ahead of others.

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  3. Panorama 360

    Panorama 360A great camera app that transforms your simple phone camera into a panoramic camera. With this app, you can create or watch 360 videos and virtual tours. Panorama 360 camera helps to shoot seamless videos with just a few clicks.

    All you need to do is tap the capture button and move your phone from the left corner to the right in a slow and steady motion. You can also use it as night vision apps to share your high-quality amazing panorama with the world via social media like Facebook and Whatsapp.

    This panorama app offers various other features such as geo-tagging, automatic SD card storage, and HD resolution. You can also share and view your panoramas via a 3D viewer.

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  4. Bestie

    BestieIf you want to add more beauty to your selfies and photos then bestie would be the right option for you. It is an award-winning camera app that transforms your simple camera into a beauty camera. This beauty camera app offers a wide range of filters and skin beautifying effects, you can choose from natural skin to radiant complexion.

    If you are a professional photographer and want to create amazing portraits then you can use stunning filters of this app to make self-portrait scenarios. Plus, you can use real-time filters for shooting snap videos and photos. It has listed 100 of unique photo filter options you can easily choose any of them to edit your photos.

    Apart from that, you can use cute characters such as puppy, kitty, and bunny to make fun selfies. Add more to your selfies with grid shots, ornaments, and jewelry.

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  5. Phogy

    PhogyPhogy is one of the most popular 3D camera apps on this list, if you are a party freak then this is a must-have app for you. With this app, you can enjoy unlimited innovations in your party picture. Through this camera app you can shoot moving selfies with your smartphone or else you can create 3D wallpaper.

    The key features of this app allow you to create attractive photographs. The pro version allows you to use an unlimited number of phogies. The best thing about this app is it doesn’t require special hardware to give you professional-like results.

    All in all, it is a great app that lets you click selfie shots with amazing 3D effects and cool filters. After taking the photograph you can share your file via email or other social networks. You can also create GIFs and share them via tumbler or google+ etc.

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  6. Parallax

    ParallaxIf you want to make your content more attractive and unique then parallax would be the perfect camera app for you. With this app, you can take 3D photos and videos and make them cool and conventional.

    It offers a brand new way to transform your normal photos into incredible ones. All you need to do is choose any picture from your camera roll and this app will turn it into 3D in just a few touches. The best part about the parallax app is that it supports all types of devices.

    Along with these, it offers multiple effects and filters such as blurring out the background to give depth effects to your photos. You can also get option to share your incredible photos in high resolution within the app.

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  7. Camarada

    CamaradaCamarada is award-winning 3D camera apps that offer you great features for recording 3D videos, 3D pictures, 3D selfies, and 3D GIFs. It has a simple user interface that allows you to shoot videos with 3D illusion with your smartphone and share it with your friends.

    Along with that, the camarada supports red-cyan glasses, 3D TV, cardboard VR viewers, and a parallax view which makes it more fun to use this app. You can also take photos in different modes such as solo mode which lets you capture stereoscopic 3D images through your normal camera.

    What makes it special is that it offers dual phone mode. Through this mode, you can capture stereoscopic 3D videos by using two smartphones. You can also import the pre-existing 3D photos into this camera app. Along with these, it can also be used as a perfect projector apps to turn your phone into a projector.

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  8. PopPic

    PopPicShoot amazing 3D photos and videos with your smartphone through the PopPic camera app. With this app, you can take photos and share them with your family and friends. It is not just an ordinary camera app because it can capture extra in-depth photos with your normal camera.

    You can see the 3D results of the photos you have taken with this app. Also, it allows you to change your viewpoint by tilting your phone. Add in-depth effects and motions to your pictures with just a few clicks.

    There is an upgraded version available of this app that allows you to use pro features and effects. The topic pro version enables you to unlock over 40 filters and HD video output and you can share photos without the watermark.

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  9. MakeIt3D

    MakeIt3DOne more great photography app that allows you to create 3D photos with multiple useful and effective features. MakeIt3D helps you to edit exciting photos of your camera roll into 3D by using stereoscopic methods. This camera app needs 3D glasses which adds more fun for kids and creators.

    All you need to do is just select any two images from your camera roll and adjust the stereo 3D photo by using the yellow arrow button. Then select the 3D stereo mode and save the 3D photo, that’s all now use the 3D glasses to see your 3D stereogram.

    It has a quite simple interface that anyone can use. The main features of this 3D camera app include an anaglyph stereogram 3D photo creator, camera superposition mode, live preview adjustment, and more.

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  10. Focos

    FocosAre you looking for a professional camera app that lets you click DSLR like photos with your normal mobile camera. The focos is a light field and computational photography camera app which is available for iPhone and iPad Pro.

    Moreover, this 3D camera app offers a range of cool features such as it allowing you to capture photos with shallow depth without making selections. It gives you true 3D imaging and the AI engine function helps to calculate the depth of field for all pictures.

    This app comes with beautiful bokeh effects and you can make numerous changes to your photos to achieve the perfect photography results. Overall, focos is a perfect app if you want to unleash your creative potential for photography.

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